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Faith: Hands Off My Man's Balls!

7/31/2007 4:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Faith Hill would prefer it if you left her husband's nether regions alone!

At her Soul2Soul tour stop in Lafayette, LA on Saturday night, one fan got a little grabby with Faith's better half, Tim McGraw -- and Faith ain't havin' none o' that!

"Somebody needs to teach you some class, my friend," Faith scolded the fan. "You don't go grabbin' somebody else's -- somebody's husband's balls, you understand me? That's very disrespectful."

Stand by your man's ... balls.


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woa HEY GIG    


2639 days ago


Oh Grant......

Check out the post after yours. Mr. "Gig... must be a rundown pig"? "Apparently", IT is a MAN posting, or else he believes he's one. I'M SURE I DON'T LIVE WITH HIM!!! The Neanderthal just made my point. Maybe my "intuition" is not so far-fetched after all.

Good night.

2639 days ago


Hey, Angela, I don't condone nasty posts from either "side," I prefer to keep discussions at a somewhat civilized level - even for a man. Frankly, I can't even understand what this Gig thing is all about, can't even tell who's who at this point. So - good night to you, too. :-)

2639 days ago


Way to go Faith!! We saw you guys in Atlanta-WOW what a concert....You and Tim are incredibly fan friendly-or at least you were until this stupid act. You are a class act!

2639 days ago


Yep~~~Faith's a redneck~~~I have always liked her but she should have blown off the possibly drunk fan grabbing at Tim. At the very most made a joke about it with stern undertones. YYYEEEEHAAAA Faith--show those true colors and believe me I know one when I see it because I am from a hicktown myself. This is sometimes ther price of being married to a very famous guy.
By the way--yes it would have been diff. if someone grabbed her breasts but that is the double standard we live with. I DOUBT Tim was too offended.In closing I hope the daughters didn't hear mom's dirty mouth. Get some Orbits girl!!!!

2639 days ago


GO FAITH... Hell yes! You show me any spouse who wouldn't be pissed if someone just grabbed their spouses junk!!! Just shows, no matter how much talent or money, she may go to bed with Tim McGraw every night, but it is still her MAN... Faith is a typical women!!! I love her more!!!!

2639 days ago


You go girl.....VERY DISRESPECTFUL....Who does she think she is anyways...You don't do that sort of thing to anyone!!!

2639 days ago


how can Faith Hill berate a woman for un ladylike behavior and then act un lady like?? Either you are a lady or you are not. Ladies doent use the word "balls". Ladies dont fight with other ladies. A lady would have ignored any one who acted other than a lady, and let her husband, who is supposed to be the man, or the security or the bodyguards handle it. A lady would not take it upon herself to get involved in a tasteless act of filth. A lady would always be above the gutter. Faith Hill showed herself to be less than a lady, but she has shown that quite a bit lately. Is there a medical problem here? Is there a marital problem here?? She is 40 years old, she is not a young girl, she should know how to be a lady by now. Her behavior when Carrie Underwood beat her out of an award was not funny, and no one believed her when she said she was joking. Carrie went on to beat her out of many many awards after that. Carrie 22 shows herself to be a lady at all times, when Faith, 40, acts very unladylike. Faith Hill seems to be coming apart at the seams, her Redbook cover photo was so blatently altered, she must have approved that, her Carrie Underwood episode, and all the rumors about her torrid affair with Alan Jackson, with total disregard to Alan's wife, Denise, who now had written a book about the affair, and Faith Hill still refuses to take her current husbands name, but uses the name of Daniel Hill, her first husband of 7 years. She seems to be unable to come to grips that she is 40 and the public is moving on to the new younger girls who have shown up and who even are songwriters too. Faith never wrote a song, and it seems that she got to the top thru the men in her life, many many powerful men, Daniel Hill, Scott Hendricks who was her fiancee and president of Capital Records, Alan Jackson, and some athletes, and then Tim mcgraw. At 40, things are not going her way. She is freaking out and doing it publicly,. Is a rehab stint the next move????

2639 days ago

The Dude    

Speaking of having some class...using the word "balls" in front of thousands of people is not exactly classy.

2639 days ago


well now the girl can say hey, i touched tim mcgraws balls and faith hill talked to me!

2639 days ago


What mystifies me the most is this theory that because someone has done something in the past, then they have no right or qualification to say anything about it in the present. I don't for a moment think that Faith Hill is an angel. But that doesn't mean that she can't tell right from wrong or point out that something is classless. I've slept with a married woman before. Does that mean that I can't tell someone that it's not only wrong, but a horrible idea to do so? If anything, my experience -- and subsequent growth from it -- make me MORE qualified to comment on the situation than someone who has never done anything wrong.

You know who is the most effective person in counseling addicts? Former drug users. Who's the best at straightening out juvenile delinquents? People who have served time. Who do you listen to more, someone who's on a high horse, or someone who's been there and knows the perils and pitfalls of it?

If you follow the sort of logic you employ, any of you who ever stole a candy bar from a drug store are all thieves, anybody who did pot when they were kids must be called a pot-head, and any of you who have ever told a lie can never be anything other than liars. I doubt you'd enjoy it if someone held your past mistakes over your head for the remainder of your life.

In any case, none of us know the facts of their private lives. Heck, I just read about 83 different versions of it on this comment section alone. I do sense that a lot of you just hate her because of Carrie Underwood, but come on Carrie fans, aren't the sales numbers enough revenge for you? Carrie's beating the crap out of everyone in the country industry. That's enough payback for anyone!

And for those of you who are worried about her saying "balls"... please.... that's WHAT THEY ARE. I suppose if she had said "testes" or "gonads" it would've been okay? Get real.

I love the double standard too. If a dude came up and grabbed my woman's breast or fondled her crotch without her consent, I'd be all over him like white on rice in a glass of milk on a paper plate in a snowstorm. And you'd all be cheering me on, too. If Faith had been grabbed, security would've beaten the person to a pulp and thrown them butt first out the door. They should charge the fan that grabbed his ring with attempted theft and the one who felt his junk with assault.

2639 days ago

chin chin    

Tacoma = Bouncer (You're a LOSER, buddy)


2639 days ago


First of ALL Faith did NOT have ANY affair with Alan, not in the past, not never. Alan's wife has NEVER said that.

I belong to Alan's fanclub just go over there they will tell you, his longtime fans know the story.

He had an affair with a guitar, background singer that was with him for a very short time. The person has since got out of the business.

I repeat FAITH has NEVER had an affair with Alan and his WIFE has never said that not even in her book.

Don't believe me go to Alan's website and asked his fan club members

2639 days ago


Denise Jackson is such a lady, she probably will never name the name but everyone in Nashville knows who it is.

2639 days ago


I am sure all the people saying Faith should have let other people (security &Tim) handle the incident instead of standing up for her husband, marriage, and what is hers, would just sit by quietly if it had been their wife or husband being groped by a complete stranger. Yea....sure....I believe you. And somebody said if he didn't want his b**** grabbed he shouldn't be wearing jeans that showed them. By that standard does that mean every woman who wears clothing showing cleavage or bulging breasts are fair game for total strangers to come up at will and have a nice little grope? After all, if they didn't want them touched they shouldn't show them? C'mon.

2639 days ago
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