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Drummer Girl Says Bomb, Not Firecracker, Blasted Finger

8/3/2007 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A teenage punk drummer, whose hand was blasted in a July 4 explosion, says that whatever blew up next to her -- resulting in an amputated index finger -- was more like a weapon than a firecracker.

Roisin Isner of the band Tinkture tells TMZ that what was thrown at her as she sat watching fireworks in San Francisco's Dolores Park wasn't just a roman candle or the like. "What got thrown at me was a spent CO2 cartridge ... stuffed with dynamite ... and fixed with a hobby fuse ... legally deeming it a bomb," says Roisin (pronounced Roh-sheen).

She didn't pick up the explosive, she says, merely put her hand next to it to get up and run away. When the "bomb" blasted, it turned the bones of her index finger to "mush," she says, and her middle finger was badly broken.

The good news for Isner is that she'll be playing the drums again, albeit with one less finger on her right hand. Still, she has no idea why anyone would want to harm her in this way, and police still haven't found the culprit. Isner, for one, isn't too worried: "It definitely won't grow my finger back."


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todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

i feel sad 4 her i hope they find out who did it!

2604 days ago


You know whats creepy? She looks A LOT like Christina Aguilera.

2604 days ago


An injury caused by a weapon lends much more street cred to a punk-rocker than a firecracker. Whatever caused the injury, however, does not diminish the fact that she was hurt by some type of explosive device.

2604 days ago


hmmm - metal cased (co2 cartridge) filled with dynamite (not likely, if anything, would be black powder), blowing up would of caused more damage then damaging her fingers.

Like shrapnel wounds from the exploding co2 cart. (no mention of that).

was probably a m-80/100, paper case, can cause the injury she has.

sucks though, either way..

2604 days ago


So what leads do the police have regarding the perpetrator of this malicious act directed against her???

No, Roisin- justice won't grow your finger back... But once that filth is identified and located, hopefully he/she will be taught a what it's like to suffer such damage to a body part.

They only targeted you because you're cute. Keep Rockin'!!!

2604 days ago


kind of sad that this person had to go through this and the person is still out there with no actions against him.

2604 days ago


#2 im with you, but she also looks alot like an Olsen.... perhaps a combo of xtina and one of the twins.

2604 days ago

Vanessa Somerville    

wow Harvey, maybe this girl can make a sex tape!

2604 days ago


I think she is looking a career in the food services industry right in the face.

2604 days ago


she looks like a grown up version of the older daughter on Still Standing...

2604 days ago

Larry Lubell    

An earlier post stated
" A Co2 cartridge filled with dynamite blowing up would of caused more damage then damaging her fingers"

I am not an expert in explosives, but if you read her statement, she states that she did not pick the thing up. That said it was possible that the explosive was at a distance of several feet. Clearly, the closer to the explosion, the greater the damage.

I have to say that I feel very sorry for Roisin Isner. I see nothing that justifies anyone having anything but empathy for her loss.
Larry Lubell

2604 days ago


It's absolutely bizarre to me. I was in Dolores Park with a few friends watching the fireworks. We left literally minutes before this happened. We just figured things were winding down and we found it ironic how we got a cab so quickly. A couple of our friends stayed behind and one of them called the cops to report what happened with this girl. I feel bad for the girl, I'm just glad we left when we did.

2604 days ago


On a positive note, the band is enjoying some great exposure right now. I mean how many of us had heard of Tinkture before now? Im not into chick bands, but they are alright. If this ends up leading them to their 15 minutes of fame, some might argue that it wasn't a huge price to pay. Hell, people have sold their bodies and souls for less. I for one certainly hope that a blessing of some sort comes out of such an obvious tragedy.

2604 days ago


Oh, and yes, she does look like a cross between an Olsen twin (pick one), and Christina Aguilera.

2604 days ago


Has the possibility she herself was setting off fireworks and one went off in her hand been disproved?

2604 days ago
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