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Lindsay's Attorney Issues Statement

7/24/2007 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan. Blair BerkLindsay's attorney, Blair Berk, issued the following statement to TMZ:

"Addiction is a terrible and vicious disease. Since Lindsay transitioned to outpatient care, she has been monitored on a SCRAM bracelet and tested daily in order to support her sobriety. Throughout this period, I have received timely and accurate reports from the testing companies. Unfortunately, late yesterday I was informed that Lindsay had relapsed. The bracelet has now been removed. She is safe, out of custody and presently receiving medical care."


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Sounds like she's going to end up serving some jail time since this is her second offense. It's too bad she is throwing away her whole career. I hope she gets the help she needs. She needs a longer stay in rehab next time!

2651 days ago



Yeah DOPE (DRUGS)... kill.. we know that, but that doesn't mean she's making some stupid choices in life, being she' has'nt lifed and learned.. it's a lesson and a very bad one! At times, it takes people three or four times to get it!

GIVE ME A BREAK... and who says DOPE,... what are you a 80 year old fat guy sitting in front of your computer! ....

And she's human...

2651 days ago


She should be locked up like Paris. Maybe in the joint her dark hair will grow back. Rehab is BS. It's just time off from doing drugs for these idiots. All her money should be given away to people who are sick and or starving. She'd sober up REAL fast.

2651 days ago


Does Promises offer a money back guarantee? Because it seems to me that someone deserves a refund!

2651 days ago


everyone bashes lawyers...until they need one. The most pitiful thing about our currrent justice is system is how ignorant too many of our citzens are about how it operates. The presumption of innocence is the critical foundation to ensuring the soundness and fairness of our system. It saves lives. People in other countries crave what we have and take for granted... we take it fro granted so much so that we are willing to toss it aside when the defendant is unpopular.

Everyone thinks that celebrities always get off easier than the "average joe". Not so! This was clearly demonstrated in the Hilton case. Celebrities are virtually always treated worse becasue prosecutors are afraid to appear to be going easy and they want to use celebrities to make an example out of them. Neither is appropriate, but it happens all the time Also in the Hilton case, we saw a prosecutor and a judge go at Paris just for their own pubilicity. How did they get away with it? Easy, ignorant citizens who ignored the facts and cheered them on becasue they so hated someone they never met. Don't believe tabloids and do bother to get the facts!!! Become informed citizens and don't allow our justice system to become so corrupt.

practice the same in your voting! Get the facts! Just looking at these comments is a small study of why our country has so much internal trouble today. People don't bother to get the facts and think for themselves before they willingly toss aside critical component sof our civil libetties and our democracy.

Self-righteous ignorance may be bliss and it may make you feel superior to someone else, but in the end it hurts us all, you first. By ignorantly passing judgement without knowing what you're talking about, you degrade our civilty and our commitment as a country to truthfulness. You degrade our standards as a nation to be committed to being objective and fair minded. You stop questioning people in authority, especially when they appeal to your fear, predjudice and self-righteousness vanity. Then authority is no longer being kept honest. Don't do this and then wonder why we're in Iraq.

2651 days ago


So many people are way too quick to judge. Of course, she's had many unfortunate incidents. She has so many talents and attributes....oftentimes, success has its demons.
From my observations, she displays many of the traits of having bipolor disorder.
Rather than be judgemental and insensitive, I wish her well and hope that she will find the answers.


2651 days ago


come on people have a little compassion for others. if a addict could quit so easy dont you think they would before they die? im sure you all want admit it but someone you know is a addict too

2651 days ago

death on a cracker    

blah blah blah wah wah wha!

2651 days ago


If you are without sin, then go ahead and cast the first stone.

2651 days ago


"1. In other words, Lindsay intentionally began drinking. "

Unfortunately, addiction is considerably more complicated than that. It took our son 10 years in and out of rehabs and jail to get sober. Addiction is not a choice. Some people have to hit rock bottom before they can surrender and get clean.

My heart goes out to her but she does need to go to jail. Perhaps that will wake her up.

2651 days ago


"She is safe" - umm good to know! How about "Now the rest of you are safe"

2651 days ago


you know what so sad about this, this girl need help, addition is a very bad thing, alot of people don't know how something like this can really hurt. she need her parents to come together and help her put her life back togehter.

2651 days ago

Sober Chick    

Lindsey may you discover freedom from this. Who cares how everone is judging u, they too have ISSUES and should reflect on thier own lives.

You will get it, many who have this Dz know of such pain and do not judge you. It is a battle we fight together!

2651 days ago

simon birch    

I feel for her more so than lohan has the genes on top of the money to promote her disease.....the people who make her movies care only about profits..nothing long as she performs like a trick pony. Anyone of us could act the same way given all the money and fame at any age...both a powferful drug..look at our elected officals all doing things that will kill us in the end...power,money, drugs..all deadly. She needs help...who will step up and be the port in her storm. We are all a mess in one way or another..if the light was on us would we be so clean? NO! Turn off the camera people and help this lost soul. ...What a sad world we live in...Give Christ a chance to change your world view of what matters.

2651 days ago

Jessica L.    

Well gee, thank the Lord Linsday is SAFE Ms. Lawyer!

The only people I care about being safe are the innocent drivers and pedestrians who were going about their business late one night when unbeknownst to them some coked up drunk was speeding around chasing cars. I'm just thankful this was at 2 in the morning and not 2 in the afternoon when more people would have been about.

What a loser. She needs to be in jail.

2651 days ago
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