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Oy Vey! Mr. Mitzvah Next Superhero?

7/25/2007 1:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Move over Spiderman, there's a new superhero on the block, and oy gevalt! This one's kosher for Passover!
Schmaltz-a-licious techno producer and retired investment banker Ivan Wilzig is competing on the Sci-Fi Channel's second season of "Who Wants to Be a Superhero?" as Mr. Mitzvah!

This past weekend, the eccentric Sir Ivan -- who's known for wearing diamond encrusted capes around the house -- threw a party celebrating Mr. Mitzvah's TV debut. The party was held at his lustrous Hamptons pad -- a glittering golden castle complete with 24-carat gold pool, gold furniture and gold basketball hoop. In attendance: Michael Musto, Howard Stern, comic Jackie Martling and mini-me versions of Superman and Batman. To the gold batcave!

What are Mr. Mitzvah's superpowers? The supermensch uses his special King of David ping-pong paddle to fight villains. Such a person. His weaknesses? Non-kosher foods like pork, lobster and shrimp, of course. Treyf is his Kryptonite!

The Chosen One chose the meshuggeneh moniker, reports Radar, to honor his father, an Auschwitz survivor.


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This is stupid. So stupid.

2646 days ago

My recommendation    

Wow. No comments?
I thought "mitzvah" meant doing something good. It's hard to believe someone with diamond-encrusted capes and gross vulgarity of wealth is a real mensch. Also hard to believe that the son of a holocaust survivor would be so wrapped up in material trappings. ick.
Maybe he's being misrepresented by tmz just to make a joke.
Nah, that never happens.

2646 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

That looks like Harvey in that suit. I think he's Jewish. Mitzvah sounds kind of goofy to me though.

2646 days ago

Heidi can't sing    

I love the Sci-Fi channel, but this is just the dumbest show EVER! I was shocked that it lasted longer than one episode, not to mention an entire season. Now they're doing another season?? Who watches this crap?

2646 days ago

Dawn Day    

Call me weird but I really liked the first season even though when I watched the previews I thought wtf but it turned out to be entertaining.

2646 days ago


Seeing that this is Harvey's site, and yes, if you haven't figured it out by now, he's Jewish, he can post what he pleases, celebrity or not, #9.

If you aren't MOT, you just aren't going to get go wax your crucifix and jump off the rump, #2. For clarification, it's called embracing the stereotype in order to deny it power. That's what makes it funny. But you can't understand that unless you have been a victim of discrimination.

Sheesh, you people have no sense of humor, and less class. I can't understand why goy come onto this site and complain about the Jewish content. Go to the Enquirer already!!!

2646 days ago


Is that Elliot Mintz? YUM!!!

2646 days ago


Well, I wonder what they will say about this in Shul out in the Hamptons, will they call Mr. Mitzvah up for an Aliyah?

Will he use his superpowers to read from the Torah Parshah, even though he may or may not be an "Am Ha'Aretz", who never learned a word of hebrew or anything about yiddishkeit beyond the few yiddish words he remembers from his father and the Bar Mitzvah lessons he was forced to take.

In fact, has he ever been seen in Shul besides maybe Rosh Hashana? Davening Shacharis, Mincha and Maariv may be like Kryptonite for Mr. Mitzvah.

What Mitzvahs has he ever done? Does he keep Kosher? Does he put on Tefillin and Zsizsis in the morning? Does he keep Shabbos? Does he make Kiddush on Shabbos?
Does he give Tzedakah to needy people in the JEWISH community in the US and israel, besides the Green Global Warming projects his Leftist friends support? Is MISTER MITZVAH married to a nice Jewish girl, or to a Bleached blond Shigsah?

Does Mister Mitzvah have a Chevrusah for learning Gemarah in the evenings- does he know the Daf Yomi hotline Number?

Mr. Mitzvah, do you do as the talmudic sages say, and treat others how you who want to be treated, or do you treat people according to who would rock it out at your parties??

Mr. Mitzvah, can you go to the UN and demand that they eradicate Hezbollah and their Rockets from the Israeli Border? Can you go to the UN and demand that Hamas/Fatah terrorists be disarmed, and that the demand to release PLO/HAMAS terrorists from jail for "peace" is NO mitzvah, but rather a travesty of justice in this WORLD!

MR MITZVAH, if you really want to do some good for the Jewish people, and do a real mitzvah for the world, please go help the people living in Sederot, Israel, who are being rocketed by the PLO/HAMAS terrorists, and please go and help the Jews who were expelled from Gush Katif and who are now living in the dust without jobs and homes.

Mr Mitzvah, please- we need a real mentsch Superhero to counter the Leftists running Hollywood!

2646 days ago


Is Mr. Mitzvah married to her sister? That's Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2645 days ago


A totally dumbass show.

2645 days ago


well at least he'll be a mench

2645 days ago


Mr. Mitzvah is an INBREED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2645 days ago

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