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Britney's Mom - The New Dina-Lo?

7/30/2007 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her daughter in full meltdown mode, where was Britney Spears' mom on Saturday night? Why, throwin' it down in the VIP at PURE nightclub at Caesars in Las Vegas -- the same place Brit had to be carried out of on New Year's. Yee-haw!

Lynne Spears, according to Vegas Confidential, went to Vegas to try to patch things up, and even took Brit's little sis with her, dining at Social House Saturday night. Then, Lynne headed to PURE with "a few friends, taking a spot on the VIP main stage."

Brit spent a couple days in Vegas last week, trying to escape Grease-gate, but reportedly had to leave the Wynn after her bodyguards mixed it up with photogs there.

Jessica Alba Goes Rock-Hunting

That supposed split between Jessica Alba and boytoy Cash Warren? Not so fast -- as long as Jess gets some ring-finger-bling soon.

Gatecrasher reports that Alba is ready for marriage, but that Cash isn't, and what prompted the discontent was Jessica's desperate housewife pal Eva Longoria. "Seeing Eva get married made Jessica wistful," says a "friend" of Eva's. "That was the reason Jessica seemed to be in a terrible mood in Paris." But the couple isn't done -- just waiting to walk down the aisle.

Elisabeth's "View" – Let's Make Whoopi!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck won't spill the goods on who's going to be sitting with her at "The View's" coffee table -- but she did tell People over the weekend, "I loved working with Whoopi Goldberg." And E takes a not-so-subtle dig at former swordswoman, Rosie O'Donnell, saying, "She is soulful ... and I don't sense any sort of political agenda." Meanwhile, Hasselbeck says she's finally "feeling pregnant," and that Barbara must love Whoopi too, because, "Who isn't into Whoopi?"

Party Favors: "Wonder Years" Math-Whiz Winnie Calls Paris, Lindsay "Dumb and Irresponsible" ... Starlet-Off-the-Rails Alert! Brittany Snow ... "Simpsons" Make Piles of "D'oh!"

Danica McKellar -- she who bewitched Fred Savage (and other young fellas on "The Wonder Years") -- is telling little girls that being all Lindsay and Paris isn't what it's all about. She's written a book called "Math Doesn't Suck," encouraging girls not to be afraid of math -- and being smart. Danica majored in Math in college. ... Brittany Snow -- the wide-eyed innocent in "American Dreams" -- goes totally the opposite direction in her next flick, "Black Water Transit," when she plays a troubled prostitute, she tells Us. "Basically," says Brit, "I have sex with everyone in the movie." ... "The Simpsons" rolled up $71 million at the box office this weekend -- and thousands of American women are now owed a favor by their boyfriends.


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Winky Vitalic    

Boy Howdy is truly dismayed that TMZ is comparing Mama Spears with DiLo! Mama Spears has been poking, prodding and now riding the Britney gravy train for too long! Don't let that southern "charm" fool you! BH knows your game, Mama!

DiLo has ALWAYS been watchful and respectful of LiLo. After that loser money grubbing ex-husband of hers was finally given the boot, DiLo was finally able to lend stability to the Lohan household. And now that Stedman is in the picture, Boy Howdy predicts that only good things will come DiLo's way.

DiLo has always presented herself with the utmost class and respect! Give her a break!

2612 days ago


Lynn.. take all your family and head back to your trailor!!!! We are tired of hearing about you and your nasty ass daughter and sperm donations. Jessica.. don't be in such a rush to get married.. if he is not ready, stop pushing him. Now Danica is finally a young starlett who has her head on straight. Notice we did not hear any sleazy antics from her. Winnie Copper rocks!

2612 days ago


YAY! Im glad that Jessica and Cash are not thru...but..really...she can get ANY guy in the world. Why be with someone who doesn't wanna get married to you?!!?

2612 days ago


So Elisabeth seems happy to endorse any one without a political agenda? Does that include herself????? She is either dumber than I ever thought or just didn't think that comment through.

2612 days ago

OH! Britney!    

Woah, Jamie Lynn is so grown up! Like a purer, younger Britney! I just hope she doesn't head down the same path.....

2612 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

Mom Spears is just trying to get a break from all of this nonsense. She tried to be there for her dumb-ass daughter and precioous, innocent grandson's. Atleast she made several attempts unlike LiLo's mom who is acts like she doesn't give a f**k as long as the $$$$$$ keeps pouring in so she can live it up. Britney's mom even sided with K-Fed because she felt that he was more of a fit parent than Britney and most mother's will side with their children no matter what they do. For that I respect mom Spears. She tried her best and that is all that she could have done.

2612 days ago

Lenn K.    

Another day another Britney crisis. This really isn't news about anyone that's done anything. This is a madeup thing about a falling popstar who showed her cans and shaved beaver. Danica is soooo right!

2612 days ago


I'm sorry I was wrong about Elixabeth..I'm just a dumb slut with noting bettur to do but to trashe peeple. I know I can't speel sorri

2612 days ago


Hasselbeck should wonder if the View is looking to replace her! Lots of People agrred w/ what Rosie had to say about Iraq.. Boring-beth acts like she won some kind of war againt Rosie , but she doesn't have a huge fan club!! newsflash: not everyone likes you!! Enjoy the extra 15 minutes of fame you got from attacking Rosie. ABC should drop her!!!!!

2612 days ago

Ellis Light    

Elizabeth is SSSSSsssssOOOOoooooooo pretty. Who cares what she says...who would even listen..but, keep her around as eye candy.

Joy has the sharpest mind on that show!!!

2612 days ago


...hasselbeck, or should i say, former reality-tv-contestant, wouldn't know an original, political thought if it came up and bit her on her privileged behind. her toadying sugar-coated blind-faith "political view" is just what america needs to continue justifying their current administrations policies. she's not so harmless.
why suggest women had to be coerced into seeing the simpsons movie? not schlocky enough?...

2612 days ago


I'm SO tired of Elizabeth, Baw-wah and the rest....I "closed the curtains" on The View long ago....they make us women look like idiots and have dragged women back a good 40 years! I spend that hour reading a good book these days. Get a life Elizabeth!!!!!

2612 days ago


These so called "mothers" are dusgusting.

They want to put on a show like its their daughters fault for their sadden lifes. These mother need to stop playing the good mother, "oh let me help you honey,crap". I think they just love the spot light they get for being stupid.

2612 days ago


Wow, look at that picture of Britney! Where'd THAT Britney go?
Honestly, what is with these parents who think that THEY are the celebs? Living vicariously through your children doesn't do anyone any good.

2612 days ago


THANK GOD for Danica McKeller and those like her. I'm so sick & tired of seeing little girls given no one other than stupid, vacuous, braindead, arrogant brats like twitney, ho-han & parasite to emulate. I'm really happy my niece will now have a POSITVE role model coming out of young hollywood to look up to...

2612 days ago
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