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Would Lindsay Survive in the Slammer?

7/25/2007 9:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is facing a ton of jail time after her second DUI arrest yesterday -- and now people "close" to Lindsay are worried that she might have a harder time behind bars than Paris Hilton did. And it won't be as easy for the Sheriff's Department either!

"Impeccable" sources tell FOX News that Lindsay "hates being alone" and "can't do" the time, which TMZ calculated yesterday could be up to six years -- a lot of time alone.

Meanwhile, the question on many people's minds is: Where are her parents? Dina tells The Insider (via People) that Lindsay's "in a safe place," but didn't say whether she had actually seen her, and dad Michael told TMZ yesterday that he was trying to convince his probation officer to let him see Lindsay, and that he tried calling her four times on the day of her arrest -- but as TMZ reported, it's not looking good for Michael.

Could K-Fed Get the Kids from Britney?

With all the buzzing about her grease-spattered appearance at an OK! magazine shoot, and a slew of eyebrow-raising photos involving her little boys, Britney Spears could be facing an uglier custody battle with Kevin Federline, reports Life & Style (via MSNBC). Now, reports the mag, the Fed-Ex wants sole custody of the kids.

Besides all the erratic, bizarre behaviors she exhibited at that mind-boggling photo session, Spears has been spotted driving Jayden around with his seat buckled the wrong way, and Jayden's been snapped "grabbing" his mom's smokes. "Kevin is convinced she's not fit to raise the kids," says an insider.

Paula's Tearful Axe from "Bratz"

Paula Abdul got the chop from the "Bratz" live-action flick -- because she was "a nightmare to deal with," says a source to Page Six. And it was all caught on tape on her surreality show, "Hey Paula." On this week's episode, the "American Idol" loopette gets a message from "Bratz" producers that she's no longer needed on the show. Abdul had taken credit for being choreographer, costume designer and exec producer, but "Bratz" folks claim she "was not ever really a part of the movie ... there was no way that was going to work."

Party Favors: Jay-Z Ditching Def Jam for Columbia? ... Beyonce Eats It in Orlando ... Starbucks Signs Joni

Jay-Z is in talks to take his rap moguldom from Island Def Jam to Columbia Records, reports Gatecrasher, and it's the arrival of Janet Jackson's man, Jermaine Dupri, who is prompting Jay's unhappy feet. ... Meanwhile, his boo, Beyonce Knowles, took a horrifying staircase spill during a concert in Orlando, but -- c'mon -- it's Beyonce! She got up and went right on with it, as Perez Hilton shows us. ... Joni Mitchell is the latest music legend to sign on with Starbucks' record label Hear Music, following in the footsteps of Paul McCartney.


No Avatar

jProud American Author    

Lindsey needs long rehab-not jail.
Paula Abdul needs therapy.
I wish someone would take care of Britts kids instead of HER.

2612 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Brit needs to loose her kids to save their lives. Lindsay needs some hard time. She claims the Crack wasn't hers. pleeeeeze! So in denial. Jail will cure her arrogance! Paula has had a substance abuse problem for years. She thinks she is cute. So not.Linds will survive the slammer just as Paris did. They all have to know that they aren't above the law. Get over themselves and get straight! Brits kids are definatley in DANGER!

2612 days ago

The King of the World    

Why do you keep using the same photos TMZ? With all your vulture-ism Papps, you can't dig up better photos!

Im disappointed, im sick of seeing the same warn out photos, esp. of Brit.

Get you act together TMZ!!!!

2612 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Ironic that it now looks as if Federline would be the better parent. If she is on drugs and drinking again and add to that pregnant and doesn't know who the father is, I'd say give Federline the kids. He may be an idiot but I doubt he'd let anything bad happen to the kids. She can't take care of herself. I see a huge derailment comming.

2612 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Lindsy will do just fine in jail. give her a roommate. If ya know what I mean. One who looks like Rosie

2612 days ago

Funny Answers    

Keven only wants the children to keep the money coming in, if he had any talent, he would get making money and ignoring these kids like he did with Shar, the two kids they share. Because he can''t make it on his talent/or lack there of, he wants the kids. And no one steps up to help Brittany, who has been back into a corner, and followed, chased, and made to be the villian by TMZ, all magazines, and photogos who are writing their own words making thing worse. Look around, This girl need a mother, who is usless like Linseys mom, Paris mom, someone needs to help her out, and kick that piece of crap Kevin to the curb. He is a man whore, leaching off Brittany so is her mother and family. He is not kidding anyone with his games.

2612 days ago

Lenn K.    

I saw Paula' s show and the girl is a nightmare. Who can be that screwed up? Britney the countdown is on for the third of party sister to get arrested and go to jail. Britney is not living in reality. Lindsay say hi to Bertha she your new cellmate!!

2612 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Who will crash and burn first? Linds or Brit? Doubt either of the turn 30. They will both be in jail or in the grave very soon. Burned out by 25. how sad but so preventable.

2612 days ago

TMZ reader    

I love Paula Abdul, no matter how wacky she seems to anyone else. I'm a die-hard fan and will always, always, always love her! She's SO sweet, beautiful, sexy and a wonderful entertainer. Who could not love the artist who brought us "Rush Rush" and "My Love is For Real"?!

2612 days ago

getting tired of crap    

Linsday better start her best Paris imitation so she does the bulk of her time in the hospital unit then a private cell.

2612 days ago


It appears Starbucks is signing the geriatric and over-the-hill artist....what a coup!

We'll need alot of coffee to stay awake

2612 days ago


They need to open a wing at Betty Ford for Paula, Britney and Lindsay!

2612 days ago

god will judge    

Ya know if we just stop watching and feeding from the rich and famous drama they would just be middle class or poor like us. No more look at me look at me yes L needs time she could of killed your family member and Brit someone needs to take her kids away if she was a normal person like us children services would be at our door now. No one wants to look at either one body parts they are not all that. At 1 point in our lifes our bodys looked like that. lol

2612 days ago


i have to admit that in the beginning i was behind brit but as time passes she is becoming more and more of a loose cannon. Do i think K-fed should get them NO, because even thought he may not be photographed doing crazy things, i bet he is just as bad, at this point i think they need to go to britney's parents. Brit needs serious help and all K-fed wants is her money.

2612 days ago


LA LOhan needs help!! She need s good sponsor and a willingness to stop using what ever substance.

2612 days ago
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