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OJ's Killer New Interview

7/31/2007 8:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OJ Simpson is back to giving interviews again -- and this time it's live on the Internet. Contain your enthusiasm.'s Kate Delaney spent an hour talking with OJ today, about everything from his recent book scandal to the latest celebrity on trial, Michael Vick. An hour of unfiltered Juice on the net? How do you fumigate a browser?

The show was comprised of half scripted questions and half interactive audience participation via phone, IM and chat. Questions from the "audience" included, "Do you think it was a bigger feat to break 2,000 yards in one season or slice two necks in one night?" and "Did you kill Bill Walsh?" He blissfully ignored them both.

When OJ got to talking about his kids, he got emotional, saying, "I raised those kids by myself!" That'll happen when you kill their mother!

OJ will be back as a guest -- three more times this week -- because one hour of inflammatory denial just isn't enough.


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Someone called Nicole Brown Simpson a bass head. What is that?

2604 days ago


Post 173 (Kiki) You never heard of Public Enemy huh?? Its cool.. A Bass head is a person that does Cocaine or just a drug addict.

2604 days ago


Post 172 lulu.. Great point. All that blood on the side walk and you are going to tell me they didnt find any foot prints in his SUV, inside the house or around his house?? The only blood they found of his at Nicole's place is on the back gate and that was the blood that had the preservative in it. QUESTION. Why would the killer need to go to the back gate in the first place. and there were no bloody foot prints leading to the gate. There are way Too many holes to say he is guilty.

2604 days ago


Mr. Autoboxx, I would like to respond to your "messages" on here. YOU and YOUR VIEWS are NOT speaking for any of us "real black folk". You incinuate that "real black folk" have views and language skills like you. Some do, but many more do not. And to make that a representation of how "real black folk" are, is not only wrong, but it's an insult!
If you do have an "advanced" education, that's cool. But anyone who can afford it, can go as far as they want in a much higher education if they are willing to do what it takes. However, if someone has even the highest degree(s) possible, if they lose their compassion, dignity, respect, etc. for others (and /or themselves) at any time, then what is the point? It's worth absolutely nothing at all. Too bad that YOU didn't learn while getting that higher education that using the "N" word in any situation is NOT cool and/or acceptable anymore.
You are right, that there has been recent racist problems in the "spotlight". But that is where I stop agreeing with you. REAL racism problems need to be dealt with, but not in the manner that you conduct yourself. You admit that you "don't like white people". Man, that's your choice, but when you feel and say that, what makes you any better than the white man who doesn't like (or hates) a black? Can't you see that it's people like you (of whatever color) who keep the race thing going on both sides??
Things happened in the past that were disgusting and irreparable!! But hey man, if you keep "making others pay" because of the past (and especially to things in which they were never a part of to begin with-it was their ancestors), it just keeps things going. Live for today, live to make positive changes for the future. And do it in a way that is both positive and productive. Spewing hate and all will only result in more hate. Be a part of the solution, NOT part of the problem!
If you want yourself and your opinions to be heard and respected, then you must be willing to respect others for theirs, even when you do not agree. But in your angry rants you disrespect anyone who you don't agree with. Even the black sister you turn on with your street/gutter (NOT advanced degree!) language, calling her dumb, and assuming that because she disagrees with a brother, that she must definitely have a white boyfriend. If, as you say, that you work hard at your swearing, WHY not put that energy into something positive and real? Before you even begin to think about jumping another, you need to seriously take a good look at yourself first, because you are just plain wrong.
Let me tell you something man, she is NOT an embarassment to the black community or to the human race. She IS trying to be a part of the solution, unlike you. YOU are the embarassment not only to blacks but the entire human race with your hatred! As far as I am concerned, you may have a higher education, but man, you haven't got anything else that's worth much at all in this world as long as you continue on the path that you've chosen-meaning your views towards others. Guess you're probably right about another thing-no one can change your mind because you're too far into the hatred/self pity game!
The ONLY one who keeps embarassing themself is YOU everytime you open your vile racist mouth. We may share the same skin color, but that's as far as it goes. Being a hateful and ignorant racist does NOT make a true and PROUD black sister of brother!
You are to be pitied, not hated. Oh, what a waste of a "higher degree", mind, soul, and human being!

2604 days ago


Autoboxx: Your last posting was like day and night from the others-impressing! Maybe others still don't agree that he's innocent, but you came across in a very mature and dignified way. This is the "autoboxx" that people will be more inclined to at least listen to, respect, and take more seriously. You won't get far in this world when you come off as racist, mean, nasty and superior. That's putting that advanced degree(s) to work!
Reynaldo: I think your posting was excellent. You sound as if you really have it together and are a credit to the entire human race. Just think if everyone had your positive outlook and wisdom, what a nicer world this would be. If everyone would start with themselves and try harder to make more positive changes within themselves, how they treat others, etc. we would really see dramatic results. You are definitely someone to be respected and admired!! You are the man!!!

2604 days ago


#177 Lissa- I am a person that simply gives what is given to me. Respect me and I will respect you. Disrespect me and I will go on a TIRADE that will melt your optical nerve. This is a Dog eat Dog world. I am nobody's B*TCH!! And I will not start being one on TMZ..

darn.. They took my post down. Oh well, I think they have been up long enough to make my point.

