$100 For a Bai Ling Autograph?!

7/20/2007 11:13 AM PDT
Bai Ling really is a "crazy movie star" -- with someone fetching a cool hundred bucks for an autographed photo of the trainwreck actress. *cough* *ripped off* *cough*

TMZ cameras were outside the Celebrity Vault in Beverly Hills last night for the unveiling of "The Playboy Legacy Collection," where our photog spotted the wacktastic Ling signing autographs for a crush of John Hancock seekers. As she signed away, one man standing by offered one of the autograph hounds a Benjamin for a photo, as long as Bai would dedicate it to his son, Hayden. Even Bai couldn't believe it!

Two (of two) eBay listings for Bai Ling's autograph are currently going for $4.26 and $7.99, plus shipping.