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Lindsay's Attorney Issues Statement

7/24/2007 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan. Blair BerkLindsay's attorney, Blair Berk, issued the following statement to TMZ:

"Addiction is a terrible and vicious disease. Since Lindsay transitioned to outpatient care, she has been monitored on a SCRAM bracelet and tested daily in order to support her sobriety. Throughout this period, I have received timely and accurate reports from the testing companies. Unfortunately, late yesterday I was informed that Lindsay had relapsed. The bracelet has now been removed. She is safe, out of custody and presently receiving medical care."


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First off let me say that addiction IS no joke but I am a NYC-based talent rep and am stunned that this messed-up kid has gotten as far as she has. With a jailbird for a father and a classic stage mother for a manager, she needs to get OUT of the business NOW before she does a River Phoenix and ends up dead in the backroom of a club. Sadly, talent - if she indeed has any and I'm not entirely convinced - is a cheap commodity in this business and while headlines are as good as gold in some people's pockets, this kid is screaming misery and is as disposable as they get in Hollywood. Hopefully she has a sane relative SOMEWHERE who can rein her in and offer her some guidance.

I'm a bit surprised that her agents haven't stepped-in before this last trip to rehab and told dear Dina - a syncophant and enabler if I've ever seen one - that effective immediately , her contract is on hold until a neutral management rep takes over. But then again, I hear Lilo makes between $6-8 million per picture - staggering, not only for her age but the fact that she carries so little box office clout. All of this is no shock to us here in NYC where the tabs have followed her mother dragging her to nightclubs since she was 15. Just days after LiLo was released from rehab this past time, the NY Post printed a blind item about a recently-rehabbed starlet who was asking everyone for coke in Vegas. Like duh.

This kid shouldn't be sent to a rehab center where they let you out to go shopping - she needs to be in treatment for several months, plus get outta that town. She may be white trash from LI, but at least here, she may have had some hope of salvaging a career that is all-but dead for years to come (Robert Downey Jr. anyone?). And for god's sake, will some relative step up to the plate for her - someone other than parents and handlers who only live off her!

2627 days ago


"Addiction is a terrible and vicious disease."
Disease my ass, last time I checked you have the choice whether to drink or not drink. If I can recall this chick chose to drink. Not to mention she loves snow. F*** Rehab throw her in prison right now.

2627 days ago


her own lawyer gave her the addict label - i dont think she is, i just think she is young and wants to party

2627 days ago


How truly sad, this young woman caught in the disease of addiction like millions of other American teenagers. Wakeup America ... our kids are in trouble and we're closing our eyes and believing it will never be our own children. WRONG! It happens to rich kids, poor kids, middle class kids, it's happening to way too many kids. May God help them all.

2627 days ago


To "You Are All So Sad," don't play the race card here. Everyone is upset about this story, and everyone seems to agree that Lindsay should be thrown in jail for the laws she's broken again and again. Don't go there with "What would you all be saying if she was black or latino... crap." To me, a drunk is a drunk, a coke head is a coke head, and a law breaker is a law breaker. Skin color has nothing to do with it in my opinion.

I think she should be thrown in jail just like anyone else that drives drunk or is in posession of drugs, and I think it should be for a long, long time. As someone that lost an aunt to a repeat-offender drunk driver (the accident in which he killed my Aunt Ginny was his 13th arrest), I am so frustrated at the celebrities that get away with the crime. They could kill an innocent person and be so wasted that they don't even realize what they've done for hours and hours. It should be a felony. Anyone that drives drunk should be ordered to ride public transportation for life after AFTER THEY GET OUT OF JAIL, which should be years later IF THEY HAVEN'T KILLED ANYONE. Maybe seeing Lindsay, Paris, and Nicole getting off of a city bus instead of their sparkly new, dent-free sports cars would teach a lesson. Rehab seems to do nothing except get them more publicity.

