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Cops: Lindsay's Assistant Quit Hours Before DUI

7/24/2007 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's former assistant saw this whole thing coming ... in her rear view mirror!

According to police, Lohan's assistant quit just hours before Lohan was popped for DUI, and when the assistant's mother came to pick her up, Lindsay gave chase. We're told the assistant's mother called the police, warning them that Lindsay was hot on their tail, and that she was headed for the nearest police station.

The chase ended in Lohan's arrest this morning.


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This is another perfect example of stars and wealthy people being treated differently when they get in trouble with the law....This is her 2nd DUI and cocaine bust in less than 3 months. ANY regular person would be in jail now and there would be no bail...this is crazy...the only thing that will stop this girl from drinking and using is a stint in jail. She obviously believes she is above the law and that the rules do not apply to her. I would also have to think that no studio or director is going to run the risk of hiring Ms. Lohan - the insurance would be in the millions just to have her on the set. She may have just said goodbye to her 'career'.

2612 days ago

S. Bubba    

This could have all been avoided if she would just be a good girl and take the bus.

2612 days ago

Lindsay Lowlife    

Lindsay Lowlife. Her true name. This little chickie is gonna be dead soon. At least force her to take antabuse that way she'll get violently ill if she drinks. Why isn't she in jail?

2612 days ago

Michael Richards    

I've never seen a case tried on the sidewalk before. This cop needs to keep his mouth shut until he is on the stand. Talk about TMI.......her defense atty will have loads of fun with this clip.

2612 days ago


Poor #39...we shouldn't get mad because he is mentally incapacitated. #39....that means U R stoopid!

2612 days ago


It is so sad, between Lindsay Lohan and Brittney, the world is watching two young woman destroy themselves. Promises Rehab sounds and looks like a spa, where you can leave and go and exercise, etc. I think both these girls need rehabs, where their problems with addictions etc are addressed. Is nobody looking out for these poor kids???

2612 days ago


lindsay is fine. she is just doing what many other kids her age do: party. it's just that she is constantly in the spotlight and under scrutiny 24-7. there are millions of americans who partied in similar ways, grew up, and went on to make valuable contributions to society and their communities. people need to give her a break.

lindsay, move to manhattan. it's a much cooler place.

2612 days ago

Crusader Against Bad Spelling    

Spelled LUNATIC, not Lunitic.

2612 days ago

this is gay    

Look, i grew up with a parent who was an addict, and it may be the people you are around who introduce it to you ,yes. however it is a choice, soon it becomes addiction, however it is still a choice to do it instead of choosing not to do it. people around her who do it are enabling the behavior because they find every excuse to make thier behavior ok. we cant make her quit her habbit her addiction she has to really want it, she has to see herself for what she really is, she is an addict. untill she really feels "what am i doing, what is this life" she will always go back to it, she just needs to be real about it. cus she can go to rehab 10 times for her carreer, but she isnt doing it for her well bieng right now and she isnt doing it to quit. and it is hard to live with people like that, they dont see the destruction or the change in who they have become, which is probly why the assistant left in haste. Lindsays mother only makes excuses for her daughters behavior, never allowing anyone in her camp to take responisbility for the the monster they created. She needs a NO MAN , everyone tells her yes, leading her to believe that her actions dont carry a consiquence. her behavior is sad and terrible, she does have acting talent and she is beautifull, but it doesnt make any of this okay. I hope she finds it within herself one day, to make the changes in her life to get where she really needs to be in life. and the strenght to stay there. it will be hard, but nothing is easy.

2612 days ago


Instead of talking about her, let's start praying for her!

2612 days ago


Lindsey IS the disease!
What's it going to take before all of these stupid party girls realize that they're not being cute?
Girls - If you're going to kill someone with this bad behavior, put yourselves #1 on the list.
You won't be missed.

2612 days ago


Hopefully all of the attention these young girls are getting for the consequences of addiction will bring ADDICTION as a disease into the forefront of the media instead of what these girls look like in their mug shots. Relapse is a major part of recovery and it seems to me that all of these girls are not getting enough treatment before being put back out into society. This is to be blamed on the doctors, facilities and professionals we have running these rehab centers. Why send a person who is not stable back into society (if Lohan still needed an ankle bracelet to make sure she was sober, then she wasn't ready to BE in society yet!) Our health care system is a far as substance abuse, it should be frightening for everyone since so many innocent people are hurt or killed by drunk drivers, drunk theives, drunk parents, etc... Let's recognize that addiction is a major illness requiring as much medical attention as any other deadly disease.

2612 days ago


Why do you people feel she is getting special treatment? She's not in jail because she was BAILED out, like most people. People who murder people get out on bail. She hasn't been to trial yet so technically she is not guilty of anything yet in the courts eye. Bail is determined by nature of the crime and flight risk.

2612 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Attempted murder charges could be filed, assult with a deadly weapon with attempt to do bodily harm/death.............The rise and fall of a hollywood child!!!!!!

2612 days ago


Hmmm. Paris got loads of publicity with her jail stay.

Lindsey's movie is coming out soon. Lindsey will be in all the news, talk shows, web chatter.

That's millions of dollars of free publicity for her film.

Personally I think she glamorizes the drug / rehab / jail life.

This is her "cool" persona. Just a thought.

2612 days ago
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