2603 days ago


Autoboxx: My last posting to you is this: I did NOT say that "if we all love one another, then EVERYTHING" will be alright". My point was that with love, AND if EVERYONE would begin with themselves, that things would be so much better-not perfect but MUCH better. So I am NOT dillusional.
I do thank you for showing some respect for me and my opinions. And you're right, it is YOUR choice if you choose to use the "N" word, along with the other disgusting and disrespectful words. Everyone is free to live as they see fit, but I am so proud that I and my family ARE "real black folk" who are trying to contribute something positive to this world instead of promoting hatred, anger, resentment, etc. Like other things-there are two different types-positive and negative and I just choose positive. You're not the only one to know first hand what pain, humiliation, etc. his ancestor's endured; however, we refuse to let it "color" our views of a whole entire race of today's people; we are trying to make a difference and lead positive lives. Just because racism can't be erased, it CAN move in a more positive direction but only if those "promoting" it decide to make positive changes, whatever their color. If something IS moving in a positive direction, then that's positive progress. It may never be perfect, but progress is better than regression and/or doing nothing at all.
I'm sorry if you feel that I'm trying to come off as "holier than thou" because I was truly not. And I'm NOT trying to play God either. Man, just because I choose NOT to live a live of hate/bitterness, then you just assume that I'm trying to play God?? That is just who I am. And there IS a solution : I refuse to let anyone who dislikes me or my race make me bitter and angry for any length of time. I will pick up and carry on and be the best that I can be-for myself not just for the world to see. And I will continue to try and be a part of the solution instead of the problem (or adding to it).
I'm truly glad that you have an ENORMOUS support group of family and other people who love you for what and who you are. And even though you don't understand it, I still feel very badly for you and the negative and hateful feelings that you are harboring against a whole race of people for the negative and/or terrible actions/statements of some. We all have to live in this world together so why not make the best of it.
Just curious: Not sure how old you are, but how do you deal with white people at work, store, bus, appointments, etc. with this much negativity in your heart?
Best of luck, man!! And I do mean that!

2603 days ago


#179 Reynaldo- Hmm... I never had nobody respond back a second time.

I didnt say you said if we all love one another everything would be alright. I said that is your opinion. And it is. Just look at your own response to my letter.

While you choose to live a positive life, I have chosen to live a positive life with my common sense in my hip pocket. I can be proud of the fact that my family isnt trying to contribute to the country, my family "real black folk" has ALREADY done so and continues to this day. If it wasnt for people like my ancestors and others. We wouldnt have the rights we enjoy today.

I dont think I ever implied that I am the only black man to suffer indignities at the hands of whites, but be that as it may, Im happy for you that your family lives so well.

Racism cant be erased. But it can be handled in two ways.. You can ignore it or challenge it. And if they put their hands on me or anybody else, they will be challenged in ways not seen since the holy wars.

You missed your own point in why I said you are acting "holier than thou" When you come into a website and pass judgements on only one person without doing so to everybody else, you are acting as judge, jury, and executioner. When you make comments on how I should be living my life, then now you are acting as though you are Jesus. And I know for a fact you arent that person. You can live your life any way you wish. But dont dictate to me how to live mine. Notice I am not telling you how wrong you are in the way you choose to lead your life dont you????

Lastly, feel bad for me?!?!? Why?? I feel great..:) Your feelings while appreciated arent necessary. As I said before, pour your prayers and feeling into the people who TRULY need them.. The Iraqis, the DAFUR region, the sick and shut in, hungry children, etc. Those are the people you need to take pity and act on. Those are the ones who truly needs somebody's mercy.

Now to answer your question: How do I deal with whites in EVERYDAY relationships? Thats simple................................ VERY CAREFULLY..

2603 days ago


Please give credit For the cranks to OJ to the Kidd Chris Show in philadelphia 94.1 Wysp

2603 days ago

Hudd Dogg    

The only thing OJ is guilty of is being innocent. It's been ten years give it a rest people ,let him live his life.

The Goldman family will be billionairs after the book is released, making blood money off their deceased son. Who is sicker the Goldman family for releasing the book or the people who purchase the book.

What's that word when you'r bustin loose----Juice, juice. God bless OJ.

2603 days ago


IN American Tragedy by Lawrence Schiller on page 371 O.J. wants afire in each fireplace for the jury tour at Rockingham estate.Do you think that maybe because the L.A.P.D. never searched the asedumps in his house .This fact is confirmed in the murder book.

2602 days ago


Looks like most of the offensive post with the N word and references to Negros being monkeys have been removed.

Everyone is getting on Mister Autoboxx's case, but hardly anyone has addressed the fact that he is only responding to the negitivity that has been directed towards peeps of color in this forum.

2602 days ago


#183 Kiki- You know you are the ONLY person that noticed what was going on. It was fine for everybody to jump on me. They ignored all of what the whites were saying. But hey, that is the way WE get treated. Notice some of the post were from other blacks supposedly. They didnt SAY ONE WORD to nobody I was refering to. Now everybody knows why I didnt take it that seriously what they was whining about. If you to play POPE BENEDICT, you better talk to everybody, not just the one with the BIGGEST mouth, or in this case, the best vivid language. LOL!!

2602 days ago

Andrew Coffey    

Lots of posters passing judgement. Did anyone watch the whole 4 part interview?

2601 days ago


I hate to say it, but people want to judge other folk because it makes them feel better ABOUT THEMSELVES or just plain superior to other folks.

Just like this crap with OJ. If u were NOT there, then how can u possibly know if he is guilty or innocent? Personally, I feel this might all have been a hoax just like alot of stuff in the media. Divide and conquor (sp) and all of that crap.

Another person on this disscussion board also said (s)he thought it was just a witch hunt against O.J.

Either way as I have stated before, if he is in fact guilty, then GOD will get revenge as only he can! He is the only one that is fit to judge.

2601 days ago
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