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A Woman of Few Words

8/2/2007 5:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Punk pixie Avril Lavigne faced a slew of paparazzi outside of Opera last night. When our camera guy asked Avril how she was doing, she simply replied with a high-pitched, girly shriek. Point taken.

Ron Jeremy was also at Opera last night -- and he was more than excited to see our camera. "Which one's TMZ?" Ron asked. "You guys are lightning." Guess that makes him the thunder.

Also out on the town: Nicollette Sheridan at Koi with Michael Bolton, Meagan Good signing autographs for fans and Kim Kardashian after a facial.

All this and less in today's monosyllabic edition of Star Catcher.


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Avril...Punk??? LOL!! She's so punk that they play her on Radio Disney!

2607 days ago

5 cent    

can someone teach her the proper way to do eye make up? She looks like a Bratz doll.

2607 days ago

simon birch    

You are right up town tmz when you have ron jeremy the fat pig porn star giving you thumbs up....yes sir you can be real proud tmz.....

2607 days ago


This girl REALLY needs a tan!

2606 days ago

simon birch    

Poor Avril....She isn't so bad....shes making it in a cut-throat business and if she is smart will get out before she goes britiany or paris.....I happen to like her little squeal....yo!

2606 days ago


Avirl is SO not punk. Someone needs to tell her that wearing plad pants/skirts doesn't automatically make a person "punk" - especially when she only sings bubblegum rock for the kiddie set.

2606 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Totally fake! A real poser!

2606 days ago


I'm sure Avril still remembers what real punk is like, but record companies don't want real punk, or even real music for that matter. It's this crap that sells. We have nobody to blame but ourselves evidently. Avril does need to learn the difference between what acting like a woman and a spoiled little girl is. Call charm school.

2606 days ago


For the love of blog, please do not ever refer to Avril as "punk". She's as punk as my grandma.

2606 days ago


It's not Avril's fault that she has to pretend to be punk. She was a country singer, for fark's sake. It was her money-grubbing music label that forced her to "change."

2606 days ago


i'd like to see avril's lavigne.....yummy

2606 days ago


I was going to say what has she done in yrs but I forgot she has that terrible new song out which she is being sued for stealing. She is just not talented so why do paparrazzi take her picture? She is a F list star at best.

2606 days ago


Being a "Punk" is not being into punk music. Her music is far from punk music and is probably not written at all by her.
Dressing goofy does not make one a punk rocker!

2606 days ago


You guys are so sad that you have nothing better to do than criticise Avril. Pathetic, pathetic. -_-

2604 days ago

Michelle Marie    

It looks like she let out that shriek because she almost fell on her ass, not because she is so pumped about her life.

2603 days ago
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