Carmen Electra Conceden oficialmente su cambio de nombre ... Llámenme, Carmen!!!

Carmen Electra se está despidiendo de su nombre de nacimiento y abrazando su icónico apodo para siempre, pues su solicitud de cambio de nombre ha sido oficialmente concedida.

TMZ confirmó que a la icónica actriz y modelo de "Baywatch" se le concedió legalmente el nombre que buscaba hace unos 2 meses, de acuerdo con nuevos documentos legales obtenidos por TMZ.

Luego de dos meses de que diera a conocer sus intenciones de cambiarse el nombre, los tribunales han concedido que sea legalmente reconocida como "Carmen Electra" en lugar de su nombre de nacimiento Tara Leigh Patrick en los documentos del gobierno y todo.

Fuimos los primeros en contarles: Carmen Electra hizo la presentación el 29 de diciembre de 2023 y en su momento nos dijeron que su razonamiento se debía a su deseo de comenzar de nuevo en las vísperas del Año Nuevo.

Por supuesto, hace siglos que nadie le dice Tara, ya que Carmen lleva luciendo su apodo desde que irrumpió en escena en su momento.

Por si no conoces la historia de cómo consiguió su nombre artístico, fue el mismísimo Prince quien se lo puso cuando fue a una audición para formar parte de un grupo femenino que él estaba armando a principios de los 90.

Desafortunadamente, no fue elegida por Prince, pero abrió su propio camino al estrellato, causando sensación en televisión y más allá y, obviamente, el nombre de Carmen se quedó.

TMZ investiga
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Su apodo se ha convertido en sinónimo de su icónico estatus como icono de la cultura pop, por lo que es lógico que lo haya querido convertir en su verdadero nombre.

Saluden a Carmen.


Carmen Electra is bidding farewell to her birth name and embracing her iconic stage moniker for good ... 'cause her name change request has been officially granted!!

TMZ has confirmed that the iconic "Baywatch" actress/model was legally granted the name she sought about 2 months ago -- this according to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ.

Two months after she made her intentions known to the court, she's now legally recognized as "Carmen Electra" instead of her birth name Tara Leigh Patrick on government docs and all.

We broke the story ... CE made the filing on Dec. 29, 2023, and we were told at the time her reasoning boiled down to her wanting a fresh start for the New Year.

Of course, it's been absolutely ages since anyone's called her Tara as Carmen's been rocking her super cool moniker since bursting onto the scene back in the day.

If you didn't know the backstory to how she even got her stage name, it was actually late icon Prince who bestowed it upon her when she auditioned to be part of an all-girl group he was assembling in the early '90s.

Unfortunately, she didn't make the cut for Prince ... but she went on to blaze her own trail to stardom, making a splash on TV and beyond -- and obviously, the name Carmen stuck around.

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Safe to say ... her cool moniker has become synonymous with her iconic status as a pop culture icon, so it's only fitting she made it the real deal.

Say hi to Carmen, everyone!

Pamela Anderson Joins Madonna Onstage For 'Vogue' ... Minimalist Beauties Here!!!

Perfect Score

Madonna brought out a special guest for her concert north of the border, playing to the crowd with a fan favorite and national treasure ... none other than Pamela Anderson!!!

Madonna was performing in front of a sold-out crowd Wednesday night at Rogers Arena in Vancouver -- when Pamela, the hometown hero, joined her onstage.

The two icons hugged and kissed on the cheek before sitting down together for Madonna's hit song, "Vogue." TMZ has it all on video ... Pamela and Madonna act as judges as models turn the stage into a runway, strutting their stuff and striking a pose in front of them.

As you can see, Pamela and Madonna are holding up scorecards as they judge the fake pageant on stage ... and it's mostly 10s across the board.

Madonna's obviously in full hair and makeup for her "Celebration" tour, but Pamela was fresh-faced and au naturel ... hey, no complaints here!!! BTW, this all-natural look is actually something Pam has been rockin' a lot lately -- it's kind of her new thing, in fact.

