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PETA Still Doggin' Paris and Britney

7/27/2007 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The folks at PETA are howling mad at Paris and Brit Brit over their recent purchases of ... wait for it ... MORE LITTLE DOGS!
Paris Hilton, Britney Spears
TMZ has obtained an email PETA sent to the ex-con/socialite AND the pop-star-turned-crazy-chick:

Dear Paris and Britney,

So, you have popped into a pet store to pick up some more doggie arm candy. Your impulse purchases of dogs encourage others to follow suit, no matter how ill-equipped they are to provide a decade or more of care for a little dog who has feelings and needs and who requires patience, veterinary care, and stimulation other than nightclub music and bar laughter. Also, for every pet store puppy purchased, a pound puppy dies (and a breeder -- probably somewhere in Arkansas or Missouri -- is rewarded for adding yet another litter to the pet overpopulation crisis). A California bill that would have required most dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered-and therefore would have helped reduce the taxpayer burden for disposing of (killing) homeless animals-was recently defeated by greedy breeders. Perhaps you and other vacuous stars need to tattoo "Don't buy while pound pups die" on your foreheads to remind each other of that home truth.

Very truly yours,

Ingrid E. Newkirk, President

The "Very truly yours" was a nice touch! PETA may have a point ... Paris loves her new Chihuahua so much, she hasn't even named it yet.


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I am against eating meat but PETA is going to far and is acting very immature and childish. If people were to adopt all the dogs at the pound then what would happen to the dogs being born by breeders and in the pet store?

They are acting like these dogs are human and the fact is there not, yes dogs need love and attention and need to be taken care of but they do not need you around 24/7 nor do they have to go with you everyplace you go, you sure can not take a dog to a grocery store with you. I guess PETA is against you not being allowed to take dogs into Restaurants and Stores as well.

I have NEVER got a dog from the pound because god knows if it is vicious, they tell you what a nice dog it is and it ends up attacking you. I had a friend get a Doberman from the pound and it had been abused. They told her what a nice dog it was and how it loved people and children, well not even a month after getting the dog she was in her kitchen making dinner and the dog just came up and attacked her for no dang reason. She had to get stitches on her arm where the dog bit her and got rid of it and will never adopt another dog again.

Another thing with adopting dogs is if you have a child they do not want an older dog, they want a puppy and it is hard to find a puppy at the pound. They rarely get them and when they do they got very fast.

My son will be 4 next summer and I am planning on getting him a puppy and it will be from a breeder not no pound because im not taking the chance of my child being harmed and like I said it is hard to find a puppy at the pound. I have had many dogs growing up and all have been bought from breeders and that is always whom I will buy my dogs from, I do not care if it is a dog, cat or other animal I will not buy from a Pet Store or pound and where does Peta think the dogs in pet stores go if there not adopted? They keep them for like a month and if none buys them it is off to the pound.

2637 days ago


God you are all so ignorant! These pups now have homes! That is what is important! Leave these 2 women alone already...they are good pet owners for christs sake! Any puppy would be LUCKY to hang with them.
I purchased a very expensive pure bred puppy from a breeder...does that make me bad as well? I would have gotten mine at a pound if I could have but they didn't have the baby I wanted. I saved my money for 2 years to be able to afford her and I love her to death! PETA shopuld get after the irresponsible regular folks who allow their pups to have the babies which end up in these pounds if they are so worried there are too many unwanted ones locked up in the shelters.

2636 days ago


What happened to Tinkerbell? And Prince the pomeranian? Paris goes through dogs like she goes through men.

2636 days ago


After reading the last two posts, I'm dumbfounded at how dumb your comments are.

PETA is trying to say that if people stopped enabling backyard breeders and pet stores, then there wouldn't be an overpopulation. And don't think because you're buying from a breeder and not the pound that your dog will grow up nice. The truth is it's all in how the dog is raised. Not all pound dogs attack and Not all breed dogs don't attack.

And dog's don't just attack for no reason. Animals don't attack for no reason.

AND, I'm not sure what city you live in, but in Los Angeles, where britney and paris both live, there is a huge overpopulation problem in the LA County shelters and you can find tons of puppies at the pound, ranging from 8 weeks to 13 years old.

2636 days ago

smartypants #93 is paid to post    

On average, each day 10,000 humans are born in the U.S. - and each day 70,000 puppies and kittens are born. Put another way, for every person that is born, 15 dogs and 45 cats are also born. As a result, every year 4 to 6 million animals are euthanized because there are no homes for them. and your local Humane Society offer puppies, pure breeds, mixed breeds and very lovable dogs and cats.

The most common reason animals are left at the shelter is because: an unfixed dog/cat had a litter of kittens/puppies, or the owner is moving, travels too much, or the elderly owner is sick or has passed away. These animals are literally dieing for a loving home.

Just like Peta's 'naked celebrity' ads, this letter from Ms. Newkirk was designed to create controversy, and draw attention to the plight of animals dieing in shelters. It worked.

