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Britney on the Fringe

7/30/2007 10:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The train wreck is back in town! Wearing a splashy Great Gatsby inspired fringed frock, Britney Spears ditched Vegas and hit up Winston's in LA this weekend.

The Britster entered the Hollywood club Saturday night with a new, unknown female companion (who knew she still had a friend?) as paparazzi tried to get her to speak about her utterly disastrous OK! Magazine photo shoot. Spears, ratty extensions and all, could do nothing but smile.

Spears flashed the cameras ... with a peace sign on her way out.


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When will this end?
Brit's a wreck, has been for a couple of years now. My kids used to look up to her and want to be like her. Now they just laugh. The best thing the public can do for Brit is to just let her go (away that is).
This has been pop star is SPOILED and undeserving of the publics care and attention. She is a bad example of what a mother should be let alone a human being. The sooner we stop putting this face in the media, the faster she will be on the road to just a memory in our minds of the great singer she once was.
Bye-Bye Brit. Enjoy the trailer park that your living in.

2578 days ago


I love you Britney

Its not her fault the cameras are all around her. so lets say, this pix were taken on a certain time. Great. You are not with her the rest of the day, are you? so no one is able to judge. she's still hot. and I'm sure she's a great mom.

Worry about your life, not others.

2578 days ago


wow nicky it was you!!!

2564 days ago

Dawn Day    

She needs to just stay HOME! My God woman, keep out of the public eye for a week or two will ya?

2580 days ago

Lenn K.    

Doesnt this thing ever stay home with her kids. Maybe K-fed is right she needs to give up the kids to him. This is soooo bad!!

2580 days ago


I don't think hitting the club is the right thing for her right now, I pray she gets her act together. She can have an amazing future if she just lay low for a while. I guess these starlets think bad publicity is good. UGH

2580 days ago


Britney is such a hot mess!! When is someone going to step up and take away her kids. What kind of mother leaves her children night after night to go to parties and clubs. What does it take for her to realize the minute she started procreating that life had to stop. She is not a teenager anymore. Britney grow up!!!

P.S. What is up with them tacky hair extensions?????

2580 days ago


Britney Spears has no soul. Stop reporting on her, TMZ.

2580 days ago


She's probably her latest assistant. Britney is notorious for buying (hiring) her friends (I mean assistants) and then cutting them loose after a week or two. Felicia and Alli were the only decent ones, I suppose.

2580 days ago


Hey retards the only nights she goes out is when kevin has the kids...................

2580 days ago

Dawn Day    

Stay home and let the weave grow out!!!

2580 days ago


She doesn't care about the bad publicity because it's PUBLICITY! She just wants to be the topic of everyone's conversation. This helps her sell records because people want to hear how bad it is. She'll do ANYTHING to be the center of attention. Sad to be that self involved.

2580 days ago


LOL @ "Spears flashed the cameras ... with a peace sign on her way out."

2580 days ago

gee whiz    

Is her little sister really pregnant? Isn't she only a teenage?

What a screwed up family!


2580 days ago

in the know    

One thing I admire about Britney, good or bad, she could care less what anyone says or writes about her. She is determined to be herself, bad hair extensions, no style and all. No matter how many articles she reads about her terrible choices for clothes, her erractic behavior, she just keeps going. I don't believe she will ever be along the lines of Anna Nicole who was drugged out of it 24/7. If Social Services thought her kids were in any danger, they would have stepped in along time ago. Bad parenting unfortunately is not a crime, nor a reason to lose your kids, abuse is. The only person she abuses is herself. At least when she goes down it will be on her own terms. In a town of so many yes people, determined to brown nose every power person they meet, it is refreshing to see one person that doesn't care. It may be her demise but thats Britney.

2580 days ago
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