She's got a new skincare line out called Sonsie ... and the whole idea here about her products is that it's all about promoting minimalist beauty -- something PA is sticking to out in public. She's not wearing any makeup these days ... even when she's next to Madge!

TMZ Studios

Anyway, check out the clips ... pretty cool team-up, if you ask us!

PAMELA ANDERSON SE UNE A MADONNA EN EL ESCENARIO durante "VOGUE"... ¡Y muestra su belleza minimalista!

perfecto puntaje

Madonna hizo algo exepcional durante su concierto al norte de la frontera, tocando para el público con una favorita de los fans y tesoro nacional, ¡nada menos que Pamela Anderson!

Madonna estaba actuando frente a una multitud la noche del miércoles en el Rogers Arena de Vancouver, cuando Pamela -la heroína de la ciudad- se unió a ella en el escenario.

Las dos divas se abrazaron y se besaron en la mejilla antes de sorprender con la exitosa canción de Madonna, "Vogue" y TMZ lo tiene todo en video. Pamela y Madonna actúan como jueces mientras las modelos convierten el escenario en una pasarela, luciéndose y posando.

Como se puede ver, Pamela y Madonna están sosteniendo las tarjetas de puntuación y son muy amables al calificar casi todo con un 10.

Madonna, obviamente, estaba maquillada y peinada como su "Celebration Tour" dicta, pero Pamela se mostró al natural. Por cierto, este look natural es algo que Pam ha estado llevando mucho últimamente, de hecho es su nuevo estilo.

Ella tiene una nueva línea de cuidado de la piel llamada Sonsie, cuya idea es promover la belleza minimalista. Es por eso que no lleva nada de maquillaje estos días, ¡incluso estando al lado de Madonna!

tmz investiga
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De todos modos, échale un vistazo a los videos, son bastante geniales

Zak Bagans Cursed Jewelry Box Going on Display ... From Dead Model's Home

Zak Bagans has a new cursed item going on display at his museum, one with a connection to recently deceased Playboy model Masuimi Max ... TMZ has learned.

The paranormal investigator tells us ... Charles Max, Masuimi's brother, met him at his museum in Las Vegas and was totally rattled by an innocuous-looking jewelry box he said once belonged to MM's mom.

After their mother died, Charles told Zak their father kept the jewelry box ... an odd move, because Charles says Korean people generally burn a loved one's possessions after they die.

Charles ended up taking the box, and quickly wished he hadn't -- he told Zak the box gives people amnesia, and detailed several other terrifying experiences with the creepy artifact.

For example ... Zak says Charles told him several mirrors in his house cracked when he put the box next to them, cold spots cropped up in different places in the home where Charles said he could see his own breath.

He even claims he would feel paralyzed at times, describing it as being grabbed by an unseen force.

Ultimately, Charles told Zak he gave the box to one of his sisters -- NOT Masuimi -- who swears she never gave it to Masuimi.

While the paranormal experiences stopped haunting Charles, the whole family has no explanation for how the box ended up in Masuimi's possession.

We broke the story ... Masuimi died last month at her Las Vegas-area home. Cops said no foul play was suspected at the time though her cause of death is still unclear. She was only 45.

On the same day she passed, Charles and his other sister went to her house, and found the jewelry box on the floor near the door -- again, shocking 'cause this other sister says she didn't give it to Masuimi.

TMZ Studios

Charles swears Masuimi would never have wanted the box -- she didn't have a good relationship with their mother, so there's no reason she'd covet it.

One more creepy fact/coincidence ... Masuimi died on the same date as her mother.

Zak says the only thing in the jewelry box is a broken necklace. You can check it out for yourself at the Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum in Las Vegas ... if you're brave enough to get that close.

