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Dubya: Fashion Fascist!

7/26/2007 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With 543 days left in office, George W. Bush has beefed up security at the White House so much, he's now enlisted the services of one of the most dreaded forces in the Western world -- the Fashion Police!
Pres. Bush
Despite approval ratings at record lows, the ongoing war in Iraq and a health care system in dire straits, Dubya has decided to take on the very serious issue of -- tour group attire! The terror alert has been raised to: Fanny Pack! Signs have reportedly been put up around White House entrances to remind visitors of the dress code: no jeans, sneakers, shorts, mini-skirts, t-shirts, tank tops, and most importantly, NO FLIP FLOPS! Paging the Northwestern women's lacrosse team!

With the new policy, the White House now has a more stringent dress code than the Vatican! Further proof that Bushie wants only conservatives in his White House. The Pontiff merely asks for covered shoulders, no shorts or skirts above the knee. Holy chic!


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Tom J    

Next up, new sign on the Statue of Liberty:
"Give me your tired, your poor, your oppressed - as long as they're well-dressed!"

2610 days ago


To 6. - "There are way too many issues to worry about, bush man"

Yup... and the bush-man created MOST of them!

2610 days ago


Hey Mary (105) - Whether you like it or not, and regardless if
you voted for Bush or not, if you're AMERICAN, Bush/Cheney/Rice/etc. is
YOUR administration too!

2610 days ago



Perhaps you think so....

An enormous percentage of us (patriotic Americans who are not warmongers) however disagree with you! We've been counting the days until Bush-Cheney-Rice walk out the doors of the White House for eternity! According to TMZ they have 435 days, yet, to really do something filled with "shock and awe" to destroy our beautiful country prior to a trusting (true) LEADERSHIP takes over the helm and the enormous mess they have created! It doesn't matter whether our next President is Republican or Democrat as long as the MOST QUALIFIED, moral, and ethical person wins the 2008 Presidential Election.

As an American, however, I have never acknowledged this administration as representing me nor my family!

2610 days ago

Sick and tired    

The President of the United States is a Moron and anyone who does not think his new act of censorship is not ridiculous is a Moron too. Some one made the comment about people who where mini skirts and flip flops are trailer trash. Hey guy!!! Open your eyes and look around, that is the style people are wearing now. Besides during the summer months, unless you are going to an air conditioned office, everyone in Washington DC are wearing flip flop, shorts, and mini skirts.

2610 days ago


That's too bad for you Mary. You sound like a very bitter and upset person. You also sound like Nancy Pelosi with the whole "ethical, moral, honest," thing...except she was referring to the dem takeover of Congress, and we've all witnessed how that's turned out: Complete trainwreck of endless investigations, subpoenas, symbolic votes, and not a whole h*ll of a lot more.

Sorry you don't like Bush, but at least you've been safe here on American soil since 9/11/01. Glad to hear informed people like you get your "countdown" clock from a gossip website...

P.S. I'm not a "warmonger" either...I'm just not naive about reality.

2610 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

So relieved that George and the rest of the Illuminatti are ensuring a DRESS CODE.
Rolls eyes.

2610 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Barbra and Jenna won't be able to go into the West Wing, then. Skirts too short.

2610 days ago

HDSU Dean    

Wow, this guy never ceases to amaze me! I thought his orgasm tax was insane! Hey idiot, quit getting soldiers killed in your unjustified war, and listen to the American people and just maybe people wouldn't be after you! Then again, maybe they would!

orgasm tax

2610 days ago


Hey Mary #108. You are so hateful, you and all the other Bush bashers. Makes me so glad I'm not a Democrat. I haven't been able to talk to one democrat who isn't hateful. It spreads from one to another. But then again, that is why you are all so weak, because you listen to ones like Pelosi, etc, and they drill this in your brain. Please tell me how this country is in such a horrible mess. The economy is not in a mess, (i know that is what the dems keep saying) but it is not. Please tell me how your life is so horribly affected by George Bush being president. You listen to too much liberal radio & to Mary, get a life and find the facts. Then maybe you wont' be so bitter.

2609 days ago

Jim Hatem    

Someone please remind this idiot that WE own that house he is temporarily residing in. And, in terms of security, wouldn't it make more sense to encourage people to wear LESS clothing while touring (less places to hide things). Is there someone at the White House who walks around with a tape, measuring the length of shorts and skirts? What a scewed up sense of priorities.

2609 days ago


I plan on taking a tour of the White House and was told of this web site on " the dress code," but after contacting The White House and speaking to a tour director she was surprized at this information. I was told there is NO DRESS CODE and to dress however I pleased. Just where did this info come from?

2570 days ago


how do we know this is real?

2609 days ago


I haven't seen anything about this anywhere else. Although I wouldn't put it past Bush, but it seems a little far-fetched.

2609 days ago


Okay - yes, there are bigger things to worry about, but c'mon... have we all forgotten what the White House is, and what it respresents? Even the most cynical among us know how to be properly attired for such visits. If you are THAT attached to your flip-flops and jeans, maybe you should do other things with your time...

2609 days ago
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