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Dubya: Fashion Fascist!

7/26/2007 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With 543 days left in office, George W. Bush has beefed up security at the White House so much, he's now enlisted the services of one of the most dreaded forces in the Western world -- the Fashion Police!
Pres. Bush
Despite approval ratings at record lows, the ongoing war in Iraq and a health care system in dire straits, Dubya has decided to take on the very serious issue of -- tour group attire! The terror alert has been raised to: Fanny Pack! Signs have reportedly been put up around White House entrances to remind visitors of the dress code: no jeans, sneakers, shorts, mini-skirts, t-shirts, tank tops, and most importantly, NO FLIP FLOPS! Paging the Northwestern women's lacrosse team!

With the new policy, the White House now has a more stringent dress code than the Vatican! Further proof that Bushie wants only conservatives in his White House. The Pontiff merely asks for covered shoulders, no shorts or skirts above the knee. Holy chic!


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Thanks, Allison - I glossed over that while reading the McNugget of a story written in the dumbed-down writing that is used here. Yet I am too dumb to read it correctly! That speaks volumes about me.

I don't think that Bush had any input into the matter though, it was probably made by a White House Administrator simply doing part of their job. I don't think the person that made the decision has any control over Iraq or the many other embarassments of Bush.

2654 days ago


Wow, nice balanced reporting.

"the endless war in Iraq" - Sorry not endless, just

" health care system in dire straits" - only if you believe in free health care.

2654 days ago

Coco Arquette    

somebody please assasinate that mo fo

2654 days ago


Shame on TMZ!!!

2654 days ago


Hey Dumb Asses,

The dress code is only for people who work there! I realize that in your desperation to destroy all things Bush you'll grasp onto anything....but really, get a life.

2654 days ago


I think the "skank wear" is on its way OUT! I am tired of seeing all the girls butts and breast hanging out. The guys underwear above their jeans. What's wrong with dressing respectfully. There was a time when imagination of what's underneath was appealing. I like my flip flops but I have the brains and upbringing to know when acceptable and when not. As far as the Bush bashers, go the Hell!!!!! You won't find him there. Ha ha

2654 days ago


Okay, my comment 17 I deleted before publishing when I realized that I was a moron, yet it still posts.

The only thing I can say, in true TMZ-style, is "Sorry Y'all!!!"

2654 days ago

St. Olof    

Do you wear flip-flops to a fine restaurant? I think wearing appropriate attire to the White House is not out of order. Why don't the stinky libs whine some hoo, I can't dress like a hillbilly wherever I rights are being violated. Get some dignity.

2654 days ago

Jo Jo    

we luv ya Dubya!!!!!!!!!

2654 days ago

getting tired of crap    

Signs have reportedly been put up around White House entrances to remind visitors of the dress code: no jeans, sneakers, shorts, mini-skirts, t-shirts, tank tops, and most importantly, NO FLIP FLOPS!

This says you can't even wear jeans to tour the White House. No sneakers? Please also note it aplies to all visitors not to the people who work there(their dress code went into effect in 2001).

I guess Toby Keith will have to put off that trip.

2654 days ago

DC area resident    

According to the local radio station, this has been mis-reported. It does not apply to tour groups. Tourists can wear anything they want. It applies to people visiting the West Wing. White House tours only include the East Wing. To get a tour West Wing, you have to have your senator or congressman set it up. If you work in the West Wing, the dress code also applies to you.

2654 days ago


Come on! For tourists visiting Washington, D.C., which gets VERY HOT in the summer, what do they have to do. Go back to their respective hotels and dress in hot, uncomfortable clothing, visit the WH, then go back and change AGAIN??? That is IMPRACTICAL and ludicrous!!

I can understand not wanting people in who look completely slovenly, but many people look nice attired in their casual clothing than others do dressed up.

His approval ratings are SO low and he can't control that, so here's something else to control. Crazy narcissist!!!

That said, I would NEVER want to visit the WH with him in office, anyway!! YUK!

2654 days ago

stop the madness    

post 4 is right, i agree

2654 days ago


glad I'm not American,
I went to your link and if Bush were trying to keep people from protesting the war, that would be grounds to impeach him. America is still a free country and though we disagree on the direction it should go, we are all still free to talk about our differences even with peaceful protests. I read the executive order and it doesn't talk about protesting, but about giving money to known terrorist organizations and those that support those organizations. Some charities in the US were recently realized to be direct supporters of known terrorist groups.
Being an American is an honor. As much as citizens of the United States argue, we still have the freedom to discuss those differences. We get to freely elect new leaders on a regular basis. I am blessed to live in a country that allows for such diversity and freedom of expression. Please don't come here or tell us what you think we are doing wrong. There is much we could do better, but we continue to try and we discuss it amoung ourselves. We don't need outsiders who think they are better than us to tell us what to do. We have always been able to take care of ourselves. That is why I am proud to be an American.

2654 days ago


God we 543 more days left? When is the nightmare going to end.

2654 days ago
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