Hugh Hefner Ex-Wife Kimberly Defends Him ... Slams Crystal, Ex-GFs

Hugh Hefner's ex-wife Kimberly is defending the Playboy founder against an onslaught from his widow Crystal ... 'cause Kim suggests Crystal's just bashing Hef to make a buck.

Kimberly -- who was married to Hef from 1989 to 2010 and had two kids with him -- tells TMZ ... Crystal, in her mind, has no credibility and goes on to claim it was actually her who was exploiting Hef while he was still alive, not the other way around.

As we've reported ... Crystal has a new memoir out about her marriage to Hef and their life at the Playboy Mansion, and she's taken a ton of shots at both ... ripping his bedroom skills, calling their relationship toxic and backward and saying she felt trapped/hypnotized.

But Kimberly's firing back on behalf of her ex-hubby, saying ... "As a few people speak their version of their idea of events in hopes of riding a wave of headline relevance, and making a quick buck, we should all ask ourselves whether we want to live in an environment where people refuse to take accountability and use words loosely like 'force' and 'survive' to describe choices they made willingly at a certain point in their own lives." Oof, talk about harsh!


The way Kimberly sees it ... Crystal wasn't forced into marrying Hef or living at the Playboy Mansion Crystal now despises. Kimberly tells us Crystal made choices that gave her "notoriety, opportunity, and money."

Now that Crystal seems to have turned on Hef, who has been dead since 2017, Kimberly adds ... "We should be wary of those who try to destroy things because they are no longer benefiting from them."

Miss Understood with Rachel Uchitel Podcast

Remember ... Crystal's also told us she felt like she lost herself in her marriage with Hugh,  and she's said she wants to drop his famous last name because it's not clear if it's helping or hurting her these days.

TMZ Studios

Kimberly says it's not fair Hef's not here to defend himself ... praising him as a "pioneer of free thought and expression" and a "leading voice behind some of the most significant social and cultural movements of our time, advocating for free speech, integrity, sexual freedoms, and civil rights."

Bottom line for Kimberly ... she doesn't appreciate Crystal's about-face, finishing by saying ... "If you want to talk about exploitation, this is exactly what these women have done with Hef in his later years and at the end of his life."

Hugh Hefner Su ex mujer Kimberly lo defiende... Critica a Crystal y a sus ex

La ex-esposa de Hugh Hefner, Kimberly, está defendiendo al fundador de Playboy de la embestida de su viuda Crystal, sugiriendo que solo lo está criticando para ganar dinero.

Kimberly, que estuvo casada con Hef desde 1989 hasta 2010 y tuvo dos hijos con él, le dice a TMZ que Crystal, desde su perspectiva, no tiene credibilidad y asegura que en realidad era ella quien estaba explotando a Hef mientras él aún estaba vivo y no al revés.

Como hemos informado, Crystal tiene un nuevo libro de memorias sobre su matrimonio con Hef y su vida en la Mansión Playboy, y ha lanzado un montón de dardos en contra de ambas experiencias, llamando a su relación tóxica y diciendo que se sentía atrapada.

Pero Kimberly está disparando en nombre de su ex-marido, diciendo: "Mientras unas cuantas personas dan su versión de los hechos con la esperanza de subirse a una ola de relevancia en los titulares y ganar dinero rápido, todos deberíamos preguntarnos si queremos vivir en un entorno en el que la gente se niega a asumir su responsabilidad y utiliza palabras vagas como "forzar" y "sobrevivir" para describir decisiones que fueron tomadas voluntariamente en un momento determinado de sus vidas". Uf, ¡qué duro!


Para Kimberly, Crystal no fue forzada a casarse con Hef o a vivir en la mansión Playboy que ahora desprecia. Nos dice que Crystal tomó decisiones que le dieron "notoriedad, oportunidad y dinero".

Ahora que Crystal parece haberse vuelto en contra de Hef, que está muerto desde 2017, Kimberly añade: "Debemos tener cuidado con aquellos que intentan destruir las cosas porque ya no se benefician de ellas".