I also think that anyone that breaks the laws shouldn't be splashed across any more magazine pages. Why are we giving them more publicity, which can lead to more money for them?? I used to buy my daughter teen magazines, but while paging through one of them one day, I saw articles about Lindsay, Paris, Nicole, and a mention about Brittany (law-breaker, law -breaker, law-breaker, druggie.) Where are the stories about people that teens can actually look up to?? It's sad, anymore.

2627 days ago

Lisa 7652    

Yeah, addiction is tough, no doubt about it. Call it an illness, if you want. There is treatment available and she has better access to the best of treatment than probably 99% of others out there. Failure to accept or utilize that help is just plain stupidity--or arrogance. "Growing pains"??
Now that's a whitewash.
This little chickie who thinks she can do what she wants is a legal adult.
Way past time to grow up. If she wants to spend her time high and trashed, let her go for it. But on her own time and in her own space. As in at home and off the streets where she can't hurt anyone but herself. Get herself a driver, or better yet, a babysitter. No respect for herself ? Not my problem But she has no right not to respect the health and welfare of others.
The way I see it, she's had many many chances, several strikes; now she's out. No more soft sale or crocodile tears. Time to learn the hard way, just like everyone else. If she can't abide the rules, she belongs in jail. Please, before she kills someone!

2627 days ago


her mug shot she looks so trashed, she is a stupid firecrotch

she is guilty, i have always thought she was a jail chick and would be if not a movie star

2627 days ago


No. 164- Wow, what class you have.

2627 days ago


Out of custody!!! Can you say "Special Treatment"

2627 days ago


Can't they throw her bloody, useless mother in jail? Surely having a daughter who's been to rehab 3 times by the time she's 21 means you haven't supplied the necessities of life?!?! Surely parenting, guidance, and sense are necessities of life. Without them you'll end up dead, same as shelter or food.... Why does that useless woman not see that this is as much her problem as her daughters and it's about time she did something about it besides her constant enablement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock the useless excuse for a human being up !!!!!!!!!!

2627 days ago


Substance abuse is a CHOICE NOT A DISEASE! When are we going to stop pampering addicts of all walks of life by patting them on the head and telling them it's not their fault, they have an illness? Excuse me, cancer is an illness, influenza is an illness. Getting plastered and climbing behind the wheel of a car is a choice, that part is plain and simple. What is not so plain and simple are the reasons behind this behaviour, heredity, emotional pain, or just irresponsible selfish behaviour can all be a factor. Let's throw out this 12-step coddling and start a new program: 1. Admit you are behaving like an a**h***.2. Stop behaving like a swearword and go find out why you're being so stupid and careless. 3. Make the decision every day for the rest of your life that you must turn away from alchohol, drugs, the casino, whatever is your demon and keep making that decision, a dozen times a day if you have to, but stop making excuses.

2627 days ago


I hope she is in a REAL rehab and gets the help she needs. I'm just glad to hear her attorney is not DEBRA OPRI. I think the perfect people with their hateful comments never have to eat their words. Lindsay or any human in her situation - horrible addiction - needs our prayers not hateful comments like I've read.

2627 days ago

Hollywood Sucks    

Hollywood Sucks! I hope all the idiots of America enjoy spending your cash on idiots like Lohan and thier cheap-ass worthless movies. It may have been sorta cool when there were very few screens and so called "stars" seemed elusive say like 60 years ago. Over the last 25 years movie screens have been built in every dump-ass town and strip mall. And to fill those screens the movie industry turns out crap just like I dispose of every morning. In other words...the acting and products really suck and does nothing for anyone EXCEPT give little jack-asses like Lohan or Spears a platform to occupy but is not in the least bit deserved. Could it get any more "high school clique" than Hollywood?? You suck Hollywood and you're not getting any of my money!

2627 days ago

stop the madness    

With all the drugs and dope in her body Im suprised that ankle bracelet didnt explode!

2627 days ago


A cute little child actress, now a mess. Mrs. Lohan has one more cash cow left; how long before she screws Lindsay's little sister?

2627 days ago
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