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Hilton Moves to Hollywood Hills

7/22/2007 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Movin' on up ... to the Hollywood Hills!

Paris' lil' sis Nicky Hilton -- that other party-hopping heiress -- just dropped a load on a new home. The non-con Hilton ponied up a cool $3 million for her new pad. The new abode -- which measures up at around 4,000 square feet -- isn't considered excessively large compared to some of her compatriots' quarters, has an office-gym and 4-1/2 baths. The house features just three bedrooms, just enough for when sis Paris needs a place to crash after a long night out around town.

The designing Hilton -- who runs her own clothing line, Chick, for chic chicks -- kept it in the family, and had her uncle Mauricio Umansky help her with the sale, reports the L.A. Times.


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chillout music girl    

Falor has other legal issues.. I read my news in business and contract disputes.. you should too

The Nicky O (the “O” stands for middle name Olivia) is a 162-room boutique hotel undergoing renovations in the historic Morton Salt building. The building is currently the Hotel Blake, which developer Falor Cos. opened last year. Prior to that, it was the Hyatt Regency Printer’s Row.

Neither Nicky O property is affiliated with the Hilton hotel chain.

Steve Kisielica of hotel investment firm Lodging Capital Partners in Chicago said delays are to be expected in launching new hotels and are not necessarily a sign of a troubled project.

“It’s rare to see anything in hotel development come off as planned,” he said. “There are so many moving pieces.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Hilton and the hotel owners are battling a storm of unfavorable publicity from architect Nizar Idrisi, who is now publicizing his split from the Nicky O projects after a falling out with Ms. Hilton’s camp.

The Los Angeles-based architect, who designed sister Paris Hilton’s Beverly Hills home, said he agreed to work on the Nicky O Chicago and South Beach hotels at a discounted rate in exchange for publicity but claims Ms. Hilton’s manager is denying him credit for his role in designing the two hotels.

“I had to walk away because I was not getting paid and not getting press,” Mr. Idrisi said.

A representative from Ms. Hilton's management could not be reached for comment.

Mr. Falor is fighting his own battles unrelated to the Nicky O hotels. In September, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Formula Inc. sued Mr. Falor, alleging that the developer breached a contract when he abandoned the condo-hotel concept for Hotel Blake.

Formula Inc. says it had a non-cancelable contract to buy 90 of the hotel’s 162 rooms. Mr. Falor told Crain’s he had “returned everybody’s money with interest” and had a right to cancel contracts and refund deposits.

Related story: Falor firm sued for dropping Hotel Blake condo conversion

The Hotel Blake is one of two condo-hotel projects Mr. Falor has dropped in Chicago. He recently put Hotel 71, which was to be rebranded as Solis Hotel, up for

2652 days ago

i heard she doesn't shower, and 4-1/2 baths are
just for show, showgirl

2652 days ago


News worthy? Only on TMZ. What a waste of webspace. But at least there's one Hilton out there who has a job. Besides, Nicky is better looking than that slut Paris.

2652 days ago

chillout music girl    

Falor has so many lawsuits against him.. it is crazy.... this is from july 17th 2007

The Miami Herald McClatchy-Tribune Regional News

Jul. 17--Robert Falor, the embattled condo-hotel developer, faces a new lawsuit over his ownership interest in Islamorada's Cheeca Lodge.

The Chicago developer who has feuded with partners in several hotel projects in South Florida now must fight a lawsuit in Monroe County from investors claiming mismanagement and breach of contract.

At issue is Falor and partners' 15 percent stake in the posh Islamorada resort, an investment that marked his entry in South Florida's then-surging market for condo-hotels four years ago. A string of projects followed, but each eventually put Falor in conflict with business associates.

A spokeswoman for Cheeca's majority owner, Johnson Resort Properties in Jackson, Wyo., said the dispute will not affect operations "in any way" at the resort and that Johnson and Falor remain "amicable" partners.

"I do not foresee this lawsuit advancing to any substantial level, and this appears to be an internal matter with one of our limited partners," Jerry Johnson said in a statement.

Falor and partner Geoffrey Hockman formed Cheeca Lodge Manager in 2003 to control their stake in Cheeca when they joined Johnson to purchase the resort. The two companies converted half of Cheeca's 200 rooms into condo-hotel units, selling them off to buyers who could share in the rental proceeds.

In the suit, six minority investors in Cheeca Lodge Manager claim the company improperly distributed nearly $500,000 to entities with ties to Falor or Hockman. When the investors hired an accountant to look at the books, the company provided financial records with certain entries blacked out and redacted, according to the suit.