Miss Understood with Rachel Uchitel Podcast

Recuerden, Crystal también nos ha dicho que sintió que se perdió a sí misma en su matrimonio con Hugh, y ha dicho que quiere dejar su famoso apellido porque no está segura si la está ayudando o perjudicando en este momento.

Kimberly dice que no es justo que Hef no esté aquí para defenderse y lo elogia como un "pionero del libre pensamiento y expresión" y una "voz líder detrás de algunos de los movimientos sociales y culturales más significativos de nuestro tiempo, abogando por la libertad de expresión, la integridad, las libertades sexuales y los derechos civiles".

En pocas palabras, a Kimberly no le gusta el cambio que ha tenido Crystal, diciendo para concluir: "Si quieres hablar de explotación, esto es exactamente lo que estas mujeres han hecho con Hef en sus últimos años y al final de su vida".

Hugh Hefner's Widow Crystal I'm Done with Hefner Name ... Going Back to MY Roots!!!

Miss Understood with Rachel Uchitel Podcast

Hugh Hefner's famous last name isn't doing much good these days for his widow Crystal ... and now that she's written a book about their marriage, she's done with the Hefner name.

Crystal says she doesn't want to be a Hefner anymore... and feels she needs to change her name back to what it was before she met the Playboy founder ... Crystal Harris.

Hugh's 3rd and final wife was on Rachel Uchitel's podcast Miss Understood when Rachel asked Crystal if the Hefner name helped her or hurt her.

TMZ Studios

Crystal, who was married to Hugh when he died in 2017, says Hef's secretary quickly changed her last name to his after their 2012 marriage ... telling Rachel it was all done at Hugh's behest. Crystal says she really had no involvement in the process.

It wasn't until Crystal started writing her new memoir, "Only Say Good Things: Surviving Playboy and Finding Myself," that she says she started thinking about how she felt about being a Hefner.

Now that she's shared her story -- taking shots at Hef, the Playboy Mansion and his company in the process -- Crystal says she's ready to legally change her name back to Harris, permanently closing the book on the Hefner chapter of her life.

Hugh Hefner Widow Says She Was 'Brainwashed'

Hugh Hefner's legacy is getting reexamined years after his death -- part of which has to do with what his widow now says about their marriage ... calling it toxic and backwards.

Crystal Hefner -- who was Hugh's 3rd and final wife, and who was still married to him when he died in 2017 -- is coming out with a new memoir soon ... and in it, she kinda trashes her late husband, not to mention the culture she says was cultivated in his Playboy world.

The book's called "Only Say Good Things: Surviving Playboy and Finding Myself" -- and the title, she says, is based on what she claims HH asked to say about him when he was gone.

While Crystal did do that in the immediate aftermath of his passing, she's now singing a different tune -- looking back at their relationship with "regret and disgust" ... as the NYT put it in a new profile. As for why she's flip-flopping, Crystal suggests she was under a spell.

She says, "At the time I must’ve been brainwashed or something." There are a lot of allegations she's floating about how Hugh -- including claims that he was strict about her appearance/weight, not to mention making sure she kept to a curfew he'd set for her.

Crystal even suggests she was somewhat trapped at the Playboy Mansion -- saying she was able to "escape" one time by telling a guard she had to go buy tampons ... but then returned on her own volition because she says she had Stockholm syndrome at the time.

BTW, she isn't the first Playboy model to speak out against Hugh and the company -- in recent years, others have come forward with similar claims ... including Kendra Wilkinson, who just recently revealed she was seriously traumatized from her time with Playboy/Hugh.

Of course, Hugh isn't here to defend himself ... and Playboy itself has acknowledged the allegations against its founder as well, calling the claims against him "abhorrent."

