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Lindsay Back in Rehab, Lacks Promises

7/24/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan has returned to rehab, but not to Promises in Malibu -- where she recently spent 45 days.

We're told she is in an undisclosed treatment facility.

Let's hope it works this time.

UPDATE: A rep for Promises has no comment about today's events.


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I don't understand inpatient rehap.All that does is confine her the real deal is when she is out. how she handles herself outside.............someone very close to me has been in and out 3 times this year.......The real test is when they come out and have to deal with the problem of living life drug and alchohol free.........relapsing is part of her recovery
she needs to follow the steps and she needs a support system. Hired help is not going to do it for her.....where the hell is her mother her employees are just that....EMPLOYEES

2613 days ago


The hole gets deeper & deeper until she decide's for herself to drop the shovel. No one can do it for her. The alternative is jail, institutions or an early death. Hopefully she will find her way out of the squirrel cage & quit repeating the insanity over & over again. Their is a way out and she knows it, keep coming back girl. To thine own self be true & the rest will take care of it self...

Best wishes,

2613 days ago

tuna marie    

people who feel sorry for her need to get a clue. if she kills one of your family members while driving drunk or high, you will be the first ones screaming for her head.

2613 days ago


Lohan needs to go to a kick-ass, no nonsense rehab facility like Hazelden in Minnesota. Though many celebs have been treated there, like Eric Clapton and William Hurt, they are unimpressed with stars there and treat them just like everyone else. Unlike Promises, with its pampering and masseuses and gourmet food, Hazelden is no frills and out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by woods. You gotta make your bed and they don't let you out for field trips.

I have a friend who was sent to Promises for alcohol and coke, and within two months of her release she was using again.

2613 days ago


We'll see that ho back in jail when she gets out. Hollywood needs to boycot her, I am sick and tired of hearing all about her problems. Lets just hope she OD's or crashes her car and kills herself that way. Thats what it is coming too.

2613 days ago


your on the money.she needs jail and during the day she should be going with the cops too inform parents their children were killed in car accidents and then maybe go too the morgue.
who was feeding her the booze??. maybe one of the bars need too be shut down for serving underage patrons.
the people in her professional life have watched this happen because they were worried about finishing a movie.
she justifies the partying because everyone else does it but she doesnt have an off switch.i beleive she thinks since she isnt effected financially or physically its ok.its all handed too her then add the fact when we were younger we never thought it would happen too us.
others get hurt or killed but its not going too happen too you.
this kid has gotten what she wanted from a very young age and its not only her parents.
britneys mom tried too intervene and now she has no contact with britney or her kids..she knew her daughter was having issues but at least had access too the children.
i have dealt with this and the more you push the less they want you around.
a part of you doesnt want too piss the person off.
everytime they trust someone they end up having personal details being sold too someone.
i agree stars have put their lives out for all too see but when they try too stay away they have someone hanging in the trees taking pictures.
we hear we dont understand the appeal of paris or britney or whoever but if no one took the picture we wouldnt see what they were doing.i feel sorry for britney spears.i cant imagine living like she has the last few years.its like people are trying too drive her over the edge .
dont get me wrong i go to this site every morning so i am part of the problem but i think someone is going too get hurt.

2613 days ago


I am totally shocked that this article says that Promises has no comment on Linday's situation. Sure they don't. Because this girl is not even 2 weeks out THEIR program and she's back to the booze and the blow. Promises probably promised not to take her back. She aint making herself or them look too good. OF COURSE PROMISES HAS NO COMMENT.

That's why she had to find another facility (which aint gonna work either) either because Promises refuses to take her back OR she thinks rehab is the problem and not her. She needs the jail rehab program, only the taxpayers get screwed by having to pay for her stupidity when she's a millionaire and they're not.

She should spend at least a solid year there and then get as far away as fast as possible from Hollywood and do something else for a living. If she stays in Hollywood, and this will never end for her. She needs to cut every dirtbag/drug dealer out of her life, find a good church that actually teaches the word (not find religion) and get delivered from her demons. Rehab will never work because it doesn't get the demons out.

2613 days ago


Seems like PROMISES is lacking its promise. How come all who enter seem to fail. But then Lindsay failed herself. She too needs to grow up and figure out what really is important. A new class of friends would help. It will only be a matter of time before she ends up like Anna Nicole. Maybe Mom Lohan needs to grow up and be a mom also. Seems she likes acting like her kid. AN out of control mess. saying goes apple does not fall from the tree..........Look at what her father is. A drunk who found God. How nice!!!!!! Two loser parents.

2613 days ago


does anyone know why the ufc train wreck ricco rodriguez went to jail was it for coke also??

2613 days ago


REHAB ! How about LA County Rehab Center (JAIL) for about 6 Months.

2613 days ago


How many chances does someone need??? She and others need obvious help and many who are around them are enablers for a variety of reasons ((perks, making money off of them, etc.). These "celebrities" need to know that they are NO BETTER than anyone else, and deserve to be treated like everyone else NO MATTER WHAT! Whatever list (A or B) they are on, where they live, wealth, etc. should have absolutely no bearing on their treatment/punishment!!! But they are so used to getting a slap on the wrist when they break the law, that they come to expect it for that reason. They also let things go to their head, forget where they come from, and are so into "do you know who I am" to get whatever they want, out of whatever becomes uncomfortable or bothersome.
Many people in Hollywood need to wake up, get over themselves, and realize how blessed their lives are when compared to others less fortunate. They also need to stop and think what could/will happen should they continue driving drunk/under the influence of a drug, etc. But maybe they have their heads up in the clouds so far, noses up in the air, with their inflated egos that hurting someone else just isn't important in their lives, that it will never happen to them, etc.
Wake up Hollywood, and start acting like a real class act instead of pampered, snobbish, spoiled and immature brats! It's time to come back down to earth, show some class and take responsibility for what you do and say!! Get over yourselves!!

2613 days ago


I wish TMZ and all the papparazzi would stop following these girls (Britney, Paris, Lindsay, Nicole, etc.) Seems they try to outdo what their last disaster was to make the papers. These girls are nothing! They do nothing! Are known for nothing! The only thing they are know for is bad press!

2613 days ago


Crack Whore!!!

2613 days ago

TrimSpa Baby    

Lindsey does not love herself. Her parents don't love or support her. They are going through a bitter divorce and her mother is out doing exactly what Lindsey is doing. Lindsey has nobody to turn to or to look up to. This is all she knows. She is too young to really understand how this is going to haunt her the rest of her life. Most people party and do stupid things in their teens and early-mid 20s. As we get older and look back on the things we did makes us wonder how we ever survived. Some of us have even had DUIs, gone to jail and been through all the rehab visits. If she is doing this because she can't handle her lifestyle, she needs to get out of showbiz, move far away and start over. Hollywood is a playground for the rich and when you have a lot of money and idle time, that's when you get into a lot of trouble. The judges out there are very strange. Way to lenient. They are enablers. Just an oddball place to be! All these celebutants need to grow up, move on and be grateful for what they have before they kill theirself or somebody else. Jail time would certainly give Lindsey plenty of time to figure out why she drinks and an opportunity to work on her sobriety. Rehab (until you want it) is an escape.

2613 days ago


Crack Whore!!!

2613 days ago
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