"We've been trying over a year to get accounting information," said Alvin Lodish, the Bilzin Sumberg lawyer representing the investors. "We're concerned about the mismanagement in general of the entity."

A lawyer Cheeca Lodge Manager, Glenn Widom of Miami's Silver Garvett Henkell, declined to comment. Falor did not return a phone message left on his cellphone Tuesday afternoon. Hockman said in a statement released by Johnson Resorts that "We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate that this lawsuit is being brought against the entity without merit or basis."

Earlier this year, R. Donahue Peebles sued Falor and partners over alleged mismanagement of the Royal Palm hotel in South Beach, where Peebles remained a minority partner after selling most of his interest in 2004. That suit was settled in May, a few months after Falor stepped down as the hotel's manager. Falor also squabbled with partners, brokers and associates in Coconut Grove's Mayfair and South Beach's Tides hotels.

And he and partner Jonas Mimoun fought in court of their joint conversion effort at the Breakwater and Edison hotels in South Beach, which entered bankruptcy protection in 2005. The latest suit asks a judge to appoint a receiver to take over management of Cheeca Lodge Manager and audit its financial records.

2652 days ago


To #34 -- Sorry, but you never answered the question, and you appear to be avoiding the issue.

Firstly, Falor's suit against Nickly Hilton has nothing to do with the trademark issue, which was abandoned. So how does your Statements #28 apply here?

Secondly, we are already aware of Falor's other problems, which we have already alluded to here. What does that have to do with his suit against Nicky Hilton?

Again, just what is your point?

2652 days ago

chillout music girl    

I think nicky will open her hotels and settle any impending lawsuits..

30 March 2007

Would-be 'Nicky O' Hotels File For Bankruptcy |

Last summer, it was the future Nicky O. Now it's in bankruptcy. Two South Beach hotels once linked to Nicky Hilton face hard times. The South Beach hotel once slated for Nicky Hilton's debut in the lodging industry has filed for bankruptcy, as its hopes for star-powered profits fall drastically short. Condo-hotel converter Robert Falor is asking for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to reorganize the Breakwater and Edison hotels -- adjoining properties that were to be renamed ''Nicky O'' after the celebrity socialite.

2652 days ago

chillout music girl    

sorry it takes me time to find real facts... I believe credible news organizations/ law websites more than gossip sites....

the whole thing is giving me a headache now...

I am sure more credible news sources will display these stories in the correct context.

2652 days ago


(LOL) Falor isn't the only one suing Nicky Hilton about the Chicago Hotel. Once again, what is your point here? Do you even have one?

2652 days ago


#41 Sorry, but you really are full of it. We went to reputable news sources.

Also, your comment about the trademark was not only incorrect but outdated. You should have taken the time to check your facts.

You attacked Falor as a result of the credible news article about the lawsuit against Hilton. Without, of course, taking into consideration that Falor was not the only party involved in this lawsuit against Miss Hilton.

We recommend Tylenol or Advil.

2652 days ago

chillout music girl    

I read the hotel chatter article also...

If someone is going give nicky hilton money or invest in her like she is a expert in the hotel business. They deserve what ever happens to them.

I prefer Motrin..thank you...

2652 days ago

She Never Learns    

" celebrity" Nicky Hilton..........

She is just a rich kid w/o any talent..........who effin cares

I want to read about real celebs, not Bev hills rich kids or children of celebs who get into nightclubs or take "vacations" every other week since they have mommy or daddy's money and have nothing to do but shop and patronize nightclubs.

Its a bore........

2652 days ago


The Hotel Chatter article was confirmed via another source -- in addition to the Chicago AP article, which we also quoted. The trademark information was, of course, not obtained through a gossip column.

The Chicago AP article clearly states "misrepresentation," which would clearly refer to Miss Hilton's representation of both her and her associates' experience in hotel design, etc.

You're welcome.

2652 days ago


Hey I just realized how these Celebrity sites talk about the A list talent vs. who's' on the B-list and these celebrity gossip sites are actually on the B-list because.... who do they talk about except B and C and D List celebrities most of the time. You don't see a Robert De Niro or a Al Pacino or someone of that stature on here but you DO SEE Nicky Hilton or a Paris Hilton or Britney or Lindsey, all NO ACTING or SINGING TALENTS if you really want to know the truth and compare...KNOW WHAT I"M SAYING!?

2652 days ago


I really thought Nicky was going to be the one to slip out of the 30 mile zone and use her wealth to explore the world further out then the media's ground zero..Maybe she has been designated care taker for her sister.

2652 days ago


When ever I see the name of her fashion line I think of those horrible jeans that were popular in the 80's, Chick Jeans.

2652 days ago
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