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Taye Plays Vegas -- Without Wife!

7/30/2007 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The ladies love Taye Diggs, and despite the fact that he's married -- Taye Diggs definitely loves the ladies.
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Our pals at caught the "Private Practice" doc doing a little smooth operating of his own -- on several extremely hot chicks at PURE nightclub over the weekend.

Either his wife, Idina Menzel, is one of the coolest chicks ever, or Taye's never going to be allowed to go to Vegas by himself ever again!


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give me a break
they are obviously posing for a photo
How is this news? He's an actor, he's in Vegas
It's part of the job
Do you take your spouse everywhere with you?

2611 days ago

Mad black woman    

Admendment to poster #2: Do DARK SKIN black males not date DARK SKIN black women
anymore? The only people probably on planet earth who cannot seem to go back in the same womb they came out of...

2611 days ago


I thought they were getting divorced?

2613 days ago


Just an observation, do black men not marry black women any more?

2613 days ago


This is not surprising. When Taye and Idina appeared on the Today Show with the other cast members of the movie "Rent," his eyes were all over Rosario Dawson's rear end. And his wife was standing right next to him. He obviously has no respect for his wife. And Tammy is right: Taye's wife is so much prettier than the person he's kissing on the cheek in the picture.

Gosh, how sad to think I will never be a cool wife in TMZ's eyes....I would never go for this kind of behavior in front of my face or behind my back. Good for Idina if she's divorcing this jerk.

2613 days ago


Idina is a nightmare. I'd wander too, if I had to deal with that shrill woman. I meet her at party for the Off-Broadway flop, "Wild Party" and she is an insecure, clingly nightmare, although he's no prize either. Neither are particuarly good actors. Unless her performance is wildly over the top (Rent and Wicked), she's completely unsuitable for any role.

2613 days ago


I know these chicks, they're all OC whores. Former strippers, now go go dancers. They've been banged by every guy in OC with stars tatted on his shoulders.Their lives revolve around clubs, fake boobs and trying to get their pics taken by 944 or Absolutely the worst time of people to know. Shallow and borderline retarded.
They're limelight junkies who seek something they'll never get...respect. So they give up the chocha to any A, B, C, or D list celeb so they can get their pics taken by a tmz or x17 photographer and post them on myspace for everyone to see. Look at me!! I'm on a celeb gossip site!! Wowwwweeeee!! Grow up you dirty whores. Keep on dressing slutty though.

2613 days ago


Ummmm... Dear #2 - do you think any of the women pictured with Taye
Diggs are his wife?

The correct answer is no, so what's your relevant point?

2613 days ago

long wok    

Blacks love the white women.

2613 days ago

Witness to Taye    

I was at Pure the night Taye was in attendance and talked with several of the people he was hanging out with in the main VIP. There was nothing funky happenin' at all and I think these pics are just typical tabloid shots that only tell part of the tale! And at least 2 of the girls pictured definitely WERE all over EVERY DUDE.

2613 days ago


Tainted meat

2613 days ago


Not the case at all. More Black men marry Black than white. Now who they choose to sleep with or what comes easy to them is different. To this day, white is right in our mentality. White women are a standard of beauty and because they are seen mostly in magazines, movies, tv and runways..Black men are kinda forced to abide by this standard and can't sometimes can't see the beauty in Black women.

Also, just because you see a Black person do something, doesn't mean we all do it. Why do Black people get the most generalizations??

2613 days ago


White women love black men. It's not the black men chasing after white women, it's the white women who are chasing the black men. Because once again, white women love black men..........................

2613 days ago


Hey, You guys, this was about a man partying with other women and his wife not there, how did it get so racist? Isn't there enough of this in the world already?He is a slime-ball in any race!( I'm white,51,and have been married to a white man&next to a black man) single now by choice---maybe I'll try -----Ha! Ha!

2612 days ago

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