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Brit's "High Profile" 311 Call

8/1/2007 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a 311 non-emergency call to Vegas cops made by a security guard at the Wynn Hotel after a bodyguard for Britney Spears allegedly roughed up two paparazzos at the hotel on July 26.

In the tape, the guard does not specifically reference Brit, only calling her a "high profile guest."

Spears' bodyguard was cited by Las Vegas police for misdemeanor battery.


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That Wynn Security guy is one of those irritating 'high talkers'. High Talkers always end their sentences on a high pitch

2607 days ago


# 31 I agree your and #27 how did this become a racial issue??

2607 days ago

river rat    

She took her children out of state without notifying their father. She was in direct violation of the custody agreement. If the children had remained home where they were supposed to be, this incident would never have happened. It seems Spears and Lohan have more trouble with the paparazzi than anyone else in that effed-up town. Why is that? Perhaps their ridiculously outlandish behavior is an open invitation. I am sooooo sick of hearing about these losers!

2607 days ago


river city rascal
Where are the court papers that Kfed filed saying she took the kids without permission?
TMZ has copies of everyones business, where are these papers. Surley if the story was true kfed would act and not just sit back, after all he is looking for full custudy right?

2607 days ago


The gravest threat to these two children is Brittney herself. Those children need a more stable home until she gets herself together.

2607 days ago


you know that it's paparazzi for the plural of paparazzo right? I know you guys cover britney spears and all, but I at least expect some decent grammar from this site.

2607 days ago


What all of the magazine publications and the parparazzi should do, is blacklist the lunatic and ignore her completely. She will be begging for publicity. She's not only a disgrace to motherhood, but also to the entertainment profession. Now she's so desperate, she has a stripper video out. I guess the title is, Miss Piggy!!!

2607 days ago


Leave her alone

2607 days ago



2607 days ago

shock me    

this photo is really scary, this girl needs serious intervention, Brit please! get some help, all involved are to blame, if you flash your precious body all over when you know the paps are everywhere, you can never aquire respect, speaking for myself I pray you can get over this challenge and come out of it victorious, considering the other options

2607 days ago


#12 I think Britney needs a lot of help and she needs a lot of support.. obviously she's not getting it so she's reaching out by all the insane behavior she's been showing lately. If she had PPD she wouldn't want to leave her house and would be laying around all day.

The fact that she gets out shows me she's at least doing something to keep herself occupied.. I'm thinking part of her behavior has something to do with getting K-Fed out of her system. I think K-Fed was just out to get in her pants and get her money, personally she's better off without him and hopefully she realizes that.

To all the negative posters.. if you were in Britney's situation and you needed help but didn't know how to ask for it.. would you go out and seek attention? (By that I mean the wrong attention; like she's getting now) Maybe she's too far gone but only time will tell.

I just hope she gets better before it's too late and she starts taking care of those precious boys of hers.

2607 days ago


I am 24 and the single mom of a six year old. I would like to agree with everyone who is saying that Britney needs a serious intervention. Yeah I was young when I had my kid, but there are serious things that you need to give up when you decide to become a parent. And trapesing around with your kids in the lime light and causing nothing but havoc in your childrens lives is not healthy for anyone. I just think she needs to think clearly about what she is doing. Children are our future, and unfortunatley now those children don't have a very bright one.

2607 days ago


Chrissy, that's the point, - she DOESN'T acknowledge her mental distress (which is VERY normal, oddly enough). Personal illogical denial is a symptom of someone in her mental state, and her being an adult only complicates everything legally. To "force" an adult into intervention takes a lot, usually a court order, and to accomplish this takes a LOT of undeniable evidence. Sure, she is self-destructive, and a very possible danger to others, but our laws were also written to protect those who would be FALSELY accused, - there is a VERY fine line separating the two. Sadly, and actually, it usually comes at the cost of themselves or another. So far, hindsight has taught us very little. Hopefully, for all concerned, she'll come to question her behaviors and acknowledge her need for care, - but, don't count on it. Self-justification and abject denial are symptoms of people in her "situation", how much easier to condone your own actions when you've been pandered to nearly all of your life and wealthy enough to buy all the "yes-men" your heart desires. Woe to the children who's hands ARE tied.

2606 days ago


OMG! I cannot believe that someone would actually even think about saying that someone should look into suicide.... should be ashamed of yourself

I wish everyone would leave Brittany alone..let her live her life and everyone else should live there own life.

2606 days ago


Ha, well I am surprised the paparazzi doesn't get their a-- kicked more often. The guy probably got what he deserved. There are two sides to everything. Everyone needs to understand, that the Paparazzi, tries to make things like this happen. It is moola!

It is very unlikely that Spears will lose her kids, lose custody, etc. Evidently a lot of folks on here, don't know much about custody trials, arrangements, etc. Yea, she cut her hair, blah, blah, blah, So what?

True custody battles are a game of chess, and if expert evaluators are brought in, you might be very surprised at the recommendations. How was Federline doing before any custody battles, etc? Exactly.

2606 days ago
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