Drummer Girl Says Bomb, Not Firecracker, Blasted Finger

8/3/2007 2:42 PM PDT

Drummer Girl Says Bomb, Not Firecracker, Blasted Finger

A teenage punk drummer, whose hand was blasted in a July 4 explosion, says that whatever blew up next to her -- resulting in an amputated index finger -- was more like a weapon than a firecracker.

Roisin Isner of the band Tinkture tells TMZ that what was thrown at her as she sat watching fireworks in San Francisco's Dolores Park wasn't just a roman candle or the like. "What got thrown at me was a spent CO2 cartridge ... stuffed with dynamite ... and fixed with a hobby fuse ... legally deeming it a bomb," says Roisin (pronounced Roh-sheen).

She didn't pick up the explosive, she says, merely put her hand next to it to get up and run away. When the "bomb" blasted, it turned the bones of her index finger to "mush," she says, and her middle finger was badly broken.

The good news for Isner is that she'll be playing the drums again, albeit with one less finger on her right hand. Still, she has no idea why anyone would want to harm her in this way, and police still haven't found the culprit. Isner, for one, isn't too worried: "It definitely won't grow my finger back."