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Lohan Court Date Set

7/24/2007 1:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay LohanTMZ has learned that Lohan's arraignment is set for August 24 at 8:30 AM.

And how's this for scheduling conflicts? -- Lohan is scheduled to appear in Beverly Hills Court the same day for her Memorial Day weekend DUI bust.

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I was just reading some of these comments, and you people of some of the most pathetic excuses for human being. You are so hateful. Where does that come from. No compassion, just condemnation. You just wait it will be your turn to need understanding. When it does, I hope you remember you hatefulness. Yes she has done some bad things, you don't make good decisions under the influence. We all know how that is to one degree or another. She is a human being that need help. And all you idiots can do is yell, "JUMP, JUMP, JUMP! What kind of friends does Lindsay have? People just like you. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

2656 days ago


for the P.B.L.(PARIS, BRITTANY,LINDSAY) crowd, her racked up court dates are ONE-STOP SHOPPING!!!

2656 days ago

the shadow    

Who thought that only doublemint gum would give you twice the pleasure! Good luck pendeja!

2656 days ago


she needs help!! Maybe jail is the only place!

2656 days ago

just asking    

seem like jail is the only hope since glorified rehabs in calif serve no useful purpose but to take your cash..
here ’s how the story should end:

lost of movies for 3yrs
lost of endorsments for 3yrs
losrt od singing contract for 3yrs
lost of freedom ( see courts)
serve 1 yr in jail for dui and cocaine position ( back to back dui’s )
must watch videos of mangled bodies from dui accidents for -5 hr a day
must watch video of surgeons trying to save lives of dui victims -3 hrs a day
must watch funerals of dui victims - 3 hrs a day
must read letters from orphans whose parents were killed due to dui
must donate 1 million to MADD
go to rehab outside of california for - 2yrs
serve community in service for 2000 hrs after release from rehab talking to teen about driving drunk and drugs

2656 days ago

Nick La what    

Court date my ASS....send her useless white ass up the river now. She makes race, gender and the American youth look bad. There is no point to Lohan's exsistance.

2656 days ago

Nick La what    

Just say goodbye and Pull that trigger or snort that last load until your useless brain can’t take anymore. We won’t miss you.

2656 days ago

God will help you if you let him. John 3: 16    

This poor girl needs help and our prayers. From all of us. This is the best way to help all of these girls. If all of US would pray for them not talk about them.

2656 days ago

Nick La what    

Oh come on with the pitty party mess. This should have it coming with the courts. Now they probably will let her useless behind go again. Soon someone will die because of her. Then who will you feel the most pity for.

Lohan deserves Prison time NO jail. And she needs to special treatment. She already had that while she was visiting the day spa's and hanging around the beach all day. She's had her fun in the sun. Now it's time for a jail cell before someone dies.

This situation is no cute or fun to read. Lohan needs to go in more ways than one.

2656 days ago

Nick La what    

Prayer cannot help this young woman. Only a cell will help her now. She went to that spa of a treatment center and thought that was a joke. She sported and posed with that anklet, and now we see that she is laughing in the courts face once again. The courts are fools if they allow this to continue.

These young people in Hollywood need to be placed in front of a real authoritive figure that won’t give a dam about what they have BUT instead what these young people will do is let go.

They need a true justice…like Judge Judy or Alex. A hard knock woman and Ex-detective won’t give a dam about them, but more so the law and the innocent people FIRST…just as it should be anyway.

Give them ALL to Judge Judy

2656 days ago

Nick La what    

These young people in Hollywood need to be placed in front of a real authoritive figure that won’t give a dam about what they have BUT...... instead will not allow these young people to be let go free again. That's dangerous and a true judge that looked at the law and lost of life in society, would think of that first and foremost.

2656 days ago

Liberal but not bleeding heart    

Hey Lynnie from MA, you must be a "Wet Brain." EVERYONE knows that alcholism is called a disease, blah, blah, blah, but there is this thing it is called: ACCOUNTABILITY. Perhaps you have heard of it?

Lindsey Lohan needs to get a grip on her life. If she needs to go to Rehab. three, four, five times, whatever it takes she should do it, as it seems she has the $$$ to do it, but she needs to accept responsibility and KEEP OFF THE ROAD while she's intoxicated! For everyone's safety--as well as her own.

2655 days ago


What happened? Aug24 came and went - what's the deal? Did I miss somethng?

2614 days ago
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