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Britney's Disastrous Photo Shoot

7/24/2007 12:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned that Britney's self-arranged photo shoot and interview with OK! Magazine was a complete disaster. We're told that the photos are so bad, execs at the magazine are, at this moment, trying to decide whether to report what actually happened -- or sanitize the truth to protect the pop train wreck.

According to multiple sources, Britney's behavior during the interview was "nothing less than a meltdown." She was, according to our sources, "completely out of it" during the shoot. The photos are "so bad" we've learned, that to publish them could "kill her career." Apparently, Brit Brit's eyes rolled back in her head at one point, causing her to look half dead. Her mood, we're told, was extremely erratic. She took frequent bathroom breaks our source says, and each time she returned her mood would change. She was also completely paranoid during the entire interview, fearing at one point the ceiling was about to cave in on her. Out of control y'all!

We've also learned that Brit had some issues with hygiene on the set as well. At one point, Britney ordered up some fried chicken to munch on. We're told after she chowed down, she wiped her hands on a several thousand dollar Gucci dress that she was wearing for the shoot, staining it with grease. Yuck! One of her dogs also needed some assistance in the housebreaking department. Our on-set spy says that the dog pooped all over the floor, and Brit used (what else?) -- a Chanel dress to clean it up! How trashtastic!

UPDATE (8:33 AM PT): In a surprising move, OK! Magazine says they're going to show Britney as she really was on the day of her disastrous photo shoot -- the good, the bad and the unbelievably ugly!

In an exclusive statement to TMZ, OK! Editor-in-Chief Sarah Ivens said, "OK! Magazine spent a heartbreaking day with Britney Spears and witnessed first-hand an emotional cry for help that will leave you shocked and sad. This week, on newsstands Friday, the truth will be told."

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Both Britney and that cheap bitch Lohan should be locked up in a rehab for the rest of their lives. Neither of them has any talent and they are a waste of time for the stupid photograhers who follow where ever they go.

2646 days ago


This is so stupid who cares if the dumb celebrity is on whatever drug she's on...all of you are acting so surprised...

"Oh no britney is freaking out"
"Oh who would have thaught that britney of all people would do this"
"I feel sorry for her"

Thats so dumb feeding into the Media's vast serving of Coked-out, Cracked-out, Alcoholic Celebrities...
Oh yah I wanna hear this every day of my life...I dont feel sorry at all its their Evil Money and they can do what they want with it.

PS...Celebrities arent even People...Their Zombies.

2646 days ago



2646 days ago

walter boone    

Britney sweety,i dont care what anyone says about are hot and have no bad habits in my book,i would give my interest in hell to just be with you for 10 minutes.

2646 days ago


This girl really gets under my skin and I'm so over hearing about her oh so sad life!
the media needs to just let this sorry excuse of a woman go, and let her drown herself in her tears some where else . She is no kind of role model for any child in this world. Beat it Brittany!

2646 days ago


With all of Britney’s recent actions it is clearly evident that she is using drugs maybe methamphetamines or cocaine something more severe then weed. When that fact is finally excepted by all, her actions such as paranoia will not seem as unbelievable.

2646 days ago

Venus Nights    

Give me a break! I'm sick of these "celebrities" having meltdowns all the time! I understand that living life in the public eye is difficult, but I'd like one of these little girls to trade their lives with me! They have enough money to go buy an island and live there for the rest of their lives and be happy. I have no money and I'm trapped in a job I hate 7 days a week! I only get 2 days off a month and I don't even make enough money to go out to clubs! These stupid girls need to grow the hell up and realize that life is no picnic. PATHETIC!

2646 days ago


How pathetic!! It is very obvious that she's out of control. I pity her kids. They have a mom who's about to lose her mind. No one can help her but herself. Don't waste your life Britney, you still have hope. What you have gone through is nothing compared to those people who have nothing at all, no food to eat, no family and friends to turn to... you are indeed fortunate. You just have to appreciate the good things that God has given you. Have faith in yourself and in God. It's never too late to change.

2646 days ago


to many young people have not had the proper relationship with others to be able to cope with life to start with and someone that becomes a star and rich at a early age has less of a chance than most others,

2646 days ago


She needs to GROW UP for goodness sakes!! She has 2 kids already!! How can she be out partying all the time with two babies at home?? I was lucky I could get to the corner store when my kids were small!!! Grow up Britney once and for all. She's a spoiled brat who has no talent at all! It's a wonder why her husband left her. She couldn't even keep him. She had a good mother who was willing to help her, but look how she treated her? What goes around comes around.

2646 days ago


if she keeps this up - she will do a porn vid then overdose.
she needs to take whatever she has left and get out of hollywood - it's killing her

2646 days ago

Patti Scrymgeour    

Can any of you really throw stones? I sure can't. If I had a camera in my face during my late teens and early 20's, well, I shudder with the thought. Now put a few million in my back pocket and I'm sure I would have had many 'good' friends telling me I was just fine, don't even listen to them, they're just jealous........yeah baby, just smoke a little of this, that's it, just do this're ok girl' And who wouldn't want to numb after what she's been through lately,,, who can she really trust?? She's been lied to and dissed so much how does she know who is true??
.............. Add the raging hormones to the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs, it's clear to me she is screaming for help and for someone to love her, really love her, for her, not her money, and unconditionally. MOST of all, someone she could truly trust. You all should be ashamed of yourselves pointing your finger like that,, I'm sure there aren't too many out there who would do any better with what has been done to her. Forget the money for once. She needs a year long hug from someone she can trust, someone who loves her unconditionally.

2646 days ago

John Lippre    

LOSER! Can you say IDIOT?

2646 days ago


Did I mention Bald Headed!!

2646 days ago


i personally don't think this is a cry for help, this is just someone who doesn't know how to deal with reality, whether its divorce or being a new mom. its obvious she doesn't think she has a problem so she's doing her thing which is destroying whatever career she might've had. she needs to hit rock bottom so she can realize she has a problem and seek help but until then no one can help her. u can only help those who want to be helped.

2646 days ago
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