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Lohan Blasts Back: "I am Innocent"

7/25/2007 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is refusing to accept responsibility for her Tuesday morning DUI arrest, releasing a straight-to-the-point statement to Access Hollywood's Billy Bush yesterday:

"Yes. I am innocent... did not do drugs they're not mine. I was almost hit by my assistant Tarin's mom. I appreciate everyone giving me my privacy."


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fame ho    

I have been recovering from a very serious spinal cord injury. for 2 years ..I nevr leave my house except for appts and is not so bad.....I am taking care of myself....nad maybe a special day hear or there.....

Get a grip...prision is ugly......Careers are destroyed and we will make sure your carrer is Over....Go AWAY.....COCO are do not get a 3rd chance to kill someone.... or we are going to fire the LA Police Chief....enough is enough...ENOUGH......
Do all the drugs you want in private ..never leave your house....never go outside...go in a WHORE are very close...

2654 days ago



2654 days ago


I don't know who I feel sorry for more, Miss Lohan, who has obviously been brought up by terrible parents (Whether she committed the crime or not), or all of you, who decide to judge her without actually knowing what happened (aside from what the tabloids tell you). You treat her as if she's your ex-girlfriend whose scorned you, when really, not one person here knows whats true and whats not. Practically every post here has been "What a bitch" or "I hope she goes to jail". I guess trials are 1980's. And no, I'm not delusional to think that a celebrity can be found guilty and be punished accordingly. There are MANY celebrities who have commit crimes and been punished. Just because the only celebrities you know of are Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan doesn't mean they are the only ones who exist,

2654 days ago

Laure H    

Lindsay you don't want your privacy when you make movies though do you? You are just totally unbelievable. You don't care about anyone you could hurt or kill by your stupidness, until you actually do hurt or kill someone which WILL happen sooner or later the way you are going. First accept responsibility for your actions, even if that cocaine wasn't yours and you did not use it, IT WAS STILL ON YOU. Not anybody else but you so you still had possession of it.Grow up girl.

2653 days ago


Alright people... you really need to leave her alone. People screw up sometimes it happens to everybody. Don't even sit there and tell me that all of your lives are perfect because i know no one is perfect. Lindsay Lohan is 21 years old. Of corse she is going to go out and party like a normal 21 year old should. I think the camera's should back off of her for a lil while and give her some space. She's a young, beautiful, talented girl who's just trying to find her spot in the world. And i don't think she's a liar, has anyone thought about listening to the girl and just letting her talk!!!

2653 days ago


How can people buy this BS??? Im so tired of these so-called celebrities (how big of a star can they be under the age of 25) getting away with things that us average folks would get years in prison for if we kept repeating crimes over & over & over again!! They need to face the same consequences that people without money/lawyers have to face. No more rehab, honey,,,,,,,Go directly to jail!!!

2653 days ago


The reactions I am reading cannot be from wise and loving people. Redirect your energy toward affirming and uplifting directions. Otherwise, your reactions might feel empowering as you write them but ultimately they are just a lot of hot air as you sit unhappily in your own situation.

2653 days ago


Lindsay's innocent; it must've been the black guy!

2652 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! digdug, u make me pee..o what a terrible life..its so haaaard..uughh..i cant stand these stupid lil bitches..and the people makin comments about how shes 21 and everybody deserves to party and bla bla bla...well, um, u dont deserve to go out and drive drunk, u dont deserve to have coke packets in your pocket, and what else dont she deserve, um lets see..HER FREAKIN FREEDOM ANYMORE..or we could just wait and let her kill somebody first..(if were lucky it will be herself then we wont have to worry anymore)..and can anybody say ANNA NICOLE..

2652 days ago
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