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PETA-likes Protest Paris and Brit

8/2/2007 5:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dressed as pop dog carriers Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, PETA protesters took to the streets of Hollywood today to cast light on the problems caused by buying pets through a breeder. But really, when you dispatch people dressed up as those two, no one really cares what your cause is!

According to PETA, for every dog or cat purchased from a breeder or pet store, another dog or cat on death row at an animal shelter must be killed. At the rate Paris and Britney are going, there won't be any pets left for the rest of us! Arf, y'all!

"Forget jail or rehab," PETA Director Daphna Nachminovitch says. "These selfish stars should do a stint in an animal shelter." Hopefully, they've already had all their shots.


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2617 days ago


LL, you sound very young. Pet stores eventually will find a place for their dogs, because it it expensive to feed them, and give them medical care. There are many reports of pet stores hiding sick animals because they won't pay for treatment. Bottom line: if it's not profitable, you won't see stores sell dogs.

2617 days ago


oh .......... give me a break........these people are nuts

2617 days ago


What a bunch of PETA dipwads! These people are so frickin' ridiculous...I'm no fan of Britney of Paris, but if they want to buy a pure-bred dog, they have every d@mn right to do so!

You guys have totally crossed the liine; harrassing people for the CHOICES they've made to get a dog from some place other than the pound. Furthermore, you are behind the asinine CA petition ( I don't even know if it's law right now) that mandates that EVERY dog and cat be neutered. I swear, you idiots care more about animals than frickin' humans. Please get a life and stop telling us pet owners how to live ours!

**By the way, I'm a proud owner of a Bassett Hound and I couldn't love him more!

2617 days ago


I am so happy that thus far the posts on this story are anti-PETA. How this organization
has gotten so much "power" is beyond me. Whether we like pets or not, these Nazis have no right to tell us, dare I say BULLY us, as to where we should buy them! Like it or
not, Humans are the Kings and Queens of this jungle!

I'm going out tonight and eating lots of steak, lobster, quail maybe a little salad. Then
tomorrow I'm buying a fur coat. Even though it's about 92 degrees right now. Hey PETA,
should I buy the fur at a "store" or just trap my own? Toodles all.

2617 days ago

too sad    


always adopt ,
go to shelters or
on line ..........
there are hundreds of perfect unwanted young beautiful animals that NEED a home now in the l.a , ca .area..............
animal shelters ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
the animals will love you forever !

2617 days ago


If people saw what goes on at these so called pet stores and shops they would realize Peta is correct. There are no such thing as responsible breeders. They discard sick dogs and cats by throwing them away in the garbage to die. Like they are the employee's leftover lunch, or just leave them in the backroom cages to die. With animal population out of control due to owner's failure to spay their pets, we don't need one other dog from any type of breeder be it a puppy mill, who's atrocities are numerous, to the back yard casual breeder who aren't always able to find suitable homes for the animals.

2617 days ago


I applaud their efforts, I would NEVER get an animal from a breeder. There are too many out there tin the shelters that need our love.

2617 days ago

Big Bear    

Wait just a darn minute!!! parass is a breeder and she made a tape of the breeding. Take that PETA!!!!!!!!

2617 days ago


Also, let's not forget PETA was one of the first, if not first organization to bring the Michael Vick dogfighting news to the attention of the public. They were the first to organize protests and petitions to suspend Michael Vick from the NFL and repeatedly made requests to Nike that they sever all future deals with this cruel animal abuser. The NFL has banded him from trainingcamp & Nike eventually suspended his contract with no pay after Peta threatened to protest at each of their Niketowns. And PETA has no intention of letting up the pressure on Vick or any company still associated with him. I applaud PETA for acting in the face of ignorance and many people who still have a narrow minded view od how we should treat other living creatures on this planet.

2617 days ago


What happened to the ignorance meter of TMZ's commenting readers today, it's off the charts.

Hey geniuses, there's an overpopulation CRISIS of dogs and cats--you buy from a pet store and you support the puppy mill wackjobs who force the poor mother of your "adorable" new little chihuahua to remain in a tiny hutch her whole life, only being let out or receiving attention when she's raped to produce her 35th littler of puppies. They only use each mother dog for 3-4 years and then wheat do you think happens to them?


2617 days ago


Oh, don't ever diss PETA. They are way too radical at times, but they always, ALWAYS, have the best interests of animals at heart. And if you think animal neglect/abuse isn't that big a deal, think again. People who start off abusing animals will often go on to bigger and better things--namely CHILD ABUSE.

2617 days ago


GINA - I got my purebred Bassett from a bassett and king cavalier breeder here in Northern California. They are Christians and do not treat their dogs that way...I've been to their ranch on numerous occasions. Lumping ALL breeders together into one category is JUST as ignorant you proclaim all us non-PETA people to be!

2617 days ago


I am so glad to see PETA get trashed. I am an animal lover and hate to see people mistreat them, but the tactic PETA uses are the same as the anti-abortion people. They disgust you with awful photos of skinned animals (anti-abort uses terminated pregnancy fetuses) and expect you can support them. When my little boys crossed one of the posters, it took me weeks to help them get over the visual. I was so angry I wanted to sue them for the trauma my boys went through at 4 and 6 years old. I would have gladly been a supporter but those tactics are as bad as the torture to animals. I wish one of them would hit me with some red paint (signifying the blood of animals, I suppose). Believe me they would get hit back and paint would be the last thing I would use. And the thing with Michael Vick....what he did is deplorable, however; where were they when Robert Blake killed his human wife, where are they with Phil Spector on trial for killing a human woman. I realize we need someone to speak for the animals and for all of you who do that, there will be special rewards for all of you, but for the PETA people...they should be fined for the things they do. I normally don't hate, but for PETA, I will make an exception. They do hunt celebrities so they can get more air time. My boys are 23 and 25 now and I have hated PETA since they were small. Good Job PETA! NOT!!!!

2617 days ago


Furthermore, if you support that kind of cruelty you best not moan about psychos like Michael Vick--your "freedom to buy whatever dog I want to show off" attitude causes the deaths of millions of cats and dogs each year, many in ways just as cruel. And yes, people who actually care about the animals have to do the euthanizing for your dirty little selves, because unlike you, they know that humane euthanasia is a far better option than the alternative for unwanted animals--being cruelly killed by psychos on the street or gassed slowly to death in underfunded shelters--or perhaps worst of all, left to go slowly insane and die a slow death over the course of TEN YEARS or more caged up in a tiny little cell or run in a warehouse somewhere. What do you think "no kill" shelters do with unadoptable dogs? Oh yeah, a life in a room full of the loud screaming and crying of other suffering animals that are also cramped in a cage 24/7 every moment of their lives--it never stops--driving them crazy until they chew their own limbs off--you guys are SO humane by espousing that belief. Out of sight out of mind only means you pretend like just because they're still alive you've done the right thing. Breathing isn't necessarily life. There are far more animals then there are homes already.


2617 days ago
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