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Protestors: Vick's Sick

7/21/2007 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Animal rights protesters are angry over Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick's alleged involvement with an illegal dogfighting ring. Vick was indicted on Tuesday for federal dogfighting charges.

Around 75 animal-loving members of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals demonstrated in front of the NFL's New York offices on Friday calling for Vick's suspension, reported the Daily News. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has yet to rule on Vick's status.

The Humane Society of the United States held a similar protest at Nike's Portland, Oregon, headquarters. Nike recently decided not to release its newest Vick shoe, though it has seven other Vick-related items in production.


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know it all    

I guess this is what sick people who've got too much money and time on their hands do.
Tough guy, picking on poor defenseless animals.
I hope he goes to jail and becomes somebody's biotch !!!

2619 days ago


He should be treated like he treated the dogs!!!! People like him shouldn't be allowed to have animals. Animals are God's creatures too. Vick's should be booted from the NFL and booted by his sponsers. GO PETA and and the Humane Society of the US!!

2619 days ago

Peta Supporter    

Yeah, real men do not hurt defenseless animals, I wish one of those pitbulls would have ripped his head off... what comes around goes around....

2619 days ago


Don't you agree, he has that " deer in the headlights look "
Bet his ass is sucking air !!!

2619 days ago

know it all    

What a compassionate and forgiving sentiment.
Everybody say "Awwwww, how sweet".
Now crawl back in your hole, and let justice run it's course.
HE WILL BE JUDGED BY MAN'S LAW. The bible instructs us all to follow man's law, or suffer the consequences of our actions.
EVERYONE has a right to their own opinion, and this is where we give it.

2619 days ago


He had everything in the world, yet he has seemed to throw it all away. Why?

2619 days ago

Peta Supporter    

In real man's law he should be taken outside and have a pitbull attack him, that is JUSTICE

2619 days ago

Human for canines    

Smilesarefree has probably been abused and therefore sees nothing wrong in continuing his traditon. M.Vick should be heavily fined with the money going to the shelters in his state. He should not be given jail time but community service with 6 months of cleaning out the cages and yards of all the shelters within a 100 miles of his home. However, he should be supervised, by the rest of the dogs that survived his vicious entertainment, while he's cleaning the places.

2619 days ago


The accusations against Vick are heinous... and I hope he gets what's coming to him if he's guilty, but what ever happened to INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. The calls for his head are a little premature. Or have we forgotten the lessons of the Duke Lacrosse case already.

2619 days ago


Michael Vick is a monster, and he deserves to suffer GREATLY for what he has done. And I don't need to hear any 'due process; crap. I have read the indictment, and I don't need another OJ jury to tell me what to think. An operation as large as BAD NEWZ KENNELS would be a costly venture--I don't think Michael Vick's druggie cousin (who he threw under the bus incidently) had the money to finance such an expensive operation.

I beg to differ with the comments about 'blacks being hated', I am not black and I don't hate blacks. Some black people, just like some WHITE people have done things that are totally unacceptable to us in a civilized society. But condemning them all because of the actions of a few is so unfair, just like it will be unfair when the blacks who read your comments condemn all whites as racist after they read your negative hateful comments.
Actually, according to many of the reports,the true base of dogfighting fans have been mostly comprised of white rednecks. This sport has recently been embraced by the gansta hip hop community, but don't just point the fingers at them, all races have been guilty of participating in the sadistic pastime. So the next time you want to make a statement about blacks being hated, speak for yourself, I don't appreciate you speaking for me.

BTW, Al Sharpton AND Russell Simmons have each made statements condemning Michael Vic's actions and calling for his suspension from the NFL.

The fact that Michael Vick has so much money and could have participated in any sort of hobby or pastime that he chose, and he chose abusing and mutilating animals, is more indicative of his true nature than even flipping off his fans (who pays his $100 mill plus salary) at a game. Animal cruelty is an indication of several mental disorders. I hope he gets treatment while he is in prison so he will not continue his cruel behavior once he is released 6 years later.

To Michael Vick I would like to say that your actions have brought this down on your head. You are hated and villified across the nation, you who had been and could have continued to be adored by so many. Punishment will not bring back any of these animals you have murdered nor will it help to ease the pain of us who can't get the picture out of our minds of what you did to these animals, but... I guess we will have to settle with it.


2619 days ago

know it all    

Eww. Did somebody say he was good looking??!!
He looks like a hairy dog turd !!!

2619 days ago


PLEASE keep the pressure on the NFL,THE SPONSORS,your senator(for stiffer laws).This is going on in many places. Keep your eyes open,warn authorities about any hint of animal abuse and stay strong in your protest. Don't let this die down!! People who do this are heartless and are more prone to hurt people as well. Together we can insist on use the majority's power and nail these ignorant abusers.

2619 days ago

Peta Supporter    

There is no comparison here to Duke University case, get real, it was in HIS HOUSE for god's sake, pretty obvious if there is a rape stand, blood, and close to hundreds of mauled dogs laying around that you do not know what the hell is going on...he should have the pitbull cut his balls off

2619 days ago


While I think what Vick may have done is terrible, why is it legal to stick a needle in a baby's head and suck out it's brain?

2619 days ago

know it all    

Someone should take him out for a good 'ol fashioned but whoopin'

2619 days ago
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