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Counselor To Garrison -- You Must Go Down

8/2/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

lane garrisonThe counselor just testified that Garrison should go to prison, reasoning that anything less "is a shame to the court system."

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2647 days ago


That counselor is moronic and testimony like that shouldn't be allowed.

2647 days ago


The victims mom should go to jail. Why was her underage son out that late with this bozo.

2647 days ago



2647 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

Beverly Hills is a very safe place so 17 yr olds who are natives of this city will b out as late as they please, i kno my friend knew the victim personally and that actually a lot of ppl miss that fellow. they are persians and in their culture friends are like family. they dont deserve this kind of misery.

2647 days ago


Number 3.. now now, kids will be kids, and when they hit their teen years, You can tell them something until you're blue in the face!!!

This is sad all the way raound.

2647 days ago


I feel terrible for all that are involved. Prison is the only solution. While he may regret what he did, and I truly feel he does, there was still a life taken due to his irresponsible reasoning that evening. It doesn't matter that the 17 year old was drinking. He wasn't the one driving and legally he is not an adult who can consent to such things. He was wrong for drinking but that doesn't mean he should have died that night. As far as putting his mother in jail, don't you think she is going to be in "jail" for the rest of her life? the jail of the absolute devastation of losing your own child. This is really tragic.

2647 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

and u kno that kids will hang out with older ppl especially if they re celebs. im more wondering what that guy was doing hanging out with minors. OY!

ppl need to get thru their head that NO ONE is invincible! death is inevitable.

2647 days ago


I kind of feel bad for the guy but he should absolutely be held accountable for his actions. Someone died.

2647 days ago


17 year olds are out late in Beverly Hills because they hit the clubs at 17, or even 16. That's a fact, and the clubs let them in, just look at that Hayden chick, been going to clubs for some time and she's only 17. Parents need to wake up already!

2647 days ago


Okay whoever is blaming the kids here is on crack because teenagers dont exactly have the best judgment skills and I am sure they were so excited to be hanging out with this guy that the danger of the situation never entered their minds, the ADULT who was with them however has no excuse to have not anticipated the possibility of a serious accident !! Why couldnt have he hired someone to drive him around that night? It's a sad situation but it's not right to blame the kids. Any way you look at it the driver is at fault here.

2647 days ago

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