Hugh Hefner Su viuda dice que le 'lavaron el cerebro'

El legado de Hugh Hefner está siendo reexaminado años después de su muerte, en parte por lo que su viuda está diciendo de su matrimonio ahora, llamándolo tóxico.

Crystal Hefner, que fue la tercera y última esposa de Hugh y que todavía estaba casada con él cuando murió en 2017, va a lanzar un nuevo libro de memorias pronto y en él, está destrozando a su difunto marido y la cultura que se cultivó en su mundo Playboy.

El libro se titula "Only Say Good Things: Surviving Playboy and Finding Myself" y el título se debe a lo que Hugh le pidió que dijera sobre él cuando ya no estaba.

Aunque Crystal hizo eso tras su muerte, ahora está en una sintonía completamente diferente, mirando su relación hacia atrás con "arrepentimiento y disgusto", como lo describe el NYT en un nuevo perfil. En cuanto a por qué cambió, Crystal sugiere que estaba bajo un hechizo.

Ella dice: "En ese momento me debieron lavar el cerebro o algo así". Hay un montón de acusaciones que ella está lanzando sobre Hugh, incluyendo afirmaciones de que era estricto sobre su apariencia y su peso y que tenía fijado un toque de queda para ella.

Crystal incluso sugiere que estaba algo atrapada en la Mansión Playboy, diciendo que fue capaz de "escapar" una vez diciéndole a un guardia que tenía que ir a comprar tampones. Pero luego regresó por su propia voluntad, porque, dice, tenía el síndrome de Estocolmo.

Por cierto, ella no es la primera modelo de Playboy que habla en contra de Hugh y la empresa. En los últimos años, otros se han presentado con afirmaciones similares, incluyendo Kendra Wilkinson, quien reveló recientemente que estaba gravemente traumatizada por su tiempo en Playboy y Hugh.

Por supuesto, Hugh no está aquí para defenderse y la propia Playboy ha reconocido las acusaciones contra su fundador también, calificando las afirmaciones en su contra de "aborrecibles".

Mansión Playboy Preciado loro se escapa del gallinero Cuerpo de bomberos intenta atraparlo

La Mansión Playboy ha sido históricamente el hogar de un montón de mujeres calientes, pero también de otras finas criaturas, incluyendo aves, ¡y una de ellas se escapó!

El asunto es así, la famosa finca, que una vez fue propiedad y estuvo ocupada por el difunto Hugh Hefner, ha tenido durante mucho tiempo una tonelada de bestias aladas en sus terrenos. No está claro cuánto tiempo han estado allí, pero los invitados que han pasado por la finca a lo largo de los años las han visto.

Entre las muchas aves hay loros, por no hablar de otros exóticos alados como los tucanes, y uno de esos loros hizo una descarada fuga hace dos semanas.

Fuentes policiales le dicen a TMZ que el Departamento de Bomberos de Los Ángeles respondió al Club del Condado de Los Ángeles el 29 de octubre para ayudar a rescatar a un loro que había y que estaba revoloteando sobre el club de campo vecino. Nos informan que creen que pudo salir con la ayuda de una fuerte ráfaga de viento de Santa Ana.

De todos modos, un camión de bomberos terminó apareciendo para hacer frente a la situación. Nuestras fuentes cuentan que el pájaro terminó volando hacia un árbol cercano, donde los primeros en responder trataron de persuadirlo para que bajara usando un poco de agua. En realidad no un poco, sino bastante... porque nos han dicho que acabaron utilizando medio depósito de agua para "hacer llover" sobre el árbol, con la esperanza de que esto obligara al loro a descender. Por desgracia, el ave solo se encumbró más alto.

Finalmente, nos dicen que el Departamento de Bomberos tuvo que irse porque el campo de golf estaba cerrando y no estaban ni cerca de atrapar al pájaro. Así que eso fue lo que hicieron.

