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Marilyn Manson Sued

8/4/2007 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nazi paraphernalia, African masks and skeletons, oh my! Freaky-deaky rocker Marilyn Manson is being sued by bandmate Stephen Bier Jr. for allegedly misusing band funds to purchase odd ephemera -- and ex-wife Dita Von Teese's engagement ring.

Among the items Bier claims Manson purchased on his dollar: SS typewriters, swastika wall tiles; the skeleton of a 4-year-old Chinese girl; taxidermy models; and Von Teese's pricey $150,000 rock.

Bier is seeking punitive and compensatory damages, as well as legal fees and lost salary, which, reports People, "Bier believes to be in excess of $20 million."


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Reality is....    

creepy looking, devil worshiping piece of #((@. Who ever puts money in his pocket is an idiot and needs to seek therapy.

2636 days ago


He is disgusting now, i liked him last when he made Holywood. That was the end of him. It bothers me how he said he didn't care about the virginia tech shooting. His response was very cold, he really isn't just an act, there's something seriously wrong with him. Well there's something seriously wrong with anybody that needs that much attention, like all celebrities.

2636 days ago


This peculiar person is a permanent resident of the Twilight Zone.

2636 days ago


He was awesome back in the mid to late 90's. Now he's just a washed up douche.

2636 days ago


I love to watch the freak show that is the public. What ever Manson does, love him or hate him your'e still paying attention. He sells out shows all over the world and no he's not a cunning business man or a master at publicity. He has a great manager that never gets any credit for anything that he does. He has someone that holds his hand twentyfour hours a day. When will you ever learn this is nothing more then selling dish soap it's all marketing. Duh... Manson's an idiot so it could be in the range of 20 mil but when did he get control of the band members funds? Someone dropped the ball if they left the goober in charge of money.

2636 days ago


At last he's in news again!

2635 days ago


Whoa!! What a creep. What a sorry way to earn money by dressing up in that freakish looking garb with that scary looking face painted all white. Any woman who sees beauty in this must be crazy herself!! Both need intensive counseling!!

2635 days ago


really, who cares? The guy is absolutely gross and completely void of any hint of talent, other than creating his sickening "image"....

2635 days ago

He's Boring now    

This Hitler lover spent over 150k for a purse of Der Fuhrers former Mistress Eva Braun, according to AP wire this morning. Guess you missed that one uber TMZ reporters.How sexually creepy is that? