Pamela Anderson Claims Tim Allen Flashed Her on 'HI' ... He Flatly Denies It

Pamela Anderson claims Tim Allen once showed her his penis, unsolicited -- a revelation just now coming to light in her new memoir ... but he's calling BS.

The iconic actress and model shared the flashing allegation in an excerpt from her book, 'Love, Pamela,' which Variety obtained. In it, PA details an event that she claims happened in 1991 on TA's sitcom at the time, 'Home Improvement' ... when she was 23 years old.

She writes, "On the first day of filming, I walked out of my dressing room, and Tim was in the hallway in his robe. He opened his robe and flashed me quickly β€” completely naked underneath."

Pam adds, "He said it was only fair, because he had seen me naked. Now we’re even. I laughed uncomfortably." Tim, for his part, tells TMZ ... "No, it never happened. I would never do such a thing." So, he's straight up saying it didn't happen ... period.

Now, if this happened in '91 -- as she claims -- then it would've presumably been during the first season of 'HI' ... which started airing that same year. Pam was on a lot of episodes in Season 1 as 'Tool Time' girl, Lisa, and even appeared in the pilot.

Pam went on to costar in the second season of 'Home Improvement,' and made a cameo as her original character in season 6. Her other show, "Baywatch," was taking off in the early '90s ... as was the rest of her career.

This is one of the biggest bombshells that has surfaced from Pam's upcoming memoir, which is hitting shelves at the end of the month. Other headlines have touched on the fact that she believes Tommy Lee was her one true love, and that the sex tape ruined their marriage.

Considering Pam's lengthy journey as a sex symbol -- time will tell if she has more to spill.


Joe Don Rooney -- lead guitarist for the country music trio Rascal Flatts -- is in the middle of a contentious divorce from his Playboy model wife ... he says she cheated on him and she says he's a cheater who's hooked on drugs and alcohol.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the musician claims his wife, Tiffany Fallon, is having an affair with her personal trainer. He says the affair started before he filed for divorce in January 2021 and believes the "adulterous relationship" is still going strong.

Tiffany cops to adultery but denies it was the cause of their marital breakdown and says the affair only began after Joe withdrew from the marriage due to "habitual alcoholism and drug abuse." She claims he's guilty of adultery, as well.

As we reported ... Joe was busted for DUI in September 2021, when police in Tennessee said he crashed his car into a tree. Tiffany cites Joe's DUI case in the docs ... saying it's the culmination of ongoing alcohol and drug abuse.

For his part, Joe denies abusing narcotic drugs ... though he admits he's used cocaine a few times. He says he suffers from an alcohol disorder and is getting treatment, but says his boozing isn't the cause of the marriage collapse ... he says she started having an affair in 2020 when he was on the wagon.


Joe and Tiffany, a former Miss Georgia and Playmate of the Year, got hitched back in 2006 and they have three kids together ... and they're also fighting over money and custody.

BRANDE RODERICK I'm My Own Hugh Hefner Now!!! Best Thing About OnlyFans


Brande Roderick is loving her experience with OnlyFans, because it's giving her something she's never had in her modeling career -- final say over what images get out to the world.

The former Playboy model recently joined the subscription-based platform, and while she tells us the financial benefits are great as a single mom ... she says the real treat is being able to have complete control over her own pictures and videos.

Brande, who famously dated Hugh Hefner back in the day, says she never had that kind of creative power when she was posing for Hef's magazine ... or when she was working with various other photographers.

While Brande says Playboy typically did a great job with the photos that made the magazine, she says she had tons of problems with the hundreds of other images snapped during photo shoots. They didn't make the final cut, but still ended up getting leaked or sold online.

With OnlyFans, Brande says she's able to call all the shots and carefully craft her image ... a big deal for a 48-year-old with 2 kids at home.

BTW, Brande's pretty upfront about what subscribers will get to see on her page, or more importantly, what they won't -- you gotta see her lay out the ground rules!!!


It's interesting to see how Brande's modeling experiences are impacting her OnlyFans journey ... and she name-drops the famous friends who inspired her to join.

Hugh Hefner '00 L.A. Lakers Championship Ring ... Up For Auction!

Kobe. Shaq. Hugh Hefner.

A championship ring from the Lakers 1999-2000 season, issued to the legendary Playboy founder, is on the auction block at SCP Auctions!

Hefner received the 14-karat yellow gold ring, designed to the exact specifications of the players' rings after the Lakers beat the Pacers in the NBA Finals.

The face of the ring is paved in real-brilliant cut diamonds and has the words "World Champions" and "Lakers" on it. The ring also has ten large diamonds on the front ... five appearing on each side.

The ring has Hugh's last name, "Hefner," on one side, along with the Lakers' regular season record (67-15) and playoff record (15-8) that season. There's also a large diamond in the center of a basketball with the words "Bling Bling." The year "2000" is also engraved.

The ring comes with the original Lakers presentation box -- which has "Hefner" engraved on it -- and a letter of authenticity (LOA) from Hugh's family.

Hefner, who was 91 when he died at the Playboy Mansion in 2017, regularly attended Lakers games throughout his life ... and was good friends with late Laker's owner Jerry Buss.

The Lakers title that season, which they won in large part due to the dynamic duo of Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant, was the franchise's first championship since Magic Johnson led the team to a title in 1988.

The Lakers mowed down their competition during the regular season and defeated Indiana in six games in the NBA Finals ... the first of back-to-back-to-back titles.

Bidding has already started ... and ends later this week. Good luck!!

Playboy Mansion 4 Yrs Construction for $1.6 Million ... And Not a Lot of Progress

The Playboy Mansion's face-lift is now in its 4th year, with expenses breaking the $1 mil mark, but to the naked eye ... it's hard to see where all that money's going.

According to building permits, the property's had a bunch of work done since 2020 ... including a revision of the roof, adding detached living quarters, interior revision, an updated elevator, new fire sprinklers, underground generator, new lighting, fixing the basement foundation and removal of the spa area to install a new one.

Tons of permits have been filed, and the most up-to-date number we can see for all those renovations is $1.6 million.

As we reported, the place had $1M in renovations as of 2020, so that's hardly a quantum leap over the course of 4 years.

The fix-ups began back in 2019 when billionaire Daren Metropoulos started filing permits to renovate the world-famous pad he'd purchased from Hugh Hefner ... who died in 2017.

Since then the Mansion and its grounds have been covered in tarps, scaffolding and heavy machinery.

While the scaffolding is finally coming down, it looks like there's still plenty left to be done.

Bill Cosby Civil Trial Jurors Must Restart Deliberations Nearly Reached Verdict!!!

Bill Cosby was minutes away from hearing his fate in a civil trial that's been ongoing for a couple weeks now -- but he got a reprieve ... apparently because of budget cuts.

During Friday's court date in Santa Monica, Judge Craig Karlan -- who's presided over the case -- told jurors they'd have to restart deliberations from scratch Monday -- all 'cause of a weird way the day ended, including the foreperson being excused over a previous promise.

Long story short ... the jury had deliberated for 2 days prior to Friday, when they handed in their verdict form -- with answers to 8 of the 9 questions asked of them. The 1 they hadn't decided unanimously ... whether BC acted with malice, and deserved punitive damages.

They might've been able to head back in to decide that the very same day ... if it wasn't for Sheriff's deputies demanding the court clear the room at 4:30 PM, due to a required closure time. Word is ... there's no approved budget for overtime, so they gave everyone the boot.

The other issue ... the lead juror had been given the green light much earlier to skedaddle on Friday -- which is when they expected this would all be wrapped up. This juror, it seems, had a prior commitment ... and can't stick around any longer, including to come back and hash this out on Monday. As such, an alternate must fill in -- and the jury has to start over.

BTW, this case is all about a woman named Judy Huth ... who's alleged Cosby sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in 1975, when she was 16. He's denied her claims.

Cardi B 'I'm a Prisoner of Fame' ... Breaks Down on IG Live After Met Gala Party

Cardi B has had it with fame, saying the price of being a celebrity has created constant ridicule and has put a target on her back ... after some drama from her Met Gala party.

Cardi took to IG Live Tuesday and let it all out -- saying she feels like a prisoner of fame -- and that she hasn't been able to be her true self since 2014. The timing of her video comes on the heels of some now-viral clips popping up from her Met Gala after-party.


In one clip, Cardi offers a toast to partygoers at Playboy's The Boom Boom After Party, wishing them a good time and encouraging them to drink up ... but it's her snorting gesture that has people pissed.

Cardi seemingly addressed that anger in her live confessional, saying she feels like she can't even make jokes anymore without people taking it seriously.


There's also a clip of Billie Eilish at the bash, who many thought was calling Cardi "weird" as she entertained guests. Cardi squashed that rumor too, posting DMs between her and Eilish where Billie says she was only calling the partygoers taking photos of Cardi's butt "weird" ... so no beef there.

As for her advice to fans ... Cardi says she too once had a dream to be rich and famous, but tells them the fame just ain't worth it.

Bill Maher TLC, ACLU, MTV, WW, ETC ... They're All Trying to Fool Us

Bill Maher bent minds Friday night ... with the premise companies and organizations have hidden behind old images of who they once were ... changing everything but their name.

The "Real Time" host ticked off some pretty undeniable examples ... TLC used to be about learning ... now, "My Teen Is Pregnant and So Am I." Yet it's still called TLC.

A&E used to be about arts -- now, "Psychic Kids."

The History Channel offers nothing historic anymore, and MTV has nothing to do with music.

As Bill says, "You can have a petting zoo and turn it into a bondage dungeon, but you gotta change the sign!"

And, then there's Playboy, and Bill harkens back to the 'ol days when it was a "whack-off mag" for straight guys. Now, the woman are gone and the mags gone in every which direction.

And, then there's the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue ... and here he drops a line you'll just have to listen to yourselves.

Two more. Weight Watchers, which he says used to be a club for people to lose weight. Now, he says, despite the fact obesity is linked to a slew of serious diseases, it's recast as body positivity. The company's now ashamed of its name, he says, so it's now just WW and people who talk about weight loss are slammed.

And, finally -- and maybe most ominous -- the ACLU. The "L" stands for liberty, and the old ACLU used to be about protecting free speech, no matter how offensive. Now the ACLU has  turned its back on its calling, and cautions it will NOT fight for speech that is offensive to marginalized groups or speech "contrary to its values." As Bill says, "Free speech is a more important value than never being offended."

Playmate Victoria Fuller My Art's Taking Playmates Digital!!! Launching NFTs, Virtual Community

Playmate Victoria Fuller is creating a virtual community in the world of NFTs -- using her own artwork -- and she's bringing a bunch of other Playboy models along for the digital ride.


Victoria was Miss January 1996 back in Playboy's heyday, but she tells TMZ there's one thing she wants to make clear now -- "I'm an artist first and foremost," and that's why she's diving into non-fungible tokens ... to take control of her work.

With the Playboy brand shifting its focus and the Mansion's doors closed, Victoria says former Playmates can't connect with fans, or make money the way they did back in the day. She's aiming to change that with her new Rogue Playmate series.

Here's how it works ... every NFT buyer will be airdropped a members-only "golden key" ... which grants them access to the virtual Rogue Mansion -- a digital space to hang out and interact in real-time with the models in the Metaverse.

The images for the NFTs are designed by Victoria and renowned multimedia artist Dutch Bihary. VF says she's most excited about carving out a niche for herself in the male-dominated world of digital art.

The first drop, on March 30, will feature 9,600 generative NFTs, each based on one of the 12 founding members of Rogue Playmates -- among them Lisa Dergan, Renee Tenison, Karen McDougal and Victoria.

A portion of sales will be donated to nonprofit orgs that advance women's causes and empowerment. As Victoria told us, "I would really like to bridge the diversity gap by supporting those causes."

Lizzo Tell Cardi, I Wanna Do Playboy!!! Piercings Would be Front and Center


Lizzo may have had more fun than any celeb Saturday night, lovin' life as she left a Super Bowl Weekend party and talked about where she's hiding those piercings!!!

Lizzo hit up the h.wood Group and REVOLVE's party where Drake performed at the Pacific Design Center, and she said right out of the gate she wants a call from Cardi B -- who's now the creative director of Playboy -- saying she wants a spread in the mag.


Our photog clearly saw Lizzo's TikTok vid Saturday ... revealing she had a piercing party for her team ... a thank you for working extra hard.

The question seemed innocent enough ... so where are those piercings? Lizzo was more than happy to tell us.

She did say she has piercings all over her body, but one clearly holds a special place in her heart!


Lizzo was in big company at Drake's concert, Among others who showed up ...  Teyana Taylor, Cardi B, Offset, Cheryl Burke, Victoria Justice, Jack Harlow, Busta Rhymes, Larsa Pippen, Jack Dorsey, Scooter Braun, Ray J, Princess Love, Cedric the Entertainer, Ciara and Russell Wilson, Logan Paul, Jon Hamm, Lais Ribeiro, Jamie Foxx, Stassi Karanikolaou and Josie Canseco.

Lisa Buckwitz, Janine Flock Olympians Pose Nude In Playboy ... Before Beijing Games

Olympic stars Lisa Buckwitz and Janine Flock bared all before heading to Beijing ... by posing nude for Playboy to promote body positivity!!

Buckwitz -- a gold medalist for Germany in the 2018 Winter Olympics -- wore only an open green top and black heels in her cover shoot for the popular mag's Germany edition.

Flock -- a 10-time world champ from Austria -- sat nekkid in a chair draped in a fur blanket for her cover.

27-year-old Buckwitz said she jumped at the opportunity to be photographed in the buff to encourage women to maintain a positive perception of their body.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"Every woman can be naked and nobody should be ashamed of her body," Lisa told the Sun. "For example, I have a few more muscles -- so what? I wanted to show that this is also a woman's body."

She added ... "I don't have to hide as a competitive athlete. No woman has to hide."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Much like Buckwitz, Flock said the motivation for doing the shoot was her desire to remind women to be proud of their bodies.

"I haven't had any cosmetic surgeries and I stand by what I have," Flock told the outlet. "Every woman can be proud of her body."

"It's important to have things other than a sport on your mind every now and then, I think it could even give me an extra motivation boost."

'Secrets Of Playboy' Hugh Stacked Sex Tapes ... Secretly Recorded Others


Hugh Hefner had a treasure trove of secret sex tapes that he recorded at the Playboy Mansion, and according to a new documentary, he wouldn't ask his partners for permission.

Yup, in a clip obtained by TMZ ... his former girlfriend, Sondra Theodore, reveals Hef would tape just about everybody, including her. She says she was shocked the first time she saw herself on two screens in the bedroom.

Sondra claims when they invited other women into the bedroom, some would be weirded out by the camera. Sondra says Hef would pretend to stop recording, so the women would feel more comfortable ... but he never actually pressed the stop button.

In a new A&E series titled "Secrets of Playboy," Hef's former butler adds Hef recorded celebs and athletes having sex with other women in his bedroom ... and with these sexual tapes came power.


As we reported, the doc claims Hefner would host "pig night" where he would invite prostitutes to come over to his mansion to have sex with his pals, once a week ... and now, these new claims allege there may have been a collection of these sex acts caught on cam.

We should say ... in California, if Hef videotaped people with whom he had sex without asking for permission to record them, it's a crime.

You can catch the first part of the doc this Monday, Jan 24.

'Secrets of Playboy' Hugh Hosted Prostitutes For 'Pig Night' ... Weekly Mansion Ritual


The Playboy Mansion would be crawling with hookers and celebs on Thursday nights back in its heyday -- and a new documentary claims Hugh Hefner himself cooked up the weekly event.

Hef dubbed the traditional gathering "Pig Night," and it started with 2 pimps bringing in carloads of prostitutes from Sunset Blvd. ... according to his former girlfriend, Sondra Theodore, and others who worked at the mansion.