En cuanto al final de esta historia emplumada... un testigo nos dice que el loro acabó bajando por su propia cuenta cuando todos se fueron, pero no se sabe si se reunió con sus dueños. Nos pusimos en contacto con el actual señor de la mansión, Darren Metropoulos, pero de momento no hemos tenido noticias.

Playboy Mansion Prized Parrot Flies the Coop ... Fire Dept. Swoops In!!!

The Playboy Mansion has historically been home to a helluva lot of hot people -- but it's also housed some creatures of another feather ... and one of those bastards escaped!

Here's the deal ... the famed estate -- once owned and occupied by the late Hugh Hefner -- has long had a crap ton of winged beasts living on the grounds. It's a little unclear how long they've been around, but guests who've swung by over the years have seen them.

Among the many birds are parrots -- not to mention other exotic ones, like toucans for example -- and one of the Pollys actually made a brazen run flight for it 2 weeks ago.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the L.A. Fire Dept. responded to the L.A. County Club Oct. 29 to help rescue a parrot that had fled from the Mansion -- and fluttered on over to the neighboring country club. We're told they believe it got out with the help of a strong gust of Santa Ana winds.

Anyway, a fire truck ended up showing up to deal with it ... cat-and-ladder-style, 'cause our sources say the bird ended up flying into a nearby tree -- where first responders attempted to coax it down using a little H2O. Not a little actually -- quite a bit -- 'cause we're told they ended up using about half a tank of water to "make it rain" atop the tree, in hopes that it would force the parrot to come down to their level. Unfortunately, the bird only went higher.

Eventually, we're told the Fire Dept. had to pack it up and leave -- 'cause the golf course was closing, and they weren't any close to getting the bird down. So, that's what they did.

As far as how this feathered tale ends ... one eyewitness tells us the parrot did end up coming down on its own once everyone left -- but no word on whether it was officially reunited with its owners. We've reached out to the current lord of the manor, Darren Metropoulos, but so far ... no word back.

Charlie Sheen Cambia de opinión sobre el OnlyFans de Sami... Impresionado por sus ganancias, dice Denise

Cambió de parecer
Just B with Bethenny Frankel

Charlie Sheen finalmente le está dando su bendición a la cuenta de OnlyFans de su hija de 19 años, Sami Sheen. De acuerdo con su madre, el dinero es demasiado bueno como para que incluso su querido padre se oponga.

Recuerden, mientras la madre de Sami, Denise Richards, estaba encantada con que su hija adolescente se uniera al servicio de suscripción para adultos hace más de un año -tan encantada que incluso lanzó una página propia-, Charlie echó humo públicamente, instando a su hija a mantener las cosas "con clase".

Pero ahora Denise está diciendo que Charlie cambió de opinión al descubrir que Sami se compró un Mercedes y se mudó a una nueva casa con sus ganancias en OnlyFans.

La ex conejita de Playboy, Denise, le dijo a Bethenny Frankel en su podcast "Just B" el martes que aunque Charlie está feliz con las opciones de vida de su hija, Sami no está contenta con lo público que él ha sido sobre su arriesgada carrera en línea.

JULY 2022
Mi papá no es un fan

Sami es ahora una profesional en OnlyFans. Comparte contenido sexy, sin desnudos, 3 meses después de que cumpliera 18 años el año pasado.

En ese momento, Charlie dijo a Page Six: "No apruebo esto, pero ya que soy incapaz de evitarlo, la insté a mantenerlo con clase, creativo y no sacrificar su integridad".

Mamá, por su parte, elogió a Sami por tener la confianza que ella anhelaba cuando tenía su edad, y luego se sintió lo suficientemente inspirada como para iniciar su propia cuenta.

El dúo madre e hija va fuerte en el sitio. Sami insta a los usuarios a inscribirse en su cuenta por $19.99 al mes, mientras que Denise cobra una tarifa más premium de $25 por mes.

