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Stanley Gives Kiss Off to Heart Problem

7/31/2007 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A recent heart snafu won't stop 55-year-old KISS singer/guitarist Paul Stanley. The wild Star Child was forced to bow out of a southern California concert on Friday, after suffering palpitations and shortness of breath.

The oldie but goodie says he's still ready to rock for this summer's Rock 'n' Roll fantasy camp, to be held in New York over Labor Day weekend. Rock and roll all night and party every day -- or at least Saturday and Sunday.

Said the botoxalicious Paul, "Like many, I have had a rapid heartbeat condition most of my life and I never have had any type of restrictions. When I've had an episode, although momentarily disrupting and taxing, it has no residual effect. This is nothing new and my doctors have known about it. In short, it doesn't change, hasn't changed and won't change my life."


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Is it just me or does Gene's son Nick look more like Paul than Gene?

2641 days ago

Say No - To the Immigration Bill    

The Barac Obama comment is just a joke. Obama please don't send the Secret Service my way.

Pease Out my Hommies

2641 days ago


Paul and Gene are the Rock Gods!!!!!!!!!! Love KISS The Best band hands down!!!!!!! Keep Rocking Boys!!!!!!!!!!

2641 days ago


read his statement - now THAT is a vocabulary! is he that smart, or are his reps?

2641 days ago


whoa Severus Snape is in KISS????

2641 days ago


Oh my God, I had no idea he was that old! He looks weird and waxy.

2641 days ago

Steven Millan    

I'm glad to hear that Paul Stanley is doing A-Okay,for isn't it time for their longly awaited Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction to happen?

2641 days ago


I was at the San Jacinto show this past Friday night. I was sad to hear about Paul's heart problems. This is one of THE most talented performers in the world. His solo show at tne House Of Blues last year was incredible. Although KISS performed as a trio..and it was a was not the same. Gene did not do any Paul/Kiss songs. That means...No LOVE GUN.....No DETROIT ROCK CITY......and many other songs that they did not do. It was a treat to hear PARASITE and COLD GIN. Gene did his best....but KISS is lost without Paul. Too bad TMZ did not post a more flattering pic. Stay healthy Paul...catch you on tour next year.

2641 days ago


Paul doesn't do any type of drugs,.....How many of you will look like that or be able to tour and perform for hours when your in your 50's? KISS rocks, nobody can touch them,.......I wish you the best Paul!

2641 days ago


Any of you people that is ragging on KISS, who do you like? Will they still be around 30 years from now? or will they fizzle out after about a year or so..I bet a year or so..I love all the groups out now, Crossfade,Saliva,Hinder,Threedaysgrace,Breakin Benjamin...and others...but where will they be in 30 years? off royalties..

Gene's show is a big hit and ppl are just jealous, it was picked up again for another season......

sell out? YEP.......Every night, broke or have millions?...I would take millions

Ur fools to diss on KISS, everybody you listen to, even if they don't want to admit it, idolized KISS growing up..

Little kids into kiss.......another Stupid remark......This didn't happen to the late 70's after KISS became a household name...

so many fools out there.......

2641 days ago

Wrestling Ain't Real    

Just because the "TMZ Darlings" (Lohan, Paris, Britney and now Sweetin) are all drugged out pieces of Trash with Cash, does not mean every "star" does coke or drugs. Read any book on KISS or interviews with other rock bands -- Paul Stanley does NOT do drugs and doesn't even drink!

Considering all the women he's slept with over the years, myabe too much sex makes you look the Paul looks -- if so, I hope I look like him when I'm older!!!!

2641 days ago


Fell out of the FUGLY tree and hit EVERY branch on his way down. That is one FUGLY dude!

2641 days ago

KISS superfreak    

Some of you people obviously don't know s**t about KISS. Don't make comments about people/things you know nothing about. Perhaps you should try commenting on what it is like being a total loser who has the audacity to criticize one of the most influencial and talented musicians of our time. You seem to be experts on that subject!

2641 days ago


Paul Stanley and Chris Angel seperated at birth???????

2641 days ago
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