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Suri Confronts Other Species

8/1/2007 11:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adorable scientolospawn Suri Cruise, accompanied by winsome robomom Katie Holmes, examined a four-footed specimen on a Berlin street yesterday.

The tiny creature was a little frightened by the appearance, but his owner tugged at his leash to reassure him.

The third Mrs. Cruise, in Amy Winehouse flats, and daughter have accompanied the former Thomas Cruise Mapother IV to Germany, while he's making that Hitler movie.


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I am shocked that so many people are hatin' on Suri. She is adorable. And the ones putting down Scientology obviously havent a clue what they are talking about. Let me get this straight... its easier for you to believe that some guy, wished our entire existence into reality, fought a creature that lives in fire, had a son from a virgin, and claims in many passages that basically adultery is punishible by death, pride is evil, and oh btw, your going to a firey place when you die unless you worship me - than it is to believe the basic idea of "In Scientology no one is asked to accept anything as belief or on faith. That which is true for you is what you have observed to be true" Good one morons. Its people like you that will keep us in war and hate for many many years to come. Rock on Christians! Your doing so well.

2638 days ago


It's really sad to read how so many people sit in a place of judgment and pick EVERYONE (even babies) apart in every tiny detail they can think of. I find it very difficult to believe that all of you were born beautiful, perfect and have done everything absolutely right your entire lives and therefore are superior enough to point out the faults you see in everyone else. What a shallow world we live in.

2638 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Alien babies are cute. Hope she can break free some day and mingle with the Human race.

2638 days ago

Laguna Beach    

What a sweet baby! Every picture is adorable. Katie really needs to dumb Cruise to save the future of the baby!

2638 days ago


Good grief take that bottle away. She is 2 years old!

2638 days ago


One of Katie's legs is bigger than the other? Suri's hair looks like a wig? Katie dresses like an old woman? The child is ugly? WTF?? Are you guys nuts? And who really cares what their religion is?

Strange as other beliefs may seem, they are not hurting anyone.

Katie is beautiful and obviously has TONS of class. She dresses like a woman, a married woman, a proud mommy. She has no reason to ever be ashamed when these pictures come out. I've seen quite a few mommies who should be taking notes!

Suri is absolutely adorable! I don't know how anyone can feel good about themselves when they pick on a baby.

2638 days ago

mid us    

She is a beautiful little girl. So what if she still has a bottle. SOme kids have blankets, some have pacifiers.....She is just adorable and looks like a happy little girl:-)

2638 days ago

Just Me    

Time to give up the bottle! The parents of Suri need to take it away, NOW, give her
a cup, and that is that!!!!

2638 days ago

mid us    

Get her off the bottle and that is that???? Since when is it your business? My God, nice to see a little kid being a little kid. She's not hurting anyone. Some of you people ar so frickin uptight about something that has nothing to do with you. If you don't want to see it, quit looking!

2638 days ago


Now we see how bitchy & mean spirited TMZ writers can be. This is a cute baby, and she & her mom are doing normal things. However, the bitches at TMZ feel they must catagorize & label A BABY by calling it "scientolospawn" and other such drivel. Give it a rest, you bozos; she's a child. Her parents may have decided to seek publicity, but the kid didn't sign on for this; allow the child to grow up as a normal kid (which, from all accounts, Tom & Katie are dedicated to doing). If you keep forcing publicity down her throat, you may create the next slutney or ho-han, and we definitely don't need any more of those morons...

2638 days ago


Suri is not 2 years old, she just turned 1 a couple months ago ... nothing wrong with her having a bottle esp when they're seeing the sites (kinda hard to have a sippy cup in hand while walking). She is precious, so precious.

2638 days ago


Even the dogs have to bow down and kiss their asses.

2638 days ago


Suri is adorable and so is her mother. This couple is growing on me. They just keep getting better and are obviously very happy together. To criticize one's religious beliefs is horrible. People are entitled to believe how they wish. Free choice, people. And on the bottle issue, my bif's 15 month old is still on the bottle per Doctor instructions. He is not eating enough solids and won't take a sippy and the Doctor said to keep with the bottle until the solids catch up. SO MYOB you freakishly ignorant judgers of others. You can't know what is going on so shut your big yaps.

2638 days ago


Suri's the Anti-Christ.

2638 days ago


I think Katie looks great- just because she doesn't dress like a whore like Brit & many other celebs. Classy!!!

2638 days ago
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