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Lindsay, Where Has the Time Gone?

7/24/2007 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A lot can happen in three days ...
Lindsay Lohan


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I am far from a fan of hers, but can't anyone see that she is desperate??? Does she have anyone around her that actually cares about her and wants her to be better? She does have talent and is a pretty girl, but the way her life is spiralling out of control-she won't have anything left. It's unimaginable that her parents (who she has supported) weren't there with her every minute after she got out of rehab!!!! At the very least, you'd think Dina would want to ensure that she got more money out of her?

2647 days ago


Just a thought... but hmmmmmmmm maybe these "stars" should not head straight to the bars/clubs/parties their first night they are out of rehab? what a joke.

2647 days ago


That's what sites get for sucking up to her, saying how great she looks. She sees how easily you are duped, and believes she can dupe everyone. Luckily, the cops are on to her, Nicole and Paris.

2647 days ago

Lindsay Sluthan    

You halfwits are surprised that a slutty alcoholic cokehead acts slutty, snorts coke, and drinks? And that she's too stupid to hire a driver?

Man, you're all dumber that she is.

2647 days ago


To #27....If I'm not mistaken, her license was already suspended. She was charged with 3 things. DUI, possession and driving with a suspended license..

2647 days ago


TMZ just got pwned by CNN's anchor/moron about lilo & brit... sick 'em boys! Bet they will be running back to you for more by Friday. CNN is a train wreck to watch. Don't lower yourself to be on that garbage network...

2647 days ago


addiction is a sad thing, but is Lohan's fame also an addiction? The girl is addicted to attention..
Madonnalicious has a link to a british paper's pic of a tipsy Madonna. Silly Madonna, all the young kids are drunk in public, like Lohan, who wants to be your mini me.. At least Madge wasn't driving. Follow that tremd!!!!!! No, really, Madonna loves attention & loves to party, but never got DUIs..

2647 days ago


does any one know why the ufc's trainwreck ricco rodrieguez went to jail??

2647 days ago

The King of the World    

Some people talk as if they've had first had experience squeezing her breast to authenticate their "naturalness" ....I guess we can all dream

The very least she could have done is to have picked-out a "hot" bathing suit for this photo, That suit is disgusting on her. She has no taste

2647 days ago

Victor DeRose    

I just can't believe, with all her success and money, she just didn't take a limo. However; with that said, her problem is much deeper. I hope she realizes that there is a better way to live.

2647 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

I've said it before and i'll say it again. she won't be here in 5 years. Neither will brit. they have no hope of getting straight. Very self destructive. I really don't care if they go to rehab just to put off the inevitable. Court appearance and jail. Save Rehab for the people who will really benefit from it. Please!

2647 days ago


I have to admit that she looks really cute, even hot, in her booking photo.

2647 days ago


Is anyone of us out there perfect? Obviously, she is not just "partying" anymore, she is in major distress, and needs help. Stop judging, unless, of course you've never make mistakes or had afflictions. Pray for her. Enough with the nasty, judgement posts. Even though she's a celebrity, she is only human. Peace.

2647 days ago


#13. I'm with you. Unless she takes rehab seriously she'll be dead before she turns 25. Everyone, including TMZ, is making money off of her plight and no one will help her. Same with Britney - but I guess Britney has pushed away all those that did try to help. Lindsay was by far the most talented of the new teenie actresses. too bad really...

2647 days ago

Sarah Barlow    

WoW!!! I have the same camera!! :)She's young & having fun let her live her life!!! She's not going to quit until she wants too and everyone pushing her to quit probably is pissing her off inside and it probably makes her want to do it even more!!!

2647 days ago
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