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Brit Squats While Kid's Teeth Rot

8/1/2007 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nothin' like nutritious, delicious soda pop for the kiddies! Brit-Brit's taken to serving soda and juice to 22-month-old Sean and 11-month-old Jayden in their baby bottles, according to Us Magazine. Now the tiny tots are suffering from tooth decay -- and their dental problems are so bad that Brit's asked an L.A. dentist to whiten her kid's teeth. The dentist refused. Paging the Tooth Fairy!

Bumbling Britney caused another ruckus when the trainwreckin' poptart went real estate shopping and made a mess of one $6.5 million property. She reportedly had her bodyguard bring over some of her belongings so that she could feel "more at home" in the new pad. Movin' on up! The pop star squatter then chowed down on Mexican food with her two kids, getting "crumbs and grease everywhere" and "trashing" the house. It's taco time!

A riled source says Senorita Spears let her kids and dog have full run of the house, saying, "She left the bed a mess."


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Hewlett: 3-Year-Old Drowns in Pool

TO ALL HYPOCRITES and HATERS and Britney bashers

Article from NY Times
Published: July 16, 2007

A 3-year-old girl drowned in a swimming pool at a house on Long Island late yesterday, the Nassau County police said. The girl, whom the police did not identify, was taken from the house, at 15 Princeton Avenue in Hewlett, about 7 p.m. to South Nassau Communities Hospital, where she died, the police said.

You are so concerned about safety of Britney babies but where were you when that baby drowned? Why you are not appalled about those parents! They might be your neighbor kids. Did you call social service.


You are obsessed with hate of B, trying to fill void in your life by following life of celebrities that you do not see what happen around you. ? Why nobody took picture of those people swimming pool? Where was X17, Perez Hilton, TMZ and all money hungry photographers??

Take a break and go contemplate your action and do not judge Britney. If you are so concerned about children go and look around what happen. Bring integrity back to journalism.

ALL of YOU ARE responsible for death of that baby because you did nothing to prevent it.

ALL OF YOU if you have some conscience please stop that obsession with celebrities. Stop reading that crap. If you want to make change DO IT. Do not sit on your fat ass in front of computer hating.

Some day when you are on your death bed what will you thinking?

A: I wish I did something good in my life. Why nobody help save that baby.

B: I wish to know what Britney is doing. Take her kids away

Never mind. Knowing you your answer is B. At least I tried save humanity from that madness.

Please, it is never to late to stop that madness and make a difference

2639 days ago



2639 days ago


soda in the bottles? disgusting.
this chick is so done. all she has left is making a complete idiot of herself

2639 days ago


leave her alone, its not easy being a single mom of two boys.

2639 days ago


I love that "soda in bottles" makes top billing. Because, you know, that's the WORSE these kids are going though.

2639 days ago


That ok! artical was a joke! There were no pictures to back up their story. If Brit eats nothing but greasy food then how did she lose all her baby weight she would be like 200lbs if she just ate junk. Same with the pop and juice in the bottles any pics of that? or an interview with the so called dentist? If she really left this place she was looking at such a mess where is the proof? I am not a huge fan of this girl and I think she may benifit from a parenting class to help her deal but I don't think people should believe everything they read.

2639 days ago


************** These 2 little brats are going to have some SERIOUS mental problems, both created by mommy and by bad genes............just what the world needs 2 more little a**wipes running around embarrassing themselves. Let's hear it for TRAILER TRASH,
y'all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2639 days ago


Just when Brit couldn't impress me anymore, she's done it. I will keep this short because I do not want my negative comments to support these "actresses, singer's, and movie stars" in anyway. People, we need to stop supporting them... stop buying their music, stop going to their concerts, do not go see their movies! That is how they will go away!

2639 days ago

who cares    

Kids should be off bottles when their teeth are developed. Hate to know what diaper rash from left on soiled diapers. Should be potty trained by now.....but trained by who??

2639 days ago


Who's your source, Kevin, Please the guy marries her for what a year or so gets divorced is making 35k a month plus whatever else he got, what would he be w/o that marriage. A LOSER, she worked hard for that money and I don't believe all the stories, Kevin is not a "good" father on and look at what he did to the first woman he dumped her while she was pregnant for Britney, So he's no saint, he's a player......Follow the money and I bet he's the one who is making money now for these rumors. I feel bad for her, she got played and now she has to pay for it.

2639 days ago


Well, you have done a lot of research to the one who posted a very long POST to degrade BRITNEY. That must be interesting since you hate her so much. But you keep reading about her. How sad! You must be unemployed with nothing to do, and still find time to read with people you don't like. Get a LIFE! K-FED, people use to HATE HIM. Your Memories are short. He keeps partying while Britney is at home waiting for him and spending her money when they were still married. Now K-fed is a better parent. As a fan, I admit she might have a problem but She is a human being that sometimes we interpret her actions negatively. Well, dirty stories sells. She is lonely, I can feel that and it makes me sad. I have faith in you Britney. You will get through this. If people continue to say negative things about her. You are not helping her. YOu are only destroying her self-esteem. She made mistakes. But people are so HARSh to her. Have a heart. Not too long ago, she had a breakdown by shaving her hair. I don't want that to happen again. Let's try to help her. There is a saying" If you don't have anything GOOD to say then don't say anything at all." There is a way to expressing disappointments to her actions but some people are just way over reacting. Like they are doing no MISTAKES with their own lives. I have 2 quotations for you BRITNEY: 1) Most of the things that said about you by other people doesn't really say about who you are. Rather it says more of who they are." 2)"You don't have to explain yourself because those who hate you, won't believe it. Those who LOVES you doesn't need it." With the last quote, it means No matter what you do or how good you are, they just interepret the things you do and say in a negative way. Those who LOVEs You, like your loyal fans like me. No matter what, we will stick with you. We have faith in you. You can do it. Go, girl and GOD BLESS U ALWAYS

2639 days ago


Those kids are adorable! Too bad their mom has a touch of the "crazies."

2639 days ago


eventually this chick will just off herself and we won't have to hear about her ride on the crazy train anymore. maybe you should get moving on that, brit-brit. then your kids might have a hope of having some happiness in their future.

2639 days ago


I never thought i would ever say this but Kfed should get a good lawyer and try to get custody of his kids before that nut Britney spears does more damage to them. She clearly needs psychiatric help........Also shes needs to take a class in

2639 days ago


I think that the biggest problem with Britney and her parenting is that she is an extremely immature person trying to take care of two small children. Of course there are nannies to change diapers and do all the heavy lifting, so she can parent when it's convenient for her. When it comes time for her to be a parent, she has no clue what is the best thing for her kids. They want pop, she gives them pop, otherwise there is will be a huge temper tantrum, so it's way easier to give in and avoid being the bad guy. Since Britney was raised the way she was, growing up as a child star, she obviously has had little structure and a lot of bad behavior was probably ignored or overlooked. Her parents have contributed to the problems she has now and did not raise her with any type of coping skills.

What I foresee is in about 14-15 years, she is going to have two out of control boys who have no respect for authority, have no morals, values and ethics and have money shoveled at them to keep them happy. Britney is a mess and unless she does a 180 real quick, she is going to raise another generation of selfish, ignorant, troubled brats just like her.

What scares me is the way she doesn't seem to have a real grasp on car seat safety and she is putting the lives of those kids in danger every time she doesn't put them in a car seat, doesn't have it buckled or else has the car seat in the car incorrectly.

Britney needs to check herself before she wrecks herself more.

2639 days ago
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