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Lindsay's Attorney Issues Statement

7/24/2007 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan. Blair BerkLindsay's attorney, Blair Berk, issued the following statement to TMZ:

"Addiction is a terrible and vicious disease. Since Lindsay transitioned to outpatient care, she has been monitored on a SCRAM bracelet and tested daily in order to support her sobriety. Throughout this period, I have received timely and accurate reports from the testing companies. Unfortunately, late yesterday I was informed that Lindsay had relapsed. The bracelet has now been removed. She is safe, out of custody and presently receiving medical care."


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She chooses to drink and do drugs she just has no self controll and needs to be locked up she is an out of control brat, She is NOT an addict calling her an addict is minimising the seriousness of a problem that alot of people struggle with it basically boils down to choises she likes to party and doesnt give a dam who she hurts doing it . The only way this stupid bitch is ever going to learn is in JAIL not some cushy spa i mean rehab

2584 days ago


i think it is too much of a coincidence that the same tabloid girls are setting disaster trends one behind the other. first it was the "wear no panties" trend by lohan, spears and hilton. and now it is the 'dwi' trend by hilton, richie and lohan. can this all be a publicity stunt since everything is a joke to this hollywood 'bratpack'. Do they think they are above the law and laugh at the common people that go about there daylives without being mentioned in the paper for being everyday normal people?

2584 days ago


All these people saying these are "growing pains" SHOCK me. I'm about to turn 22, and I've had my share of drunken nights and craziness...but I have NEVER driven drunk or done cocaine, let alone get caught doing it by the police TWICE. I bet Lindsay Lohan's mom thinks it's "growing pains" too...look where that kind of thinking has gotten her daughter.

It's terribly sad that Lindsay doesn't have any friends...and more importantly, parents...who will step up and intervene in her self-destruction. All they care about is making money off her and getting famous because of her, and it's sick. If I had gotten caught driving drunk with cocaine in my car, you bet your ass my parents would let me go to court and they'd probably complain that whatever sentence I got wasn't long enough!

How sad. She's so talented and she's throwing it all away b/c she's sucked into the Hollywood lifestyle. She needs some better parents...I'm scared for her siblings.

2584 days ago


Is this just another fashionable trend for the tabloid celebrity girls. Just a few months ago the trend was 'no panties' pictures by spears, lohan and hilton, now its the 'dwi offenders' Richie, Hilton and now Lohan. Do these girls have no limits, will lohan do a x-rated video next like Hilton, Spears, Kardashian and friends, or will Lohan be on a reality show in jail 'all in the family'?

2584 days ago


What is up with all of them zits?

2584 days ago


now we see wh she uses Pro- Active face cleanser

2584 days ago

fRANK m    

#33 I hopr people like LILO don't crash and kill a family member of your's. Maybe if that happens you will change your mind. GO TO JAIL BITCH, THATS WHERE YOU BELONG.

2584 days ago


Oy vey can someone tell me where all her "people" were when she was doing this drunk/drug fueled driving? Is NO ONE in her life sober/normal/in control? Granted, someone may have wanted to throw my ass in rehab at 21 but I never got busted for anything in college and if I HAD you could be damn sure my parents would have dragged me kicking and screaming into a lockdown facility until I saw the error of my ways and they would have found a way to cut me off financially to do it.

Really, this kid is a hot MESS and it doesn't seem like she's got anyone who says no or knows the difference between right and wrong.

Can someone call Robert Downy Jr?? He might be able t o knock some sense into her.

Or Anna Nico .. oops.

Maybe Marilyn Mon . . oops.

or Janis Joplin? . . wasn't Lindsay supposed to play her in a movie?

I'm SURE Courtney Love is available.

Remember all the speculation last year about Anna Nicole and her drug fueled ET interviews? I'm feeling a little deja F.U. . . .

2584 days ago


In California, 2 DUIs regardless of when is mandatory jail sentence. She will have a very difficult time getting out of serving time.

2584 days ago


This is clearly a cry for help. She needs help! Quit your judging, I am guessing if she doesn't get it together quick, she is going to die. I for one and praying for you Lindsay.

2584 days ago


WHO AUTHORIZED the REMOVAL of the braclet, this time.

I thought she was under COURT ORDER to wear it...

2584 days ago


Won't live to see her 22nd Birthday.............sad.

2584 days ago

just asking    

seem like jail is the only hope since glorified rehabs in calif serve no useful purpose but to take your cash..
here ’s how the story should end:

lost of movies for 3yrs
lost of endorsments for 3yrs
losrt od singing contract for 3yrs
lost of freedom ( see courts)
serve 1 yr in jail for dui and cocaine position ( back to back dui’s )
must watch videos of mangled bodies from dui accidents for -5 hr a day
must watch video of surgeons trying to save lives of dui victims -3 hrs a day
must watch funerals of dui victims - 3 hrs a day
must read letters from orphans whose parents were killed due to dui
must donate 1 million to MADD
go to rehab outside of california for - 2yrs
serve community in service for 2000 hrs after release from rehab talking to teen about driving drunk and drugs

2584 days ago

Bet he smells    

Live here on Long Island Lindsay's home town....I have heard for years...that the mother is a tramp and a coke addict also....

Pimped her daughter she could spend the $$$$....and blow it up her nose...

Now her daughter's life it blowing up....

Dina,,,go search out Jennifer Garner's family...and take some lessons on how to raise a celebrity daughther....YOU LOSER

2584 days ago

Georgia Girl    

This girl is going to die.

2584 days ago
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