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Would Lindsay Survive in the Slammer?

7/25/2007 9:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is facing a ton of jail time after her second DUI arrest yesterday -- and now people "close" to Lindsay are worried that she might have a harder time behind bars than Paris Hilton did. And it won't be as easy for the Sheriff's Department either!

"Impeccable" sources tell FOX News that Lindsay "hates being alone" and "can't do" the time, which TMZ calculated yesterday could be up to six years -- a lot of time alone.

Meanwhile, the question on many people's minds is: Where are her parents? Dina tells The Insider (via People) that Lindsay's "in a safe place," but didn't say whether she had actually seen her, and dad Michael told TMZ yesterday that he was trying to convince his probation officer to let him see Lindsay, and that he tried calling her four times on the day of her arrest -- but as TMZ reported, it's not looking good for Michael.

Could K-Fed Get the Kids from Britney?

With all the buzzing about her grease-spattered appearance at an OK! magazine shoot, and a slew of eyebrow-raising photos involving her little boys, Britney Spears could be facing an uglier custody battle with Kevin Federline, reports Life & Style (via MSNBC). Now, reports the mag, the Fed-Ex wants sole custody of the kids.

Besides all the erratic, bizarre behaviors she exhibited at that mind-boggling photo session, Spears has been spotted driving Jayden around with his seat buckled the wrong way, and Jayden's been snapped "grabbing" his mom's smokes. "Kevin is convinced she's not fit to raise the kids," says an insider.

Paula's Tearful Axe from "Bratz"

Paula Abdul got the chop from the "Bratz" live-action flick -- because she was "a nightmare to deal with," says a source to Page Six. And it was all caught on tape on her surreality show, "Hey Paula." On this week's episode, the "American Idol" loopette gets a message from "Bratz" producers that she's no longer needed on the show. Abdul had taken credit for being choreographer, costume designer and exec producer, but "Bratz" folks claim she "was not ever really a part of the movie ... there was no way that was going to work."

Party Favors: Jay-Z Ditching Def Jam for Columbia? ... Beyonce Eats It in Orlando ... Starbucks Signs Joni

Jay-Z is in talks to take his rap moguldom from Island Def Jam to Columbia Records, reports Gatecrasher, and it's the arrival of Janet Jackson's man, Jermaine Dupri, who is prompting Jay's unhappy feet. ... Meanwhile, his boo, Beyonce Knowles, took a horrifying staircase spill during a concert in Orlando, but -- c'mon -- it's Beyonce! She got up and went right on with it, as Perez Hilton shows us. ... Joni Mitchell is the latest music legend to sign on with Starbucks' record label Hear Music, following in the footsteps of Paul McCartney.


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Zenophobe Alien    

Yeah and #25, pregnant again and has no clue who is the baby daddy. Trash.

2626 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Guess when you can't get any possitive attention you act out and take what ever you can get

2626 days ago


[[[[[All he wants is her $$$. He didn't give a damn about his first 2 kids either -- Shar didn't have Brits $$.]]]]]

Our society allows women to block dads from the kids. Then the man can do very littel about it. Maybe that happened with Shar?

2626 days ago

just a thought    

Lindsey hates being alone and 'can't do the time'?? Oh, well then, of course, by all means, just give her community service. That way, loads of photos can be shot of her while she lectures young people on the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Even better still - let's just pay her for every day she stays clean and sober.

Since when did the fear of being alone ever keep an ordinary Defendant out of jail?


2626 days ago


It certainly appears the only reason she keeps going to rehab is in an attempt to avoid jail. I respect Paris that she did her time. How unfair would it be if Linds doesn't do any time after Paris did 23 days for a lesser crime. Lindsay's been pushing her luck for a long time. She''s gotten away with more "crime" in her 21 years than most people will commit in a lifetime. She got off from being charged for cocaine possession the last time. Sooner or later your luck runs out.

2626 days ago

Mad As Hell    

So who cares if Paula is a little Wacky she's cute, and, we don't hear about all of her drinking/boozing/driving and showing her body parts. She's not EVEN in the same category, as the losers Lindsay, Brittany, and Paris. Yuck!!!

I say, NO JAIL for any of them. I vote we put them in boot camp instead, put them into the Army or Marines, and then send their asses to IRAQ. Thus, they can truly become a valuable member of society.

Otherwise - Watch this video I found on youtube.....I dedicate it to Lindsay, Brittany, and Paris. For now, I'll leave Nicole out, since at least she takes responsibility.... Here you go Brittany, Paris and Lindsay, this is for you....

2626 days ago

Mad As Hell    

P.S. The lady in the video, welll her name is "addiction"

2626 days ago


#1, you're not very bright. Linds has done a long rehab. It's alot of pampering and coddling. She's given too much freedom in rehab, otherwise she wouldn't stay. She isn't going to learn from it. To her it's a game to see how many people she can fool. Isn't that obvious???? It's looking more and more like jail is the only thing that will scare some sense into this girl.

2626 days ago


Get those precious kids away from Brittany ASAP before something tragic happens to them please!!!! Brittany, it sounds like you have some major mental health issues. Get the help you need, precious girl, to get your life on track. You deserve that as do your children...they deserve a loving, stable mom. Then perhaps you can look at moving on with your life in a healthy way both mentally and physically with your children. Debbie a grandma from Colorado

2626 days ago


I don't care if Linsey can survive or not, it does not matter. Prison is where she belongs and all the hardship that goes with it. Lets not make another Paris mistake.

I never thought I'd say this but I hope that Keven does get custody of these kids, they will be way better off with him that their crazy trainwreck of a mother.

2626 days ago
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