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Britney, Boo Boo and Boob

7/23/2007 12:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hey y'all. Britz was out a'sailin' in Malibu this weekend, but the seafarin' fright-weaved mom/mess could only take it for less than 30 minutes. It's unclear whether the ocean made her nauseous, or she caught sight of her hair in the reflection of a yacht window.

Mama bit her lip and carried her boo boo, the cranky Jayden James Federline, away from the ship, while barely managing to keep her babe balanced and boob covered.

Britney also debuted a new weavehider headband, which appears to have been fashioned from an old bicycle tire. Ahoy, y'all!


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TMZ you are coming across as Brit hater! Not good, not good at all. She comes across as being very polite to your people. YOU'RE LOOKING VERY BAD TMZ.

2612 days ago

Rick Da Ruler    

From where this once mighty Queen of POP was but a few short years ago to now...This poor child has unfortunately become a hot mess! Thank goodness she at least appears to have held on to the majority of her $$$. I gotta admit though at least she's beginning to look doable again more and more(at least bodywise that is). That hair though...oh boy. Sorry girls, but as a man you just can't help but to think about those kind of good things. Maybe that's what her place is gonna have to be for the near future--you know, the hot trailer park MILF. Hey, there's always gotta be one somewhere & it's better than nothing going on for her at all at this point.

LMAO & Cringing

2612 days ago

uh oh    

If you don't like what TMZ has to say, go over to X17online. They are Brit's azz kizzer. Way to go TMZ, but please post the rest of the crap this trainwreck is doin... like driving with JJ on her lap and trying to lie her way out of it, cursing out the paps with the fbomb. The radio stations won't even play her new single because of her foul mouth and there won't be a new album in Dec. I enjoy watching her self destruct. She has no one to blame but herself.

We Love U TMZ!

2612 days ago


Please.....stop over analyzing Britney....Maybe she simply decided it was best for Jaden to get off the boat. End of story....not EVERYmove she makes has an underlying meaning or is poor judgment.
She is much nicer to the paparazzi then most celebs. I don't get it!
maybe its the Paparazzi THAT NEED THE CLEB REHAB?

2612 days ago

kimberly stewart    

brit looks thinner... props girl!! i know it must be hard with weirdos following you with camaras alllll day long. Just leave her alone, let her be. She's had a life NO ONE has had before. Onstage as a child, growing up into adulthood in the industry, becomming a mother. It's like the transition never happend into adulthood, lessons never learned, it's like real world to her was not real. soooooo it can get messy, just LEAVE HER ALONE!!!! Don't talk s*... Just let her be. And brit--- If your not in the entertainment industry.. MOVE AWAY!! Take your kids and moooove out of LA. Dont cry in your car ect just move!!

2612 days ago

uh oh    

Well I'm from the south and we say
" if you can't say something nice about someone, come sit by me and we'll watch the circus together"

2612 days ago

kimberly stewart    

#37 WTF?? You know you seriously never used that phrase in your life. You must be a real circus crowd attracter I see...


2612 days ago


You know, not for nothing, I LOVE HER. i think she is great. yea ok so shes done some stuff that is not "acceptable" but guess what. if someone followed you around in your twenties with a camera 24/7 capturing your EVERY move im sure people would see alot of things they didnt agree with or like. shes human and has a right to live her life the way she feels...all you people act like you've never done anything outrageous or disgusting or "unacceptable" YOU HAVE just no ones caught it on film

YOU GO BRITNEY...and i agree with cheryl....this poor girl..leave her alone...its so unfair...the girl forgets to shave her vag one day and u guys are all over it...maybe she ran out of razor blades...leave her alone...and Jayden is absolutely beautiful...Maybe she did alot of things "wrong" but those 2 kids are perfection..and they're gorgeous.....Do you girl im cheering you on!

2612 days ago

uh oh    

Sorry #38 but you have no idea what I say, unless you pay my bills, and It's not what you see, it's what you DON'T see.

2612 days ago


Why doesn't everyone leave her alone? How would you like it if you had 50 people or more following you around EVERYDAY taking pictures of you doing things like taking out the trash and I am pretty sure not everyone looks picture perfect at all times she is human, she has made mistakes and I am pretty sure everyone else has..If you say you have never made a mistake is a lie you just don't have a photo of when you made that mistake. How many people have done something with thier kids and turned out bad? If your a new parent your learning but, at least most of us won't have peopl following us around when that time comes. How many of you are parents and went to get something out of the kitchen and your child fell how many parents accidently actually drop thier children? And of course the press is just going to publish pictures when she does something wrong because what fun is it to print something that makes her look good? If they did that what would people have to say and make fun of her for..I dare all of you who sit there and judge her to have a person follow you around for a day taking pictures of EVERYTHING you do and see how it feels until then nobody but the celebrities themselves have room to talk...

2612 days ago


TMZ is cruel. I pray to God that you one day get down off of your high horse. This was the last time that I will read a negative comment about Britney on this site. I will go get the news from another source, there are PLENTY of them out there.

2612 days ago


UMMM.... the reason why her son is cranky is because all of those D**N cameras! leave the girl alone already!!! YA'll is so played out ny tmz! you use it on every story now! Its not even remotely funny now! and HOW IN THE WORLD can all these LOSERS on here hate someone they dont even know! AND ITS KINDA FUNNy how the press and everyone else who comments dont say a thing about kevin federline! I have yet to see a pic of him with his kids!

2612 days ago


Who the hell WOULDN"T be nuts after having not just one but two babies in a row, a divorce and you guys in their face EVERY fregin' second? Give her some space, damn it !
Don't you guys have a conscience? How about a sense of decency?
I'm not a Brit fan, but you guys are just so out -of -line and wrong that you're
actually making me INTO one!.
Really, I don't know how she does it !?!?! She's got some tremendous, personal strength coming from somewhere.
Every person on this planet needs and deserves space (including you) so how about backing off and allowing her some too...For Christs' sakes...Geeez!

2612 days ago


that's jayden? awww...hell at least you made cute babies with kev

2612 days ago


her boys are cute...and she still looks good too! So many jealous people out there.

2612 days ago
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