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Lindsay Back in Rehab, Lacks Promises

7/24/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan has returned to rehab, but not to Promises in Malibu -- where she recently spent 45 days.

We're told she is in an undisclosed treatment facility.

Let's hope it works this time.

UPDATE: A rep for Promises has no comment about today's events.


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I went to a real rehab in upstate New York. Garrison, New York to be exact. It's cold as hell and you sleep in a dorm with 25 other guys or girls (like a bullpen in county jail or the military) for the duration of your 90 day stay. They kick your ass up there. You're up at 6am and can't go back to your dorm until 10:30pm. You have a job and you attend individual and group therapy whenever you're not working. I went to a couple of cozy rehabs in Conneticut and Chicago before this one, but this one was the only one that ever worked for me. You just never want to go back there. They do great things and really want to see you get clean and get your life back together, but they absolutely don't coddle you. Lindsay might benefit from something like this. I've also done a couple of short bids in county jail and you never want to go back there, either, but there isn't any rehabilitation going on in jail. From my perspective, a kick-you-in-the-ass rehab might be the thing for her.

2646 days ago


Everything Lindsay has done she's done for selfish reasons.
She had no intentions of staying sober or taking her rehab seriously.
Let's face it, each time she went, it was only because she got caught!
The whole "scram" alcohol anklet was for appearances sake only - just so when she went to court, she could point out to the judge, "Look I've volunteered to wear the bracelet to prove my serious commitment to sobriety, so you should take that into account and give me a really light sentence since I've already spent 45 days in "rehab". "
Really... I have no doubt that was the whole purpose of her earlier stint at Promises and for wearing that anklet, just like her now going back to rehab.
All for appearances sake!

2646 days ago


i feel bad for her and i truly hope she gets rehabilitated this time...drugs and liquor have obviosly taken over her and she needs to get well...

2646 days ago


LILO Go straight to JAIL, no stopping, no passing go, no collecting money from interviews. What a WASH UP!!!! Like father, like daughter...... She actually makes Paris look good and that was hard to do.

2646 days ago


I love the picture... looks like the Cosby face.

2646 days ago

Star Girl    

Hey Lindsay, Stop looking for doesn't buy everything

2646 days ago

Chubby Cubby    

Yeah, right rehab works................will she be able to go on day passes again to go to the gym................another Marilyn Monroe waiting to happen. TRAGIC............someone send her to the mental ward quick, before she kills someone.

2646 days ago


Rehab doesn't work unless you want it too.

She's headed to an early grave.

Where's her party-harty mom in all of this?

2646 days ago

The King of the World    

Excellent move by her hopes this will encourage more lenient sentencing on Aug. 24th. Least she's off the streets.

This in no way should substitute for real jail time!!

2646 days ago


Well maybe the third time around will be the one to work. It's getting quite obvious that Promises is a facility that is not working for these people, it's more like a hotel to them. Put them in a hard core facility and don't sugar coat the sobriety they are looking to achieve.

2646 days ago

Gordon Gecko    

I am so sick of this rehab crap. That is the problem with these people. They think that there is some magic solution. "oh, I'll just go to rehab again" Take some responsibility for your life, please! Sorry, but the only way she will change is if she gets punished the same way the rest of us would. She has no concept of the real world. There are consequences for our actions and she needs to learn that or this will keep happening over and over.

2646 days ago


Lindsey's star is fading away. I believe she is hopeless. Let's find the next star and stop giving so much press to those who have a death wish. Hollywood is full of talent who would not so willingly throw away such an opportunity. Enough TMZ, go find some fresh talent and let this one go......

2646 days ago


They should close down the Promises "spa" its a medical disgrace that they are allowed to call it a drug treatment center. Are they all coked up in there. It does'nt work. She needs somebody in her life who wont take her crap. She is surrounded by Yes people and publicisits who no doubt get a kick back from Promises every time they send somebody there. This scam treatment center like many of the others shadows the wonderful work being done by dedicated profesionals and the lives being saved daily. Lindsay needs long term treatment to save her life. No treatement center can make her change but at least if she goes to a low key one that cares about her not publicity and celebrities she has a fightinng chance of getting the help she needs. A good AA sponsor with long term sboriety is free but I guess she has not figured out yet that she cannot buy her way to sobriety.

2646 days ago

Brits Grits    

I now seriously doubt she's serious about getting cured from her addictions. Going to Passages Malibu to be pampered in luxury to talk and detox your addictions isn't going to solve her problems.

I'm sorry Lohan but whoever is recommending you these rehab centers is definitely not looking after your welfare.

2646 days ago

paris sucks judges    

I smell a reality show on A&E in about 10 years. She has zero career left, so she should save her money instead of blowing it on spa rehab!

2646 days ago
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