CHARLIE SHEEN CHANGES TUNE ON SAMI'S ONLYFANS ... Impressed By Her Earnings, Says Denise

Just B with Bethenny Frankel

Charlie Sheen is finally giving his blessing to his 19-year-old daughter Sami Sheen having an OnlyFans account -- according to her mom, the money's too good for even dear ol' dad to object.

Remember ... while Sami's mother, Denise Richards, was thrilled with the teen joining the adult subscription service over a year ago -- even launching a page for herself -- Charlie publicly fumed, urging his child to keep things "classy."

But Denise is now divulging Charlie changed his tune after discovering Sami had purchased a flashy Mercedes AND moved into a new home with her OF earnings.

Former Playboy bunny Denise said to Bethenny Frankel on her 'Just B' podcast Tuesday that while Charlie is now happy with her life choices, Sami is not cool with how public he's been about her risqué online career pursuits.

JULY 2022

Sami is now a pro at OF ... sharing sexy content, without nudity, 3 months after she turned 18 last year.


At the time, Charlie told Page Six: "I do not condone this, but since I'm unable to prevent it, I urged her to keep it classy, creative and not sacrifice her integrity."

Mom, on the other hand, praised Sami for having the confidence she wished she had when she was her age ... and then felt inspired enough to start her own OF.

The mother-and-daughter duo is going strong on the site. Sami urges users to sign up for her account for $19.99 a month, while Denise charges a more premium rate of $25 per month.

Donna D'Errico Slams 'Hater Women' For Reporting Sexy Snaps 'You Can Kiss My Ass'

Donna D'Errico is clapping back at "hater women" for going to extreme lengths to report her racy snaps ... by re-uploading the same images that got her shadow-banned on Instagram.

"Here's another photo that had to be removed in order to lift the shadow ban on my account after a group of women haters went through my account reporting all my posts," the ex-Playboy model defiantly captioned the image, which by all means, was just as risqué as you would expect.

Think tiny lacy black bra, black corset, knee-high black boots -- all while straddling a pumpkin to celebrate Halloween, of course.

The "Baywatch" star added there was "nothing wrong with these photos" ... and took things one step further by addressing the trolls who had an issue with them in the first place.

"Hater women: Feel better about yourselves. Build up other women. In doing so, you can shine, too," she wrote. If they still didn't get the message, Dona had one final message for them... "I guess you can simply kiss my ass."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

This isn't Donna's first rodeo in calling out online warriors lurking in the comments of her pictures. On Sunday, she explained she had to remove another video of herself in a blue bikini that didn't sit well with others online.

"Using technology to bully is still, in fact, bullying. And Donna doesn't get bullied," she declared while re-sharing the clip. One thing's for sure ... you're not gonna mess with Donna!!!


Mia Khalifa Dropped By Playboy ... After Pro-Hamas Tweets

Mia Khalifa has kissed her deal with Playboy goodbye ... the adult entertainment brand dropped her after sharing her controversial thoughts about the Israel-Hamas attacks.

Playboy sent out an email to its subscribers Monday, after Mia expressed her pro-Hamas thoughts online -- the company said, "Mia has made disgusting and reprehensible comments celebrating Hamas’ attacks on Israel and the murder of innocent men, women and children."

It goes on to say the company encourages free speech and expression ... but adds, "We have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech." Playboy says it's terminated its relationship with her, "including deleting Mia’s Playboy channel on our creator platform."

The former porn star-turned-influencer has been scrubbed from the company's Centerfold platform ... her page has been replaced with a simple "Not Found" graphic.

As we reported, Mia caught heat over the weekend, as Israel was being attacked by Hamas terrorists ... writing things like, "Tell the freedom fighters in Palestine to flip their phones and film horizontal."

Despite the hate she got, Mia doubled down -- writing, "I’d say supporting Palestine has lost me business opportunities, but I’m more angry at myself for not checking whether or not I was entering into business with Zionists."


Sounds like Mia's now putting Playboy in the "Zionist" category, too.

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