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LiLo Climbs Celeb Death List

7/30/2007 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's one Hollywood A-list no one wants to be on! A morbidly delicious website called lets users bet on when they believe celebrities will die -- and win cash prizes if they're right. Dead right!
Composite of the grim reaper with Coutney Love, Pete Doherty, and Lindsay Lohan
Participants choose 25 celebs they think will die within the year. Each celeb is assigned a point value, based on how old they are and how they might die. The younger the star, and more extreme the death, the more cash participants receive. Could ya just die?

Sadly, Lindsay Lohan's recent rehabs, relapses and car chases have many speculating she'll be dead within the year. LiLo is now popping up on Ghoulpool participants' lists, alongside the regular train wrecks like Pete Doherty and Courtney Love.


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She deserve her place on that list..

2578 days ago


Okay, well it's not here yet. But PARIS Herpes HILTON has lost her share of the 2.6 BILLION dollar inheritance.

Her grandfather was unimpressed by her behavior, I suppose.

Why hasn't tmz posted this story yet?

She's not in the poorhouse b/c of this, but it makes my muffin tingle nonetheless.

2578 days ago

St. Olof    

No shock there. At the rate she's going, it may even be by her own doing. She is a grade A mess right now. Her new movie bombed and now she has to do damage control with the recent DUI that she pinned on "the black kid." Way to make friends and influence others.

2578 days ago


#2 where did u get the info??

2578 days ago


man... poor lindsey... this is what hollywood and money do to you...

but then again... she's stupid... she could have chosen not to do the things she did...

stupid stupid stupid!

2578 days ago

He's Boring now    

Wow, a member at that gouhlish site could rack up a lot of points, which they pay for, if LiLo were to check out early. They award standings points based on lots of categories. She could bring a lot of points to someone if she goes out in the ways she has been practicing lately.

50 points for being 21
10 points for drug overdose
15 points for suicide
35 for death by transportation, like in DWI

I'd say she could be a great candidate for helping move one of the Games Players up the Leader Board.

Poor Ingrid Bergman who died today only brought in like 5 points, because he was old and died naturally.

Go with the Hollyweird Youngsters for most Points in this Game

2578 days ago


Thats really wierd because any ".us" web domain must be registered with the govt. I remember reading something on about that. So why would they allow online gambling?

2578 days ago

Former Cal Girl    

And this hasn't been posted anywhere but the New York Post. Is everyone on vacation?

An award-winning NBC news producer who was married to correspondent Dawn Fratangelo was killed near his Manhattan home early this morning by a hit-and-run driver, police sources said.

2578 days ago


#10 - sadly, your story lacks the superficiality needed to meet the criteria for a post on

2578 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Druggies and alcoholics usually are able to last through their twenty's before the body begins to fade. That is unless she drives into another telephone pole, but she's already done that and survived. No, My ghoul pool bet has her demise somewhere in her thirties never making it to her 40th birthday. It's the alcohol that really kills you first. (the liver can only take so much). The drugs usually will cause blood clots leading to a premature stroke but that doesn't happen right away. Fifty is the average time frame for that one. Good luck Lindsey. Your going to need it.

2578 days ago

Former Cal Girl    

#13, sadly you are correct. But even CNN isn't reporting it.

2578 days ago

interested canadian    

couldnt believe there was such a site,went on and sure enough there it was.OMG thats disgusting!

2578 days ago


I think she's gotta be one of the dumbest celebs ever. But I think it's tasteless to make bets on people lives.

2578 days ago


Are there Vegas odds for this?

2578 days ago
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