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OJ's Killer New Interview

7/31/2007 8:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OJ Simpson is back to giving interviews again -- and this time it's live on the Internet. Contain your enthusiasm.'s Kate Delaney spent an hour talking with OJ today, about everything from his recent book scandal to the latest celebrity on trial, Michael Vick. An hour of unfiltered Juice on the net? How do you fumigate a browser?

The show was comprised of half scripted questions and half interactive audience participation via phone, IM and chat. Questions from the "audience" included, "Do you think it was a bigger feat to break 2,000 yards in one season or slice two necks in one night?" and "Did you kill Bill Walsh?" He blissfully ignored them both.

When OJ got to talking about his kids, he got emotional, saying, "I raised those kids by myself!" That'll happen when you kill their mother!

OJ will be back as a guest -- three more times this week -- because one hour of inflammatory denial just isn't enough.


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OJ belongs in a mental institution. He is such a sick sick man.....He killed Ron and oj's wife and he knows it. Our legal system stinks to thi this murder has been free all these years...........I would love to see someone do the same thing he did to Ron and Nicole......Someone will get him...........

2642 days ago


I think her name is Kate Delaney.

2642 days ago


Thank you #63 (you're too stupid o live) - anyone that thinks OJ is innocent is stupid, or playing the race card. Stop with the black thing. It's really getting old.

2642 days ago


I believe O.J. did it. I watched the trial and there was evidence. Just like a previous poster said, his "dream team" using tactics so the jury could ignore the evidence and focus only on the race card. His team made it a race issue.
The media outlets who continue to interview him, write about him etc are only doing it because they know it will increase ratings and readership. Such as this forum. People will always be fasinated with him and the crime, because he got off. He literally got away with murder.
Just like Paris, Lindsay, Robert Blake, O.J. was part of a separate system of justice. The one for the celebrity, rich and powerful. Celebrities and the rich will never be subject to the same justice as everyone else.

2642 days ago


Fred Goldman has gone on Larry King saying that he's been approached by various individuals offering to take care of OJ, but he refused, saying that it wouldn't bring his son back, and that he doesn't want to be considered a murderer as well. OK fine. But where's a mercenary when ya need one?

2642 days ago

Mary Toothman    

Enough of this man already! He is no longer a football star, and most people believe he killed two people. Get him off the television screen - it's bad enough that he's freely walking the streets. He's a shameless piece of filth. Oj - go away!

2642 days ago


3: Some of these posters carrying on about God, Him, etc, I am surprised that some of you aren't applauding Ron Goldmans' murder, as he was 'supposedly Gay', therefore, wasn't he deserving of 'death', seeing that he hadn't 'seen' the 'error of his lifestyle'?
What I am trying to say, is keep God, Him, etc, out of this, because as far as some of you 'Godfearers' are concerned, Ron will most likely be the one to greet O.J. in the pits of Hell. Please refer to point 1.

All people who believe in God do not hate gay people. No one even mentioned anything about the dear departed Ron Goldman. You should look in the mirror hypocrite. You are being hateful toward religious people.

2642 days ago


I'm so glad that the Goldmans' continue to be a thorn in oj's side. I hope each time oj trys to make a profit from the murders of Ron and Nicole that the Goldmans' will haul his butt into court and get every penny from him. Mr Goldman called oj a moron, I agree.

2642 days ago


Go Away OJ wrote......." Enough of this man already! He is no longer a football star, and most people believe he killed two people. Get him off the television screen - it's bad enough that he's freely walking the streets. He's a shameless piece of filth. Oj - go away!".................I agree. He he also getting fat, old and ugly.

2642 days ago


To watch all yall white folks whine & moan about OJ is almost priceless. To watch that money hungry dirt bag Goldman family is hilarious. They would do almost anything to get paid I guess.

2642 days ago


For all of these people who are saying that OJ is innocent or that he is do u know unless u were there?

And why would a waiter come all the way to someones house to return a pair of glasses? Did he live in the area or was it on his way home?

To the person(s) who said they (Nicole and Ron) were not having an affair, again how would u know that?! All u know is what the media circus feeds you. This could be some hoax used to divide us as a people and cause disharmany.

The truth IS stranger than fiction.

Believe half of what u see and none of what u hear.

Whoever coined phrases like the 2 mentioned above had some inside knowledge about some of the goings on in our world!

2642 days ago


You wanna know why a skinnny white boy would walk in the middle of the night to return some glasses??? Because either she was also a BOOTY CALL or they were both tooting tracks. We already know Nicole was a BASS HEAD..

2642 days ago


Just heard on cnn that he's critisizing the goldmans for wanting to make money off the book..Isn't that why he wrote it in the first place !! He said as much on that internet interview.

Die oj die now die slowly die painfully die broke die hated die despised die die die die die

You're a killer a monster a moron a maggot a menace a murderer

You have no right to live breath golf party dine-out, you should be shunned from society till you die

2642 days ago

Tarazadaza, Africa    

He did it and he makes all of us colored people look bad. We are NOT all like OJ.

2642 days ago


Hey Kate- What's next for you in your quest to be the next Katie Couric? Katie Delaney hosts the Jeffrey Daumer internet body parts auction.-Cricket

2642 days ago
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