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Mom of Jackson's Accuser: I'm Only a Small Fraud

8/1/2007 2:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of Michael Jackson's 2004 accuser is no longer a felon.

TMZ was in court as Janet Arvizo (whose married name is now ironically Janet Jackson) told a judge -- through her attorney -- that she successfully completed her community service in connection with a no contest plea to felony welfare fraud.

During cross-examination in the 2005 molestation trial, Arvizo admitted she had failed to disclose income that would have disqualified her from receiving $8,606.98 in welfare benefits.

After the judge was satisfied that Arvizo complied by paying the fine and doing the community service time, she reduced the felony to a misdemeanor.


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WHO CARES????????//

2607 days ago



2607 days ago


he is so crazy

2607 days ago


She should have the charges wiped clean from her record. She was only stealing money from all of us taxpayers.

2607 days ago


man did his face fall off yet?

2607 days ago


That woman stole thousands of dollars from the California welfare system after obtaining, an concealing a huge $152,000 settlement in a J.C. Penney case where she and her ENTIRE family (including the boy who accused Michael Jackson) admittedly lied under oath and made up wild accusations against J.C. Penney security (after the boy was caught shoplifting) including molestation, false imprisonment and battery. She had in excess of $30,000 in the bank alone as she was collecting welfare funds, she should have been sent to prison!

2607 days ago


You need to open your dictionary and look up the definition of the word 'ironic.' Perhaps you meant 'coincidentally.'

2607 days ago

Next Stop...Psych Ward    

She may have stolen 'public' money, but MJ has stolen many a childs' innocence!

He is a filthy 'Peadophile"!

2607 days ago


Love Michael Jackson or loathe him, he was obviously framed by this family and they basically admitted as much on the stand in the constant lies they told and the ever-changing stories about how it happened. I know some crazies here would like to believe that Michael Jackson molested a child (for their own morbid reasons) but it simply did not happen.

2607 days ago


That was the most boringest story I've ever read in my life. Who gives an alligators ass!

2607 days ago



2607 days ago


JP I agree with you 100%. Who cares what goes on in Wako Jakos life. lmao

2607 days ago


Newsflash for you sickos who posted: Jackson is officially NOT a pedophile. He was CLEARED of all charges by the jury, who didn't even believe the boy or mother's stories.

And one more thing: since you people are so confident that he is a pedophile, remember this piece of knowledge: it takes one to know one.

2607 days ago


I don’t believe MJ molested those kids. While I lived in Toronto I shared a home with a single mom who had a son that was registered to MJ Foundation. The Foundation called and said her son was selected to visited MJ home, on their return from their stay, I was told what a wonderful time her son had, she said when she was contacted by MJ organization she was told, they can bring any amount of people with them including her son doctor; nurse and even his pet. Mj organization was there to give kids a once in a life time dream. People like Janet Arvizo took advantage of the Fundation and has cause other kids not to enjoy what she and her son did. It’s a shame.

2607 days ago


For the rest of my life I will wonder what Mike did and didn't do. I feel he is effiminate and probably gay....kudos for that probability. He remains a much maligned and miss -understood genius. His philanthropy and goodwill will outlast all the tons and tons of scandal laddened rhetoric showered on this imperfect/perfect human being. All the giants of wall street, hip hop,academia or legislators the world over will all be forever trillions of miles away from Michael's impact on modern history. I will always wish the Kid well. Finally, I so want to believe Mike did not do sexual things with those children. I do believe much of him his naivete' and whimsicle. I believe he is a fine and honest man so many of us mortals can only dream about emulating. God bless Michael and this great country of ours the United States of America. Thanks for listening, Harry

2607 days ago
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