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Garrison's First Witness

8/2/2007 1:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

muse watsonMuse Watson, a veteran character actor, just got on the stand and said, "I realized what a horrible and terrible childhood he went through."

Watson also said Garrison had sympathy for his autistic daughter. He even brought Elmo to meet her." We believe Elmo is a dog.

Watson went on, "This is a very selfless person. This is a person who cares about other people. This is an extraordinary young man. This is an awful case."

Watson said, "He told me, 'Muse, I'm gonna plead guilty because it's best for the family.'"

By the way, Muse was an actor on "Prison Break" along with Garrison. Muse's character died at the end of the second season. Watson also played the victim of a drunken hit and run in the 1997 movie "I Know What You Did Last Summer."


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The passangers in the car as just as much to blame as Lane is. People need to take responsibility for thier own actions. They knew he was drunk and not only did they let him drive but they got in the car with him.

2636 days ago


Look, NONE of this matters! He was driving VERY drunk and under the influence of coke! Beginning and end of his story that night.

2636 days ago


this is a sad case and yes he was wrong for drinking and driving.. but what were a bunch of kids doing partying anyway.. maybe there parents should take some of the blame to.. these kids were in high school and should have been at home..

2636 days ago

The Expatriot    

Garrison? Watson? Dixon?

Umh... Whozat?

2636 days ago


The kids in that care are very much to blame too. I agree. They got in the car, they knew he'd been drinking.

As for sticking to the facts, I think character witnesses are important. He should be punished and he will be, but there's a difference between someone who did this kind of thing and has no regret and someone who does. Your character should play a (small) role in your sentencing.

2636 days ago


This is a sad, sad, sad situation, Lane was neglent and should pay a price. However, I truly believe he is sorry for his actions. Unlike many other celeb's he has admitted his wrong doing. I agree that he should do time, but do not think he will get 6 years. If he does get six years, my guess is he will be out in 2. Hopefully others will learn from Lane's mistake and think twice before they drink and drive. Too many familes lives have been ruined by a drunk driver.

2636 days ago


i agree with min, those people should not have gotten in the car with him and that's the truth. #2- i'm sorry, but you're WRONG. everything matters and everything needs to be taken into consideration in this and any situation. life isn't black and white and we ALL need to take responsibility for our actions. i'm happy to see he did, where are the OTHER kids? no one else is owning up

2636 days ago


I drive on the freeways at night all the time. I know there are drunk drivers out there. Would I be at fault too if a drunk driver hit me? After all I'm driving when I know there is a drunk out there.

2636 days ago

Time WILL Tell    

TMZ-------5 people have posted, but 1,029 have voted on poll. Your polls are rigged.

2636 days ago


He messed up and killed someone. He pleaded guilty. I could see people hating him if he was denying this or trying to spin it a different way, but he isn't. The kids should have some sort of responsibility in getting in the car with an obviously drunk stranger. Not saying anyone else is to blame, but he didn't force them into the car by gunpoint either.

2636 days ago

Time WILL Tell    

couple minutes later and poll now says 1694 darn people are voting FAST !!!!!!!!!!

2636 days ago


Who gives a crap? I don't care about this case or this guy.

2636 days ago


I think the 90 days diagnostic is a good sentence, he obviously is not a kid killer, and what happen to rebecca gayheart, she ran a kid over and got away with no jail time. it doesnt make it right but the boy that died was in the car drunk as well.......

2636 days ago


Muse's character didn't die at the end of season two, he died at the end of season one.

2636 days ago


#9, it doesn't change the fact that the underage kids should of been home and not in a big city drinking and riding with someone they had just met from a party.
It is also an assumption that we could be driving by a drunk driver when out on the highway. These kids made the choice to get in the car with one. Lane , kids and parents are all to blame. It seems that most people always want to blame someone else for their mistakes. Lane , admitting to his mistake ,made a huge one and should do some time. However, the parents were not being parents when their son was out on the town under age. What will it take for parents to be responsible for their kids. They should do time too , perhaps that would enforce better parenting.

2636 days ago

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