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Lindsay Back in Rehab, Lacks Promises

7/24/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan has returned to rehab, but not to Promises in Malibu -- where she recently spent 45 days.

We're told she is in an undisclosed treatment facility.

Let's hope it works this time.

UPDATE: A rep for Promises has no comment about today's events.


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You have to want rehab for it to do any good. In this case it is just en escape! She is far from wanting help. She loves this crap!!

2614 days ago


Man, how dissapointing, rehab's not gonna work for her. Lindsey needs to dump that girlfriend of hers too cause she looks like an addict herself!

2614 days ago


She should have a career as a con-artist. She fooled everyone twice that she was sober.

2614 days ago


Bets on where she is!?!?
I bet Hazelton in Minnesota... It's about as undisclosed as you can get :)

2614 days ago


This is sad...............I really think this is it for her.........she is soo young

2614 days ago


For some reason every time I see her name in print the song "Stupid Girl" by Garbage plays in my head.

2614 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Back at Rehab. Why? She didn't take it seriously last 2 times! What is rehab anyway? A black guy makes an anti gay comment and goes to rehab. WTF? Rehab is a place to go to keep from going to jail immediately and not face the cosequences. It means nothing to these type people. Her damn mother needs rehab more than anyone. Coke head

2614 days ago

The Shoparazzi    

Let's hope it works this time? Really? It took Courtney Love and Robert Downey, Jr. and Whitney Houston to get rid of everything and everybody in their lives to start over....and it's still a trial every second.

Lindsay is doing because she knows the consequence, THIS TIME, finally, will be jail.

She needs to serve time in P R I S O N! Get treatment there!

And find out why these kids and young adults can get these drugs so easily. If you really want help, give up your coke source.

2614 days ago

Jessica L.    

"Let's hope it works this time"

Yeeeeeaaaaaaaah. Now that she's back in rehab, and let's hope it's an actual REHAB facility, not some spa getaway for spoiled brats like Promises, can we talk about something else? This addict doesn't deserve the attention.

2614 days ago


this is past beng funny i think everyone should give her a beak and leave her alone because she obviosly has a serious addiction that needs attention, so please enough wth the coke headed whore jokes, she needs all the support she can get.

2614 days ago


I hope the judge that hears her case is a cold hard bastard and serves her bigtime. Her smirking lying bratty whorish posing is sickening. I wish she didn't have a brother and sister to influence.

2614 days ago

Dr. M    

Hello Lindsay -

hope u read my myspace message carefully -

Get rid of one of these DUI's (or get it reduced / reckless driving) -

It then may still be possible to 'get away' with less jail time than Paris -

Good Luck Lindsay
and Godspeed

Do NOT get depressed - it's just life -

Dr. M

2614 days ago



She will have a great chance to DRY OUT in Lynwood!!

Fake rehab isn't gonna keep her out of JAIL

2614 days ago


I hope it's the BETTY FORD CLINIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2614 days ago


I'll probably get slammed but I feel bad for her, she can't handle the lifestyle and I hope she can pull herself together. I don't think she has it as easy as everyone thinks.

2614 days ago
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