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OJ's Killer New Interview

7/31/2007 8:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OJ Simpson is back to giving interviews again -- and this time it's live on the Internet. Contain your enthusiasm.'s Kate Delaney spent an hour talking with OJ today, about everything from his recent book scandal to the latest celebrity on trial, Michael Vick. An hour of unfiltered Juice on the net? How do you fumigate a browser?

The show was comprised of half scripted questions and half interactive audience participation via phone, IM and chat. Questions from the "audience" included, "Do you think it was a bigger feat to break 2,000 yards in one season or slice two necks in one night?" and "Did you kill Bill Walsh?" He blissfully ignored them both.

When OJ got to talking about his kids, he got emotional, saying, "I raised those kids by myself!" That'll happen when you kill their mother!

OJ will be back as a guest -- three more times this week -- because one hour of inflammatory denial just isn't enough.


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Dave Simms    

I think we all should just avoid him in all ways, does anyone anywhere think in their hearts of hearts that he didn't do it? He should kicked out of the best bars, restaurants, golf couses, pool, malls everywhere and anywhere. Make his life as miserable as we can by not giving him any air time or TV time. Remove his scenes from Naked Gun....

2607 days ago


Did everyone miss his answer when he said "I raised my kids alone and thats what happens when you kill their mother." Wasn't that an admission of guilt? He is such a pathetic s.o.b. I wonder what his children think of him? Knowing that he killed their mother. No one should ever have him on any program or give him any kind of forum. Same with Michael Jackson and Robert Blake.

2607 days ago


It's Kate Delaney...not Kim

2607 days ago
94. is racists......    

Where's the murder weapon and bloody clothes? Biggunsar you have way too much time on your hands. Your commentary remark will be pushed back further and further with each comment made. Just do like everyone else and just keep in short.

2607 days ago

Joe Canton    

After that interview (I watched the whole thing as it happened at, now I'm not so sure he did it. He is so mellow - do you really think that guy could get angry? He seems like a different person than the viscious monster I invisioned during the trial.

2607 days ago


STOP giving this pig a platform to spew his lies and boost his ego and his bank account! Every dime this dirt bag makes should go to the families of his victims. Tell me who to boycott to make this stop!

2607 days ago


Actually, I think the interviewer's name was Kate Delaney.

2607 days ago

David in Bangkok    

Brothers don't surf or like to be near fire.

2607 days ago


One of these that a--hole is going to blow his brains out.....................

2607 days ago

montana girl    

O.J. Simpleton will not admit to committing two murders on this earth, but when he stands before God at his death, he will know what supreme judgement is. He will stand before God naked and be thrown into the lake of fire for eternity. He grows older every day and he cannot know when the Lord Jesus puts the hammer down on him and says ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!!!

2607 days ago


Is Oj wanting sympathy for raising his kids without a mother? Thats like the story of the little boy who killed his mother and father at his trial he asked the judge to take pity on a poor orphan.

2607 days ago


Actually, I think the interviewer's name was Kate Delaney

2607 days ago


God why hasent some psyco killed his ass

2607 days ago


Do any of you losers not watch the news? He was found not guilty and race SHOULD not have anything to do with it, I realize it does but just like you hate minorities using the race card you to should stop. Also the civil case is the biggest legal joke ever.. In fact other states have rejected law suits when the accused is found Not Guilty, let me repeat NOT GUILTY!! And if I was OJ I would sue goldman's loser father for refering to him as the killer!!

2607 days ago


Anyone that thinks OJ is innocent is a moron. Or just playing the race card. Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson idiots. Shut up already! We are sick of you.

2607 days ago
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