Sondra says she tended to look the other way while Hugh did all sorts of "crazy stuff," but this ritual stood out to her and got her attention.

The upcoming A&E series, "Secrets of Playboy" ... describes "Pig Night" as a sort of dinner party that served as a jumping-off point for sex parties.

According to the mansion insiders, Hugh would sit at the head of the table smoking his famous pipe while the hookers drank and ate with movie and TV stars. They say the girls would get ratings and quick medical checks before slipping out of the room for sex rendezvous with the celebs.

While folks in the mansion knew what Hefner and his cohorts labeled the evening, they say he insisted the prostitutes were never to be called pigs -- nor were they told what everyone around them was calling the event ... behind their backs.

Dell Curry Flirty With Playmate Ana Cheri ... Model Says

Steph apparently wasn't the only Curry putting up shots on Tuesday night -- TMZ Sports is told the NBA superstar's dad was "respectfully flirty" with a former Playboy Playmate while sitting courtside at the Warriors vs. Knicks game.

Model Ana Cheri tells us her group of friends showed up to the historic game at Madison Square Garden together ... and by coincidence, they ended up sitting right next to Dell in the front row.

We're told the ex-NBAer couldn't have been nicer to Ana, Toria Ranae and Kirzlyn Gabriola throughout the night ... but was obviously giving a bit more attention to Miss October 2015.

Make no mistake -- Dell never crossed lines or made anyone feel uncomfortable, but Ana's friends back it up ... the guy was clearly flirting.

Ana says she congratulated Dell on Steph's success and chitchatted with him during the game ... but after the group snapped shots with each other after the game, they parted ways.

We broke the story -- Dell is recently single after his wife, Sonya, filed for divorce back in June. The breakup has been pretty messy, as both sides accused each other of cheating.

Both sat on opposite ends of the floor ... but it sounds like Dell at least enjoyed himself.

Naturally, we had to ask Ana if Dell got her number.

"No comment."

We've reached out to Dell's reps for comment ... so far, no word back.

Daymond John Cardi B Is Right Move for Playboy ... Fresh Eyeballs and Ideas!!!


Daymond John says Playboy is making its best move in years by joining forces with Cardi B ... because she'll bring her legion of young fans to the iconic brand, while also making much-needed changes to it.

The "Shark Tank" star joined us Friday on "TMZ Live" and we got his reaction to Cardi coming onboard with Playboy as its first-ever creative director in residence.

Daymond says the move makes sense for Playboy on several levels as they move away from traditional print magazine and focus in on a digital rebirth -- he envisions Cardi breathing life back into a brand with a following that skews much older.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Cardi says her new role with Playboy is a "dream come true" ... and Daymond tells us why he wants to see more of those dreams becoming a reality before deciding if Playboy is a worthy investment.

Daymond's hoping Cardi will be more than just a figurehead ... and he's interested in her introduction of sexual wellness to a brand formerly known for naked centerfolds.

Playboy Mansion Massive Remodel Still Going Strong After 2 Years!!!

The Playboy Mansion is getting closer to looking like a classic party venue again, instead of the construction zone it's been for 2 years now.

These are some aerial pics showing the insane progress that's taken place at the iconic mansion after its massive facelift. You can see the roofs are no longer covered in plastic, and there are fewer piles of dirt scattered about -- always a positive sign on a construction site.

There's still quite a bit of work to be done, but the huge progress is undeniable. One legendary Mansion landmark is still visible -- the old grotto's still getting renovated. Some of the work includes adding "structural steel mesh" and replacing the walls.

As we reported, the mansion's overhaul was nearing 7-figures back in April 2020, and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Some of the big-ticket items were the staff area and garage renovations for $400k ... and redoing the basement -- which included expanding the theater, golf simulator area -- cost $125k.

For context ... the Playboy Mansion used to look like this ☝🏽. But, billionaire Daren Metropoulos, who bought it from Hugh Hefner for $100 million, started filing permits for his new playground in July 2019. They've been hammering ever since.

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