2634 days ago

smartypants #93 is paid to post    

One of the previous comments (21), stated that people who are helping animals should be out helping people instead. As a person who likes helping animals, I get this response quite a bit.

What I find though, is that the people who say this to me, often have NO cause of their own.. at all. They often are doing nothing to better the world. My response to them, is to gently tell them that their cause does not need to be my cause; but if each of us had a cause that helped make the world we live in a better place, then we would be moving in a forward direction.

'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.' Ghandi

2634 days ago

smartypants #93 is paid to post    

Peta generates a lot of negative press, as part of their marketing strategy. Generating positive OR negative press keeps an issue being talked about such as in this forum.

Peta also generates negative press because they work against big corporations that have well-funded government lobbyists. Companies such as Tyson, Coca-cola, and the large conglomerate pharmaceutical companies, see Peta as a painful thorn in their side. Peta has been the target of arduous audits by the IRS, investigations by the FBI, had their records and memberships subpoenaed, etc.

Let me also state, that Peta or any other animal rights protester has never physically harmed ANY person. Yet, thanks to big company lobbyists, a recent bill passed now says that animal rights protesters can be tried and sentenced as terrorists.

Peta has been an active organization for years and years. Ingrid became involved with animal issues by accident. She brought some young abandoned kittens to a shelter, and was horrified to find out that they had been immediately euthanized. She found that the people who worked at the shelter were cruel. Kicking and abusing the animals as they were being put down was a normal thing. She felt hopeless at the situation. She began euthanizing the animals herself as a means to provide them a gentler death. Since then, she has devoted her life (with minimal pay) to improving the conditions for all animals.

The scandal that people like Berman and others bring up, is that Peta euthanizes more animals than for whom they find homes. These statistics are skewed. Peta is often called in to help when there are situations that involve 'animal hoarders'. This often means that there are 100's of unhealthy cats living in one house, or even thousands of sick dogs in cages at an illegal breeding farm. Peta often does what is best for the animal and puts the dieing animal out of its misery.

What percentage of long term politicians have held office without having been attacked by their opposition for various actions? Very few. Peta has done amazingly well in 'keeping its nose clean' considering the fact that there are so many people 'gunning' for them.

Peta is not an animal shelter. They try to help individual animals where they can simply because they love animals. But Peta's function as a group is dedicated to improving the lives of all animals. Most of us are too busy with our own lives to think about animal issues, let alone try to educate people, and change laws that require factory farms to treat animals with compassion.

Nobody is perfect. I have heard people criticize Habitat for Humanity, Amnesty International, and even the Red Cross. Yet the work that they do to help others is incredible.

I don't work for Peta. But I have been a Peta member since I was 20 years old. I have been a vegetarian/vegan for 19 years now. I credit Peta for reaching me as a young person, and allowing me to see the inside of a factory farm, a puppy mill, or a circus, and think about how my purchases and eating habits affect the environment, and the animals. Thanks Peta employees and volunteers! Thanks Ingrid!

2634 days ago


"Perhaps you and other vacuous stars need to tattoo "Don't buy while pound pups die" on your foreheads to remind each other of that home truth. "

I think that it is quite possible Ingrid had them until this part. Moral: You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.


2643 days ago


PETA is giving WAYYYY too much to credit to Paris and Britney. It's ridiculous that PETA thinks Paris and Brits have any serious influence.

2643 days ago


Give me a break, PETA sucks, end of story.

2643 days ago

Ban stupid humans, not dogs    

As much as I think PETA is a backwards organization, I agree wholeheartedly with this letter. Buying pets from pet stores only perpetuates the overpopulation epidemic and funds puppy mills, condemning more dogs to the cruel practices and health problems that ensue.

2643 days ago


I'm not a big fan of PETA's extremist slant, but they've certainly got this one spot on! It's like spending loads of dough on IVF while babies die in orphanages because they can't live without human touch. GO TO THE POUND IF YOU WANT A PET, and make sure you can handle the responsibility - dogs are nearly as difficult to care for as babies!

2643 days ago


i can understand that harmless animals are being killed b/c they are unwanted, and some people do use them as accessories, but even still, they are not treated badly! who cares if they dress them up or show them off - these pets are at least taken care of better than we are! and you can't dog (no pun intended) someone for paying for a puppy - it doesn't make them a bad person - i bought my dog at a pet shop in a mall! and spent a ridiculous amount of money for her, and if i didnt buy her, she would have died - what do you think they do with the puppies that arent bought, either? ... so whats their point??

2643 days ago


Sure, that'll stop the puppy breeding pet store problem. Just like Angelina Jolie will help solve poverty in Africa through charity when almost every country is rife with greedy, corrrupt leaders and violent faction groups of which she never talks about.

2643 days ago


Sorry to say that not all Arkansas and Oklahoma people abuse the system of breeding or allowing pets to reproduce with no thought to the animals themselves. It would be a letter much more accepted by those states residents had Ingrid thought to not insult those people while trying to reprimand two wealthy girls in Hollywood with no concious towards animals. I am an Arkansan with 2 dogs that are fixed. We aren't all that way in these 2 states.

2643 days ago
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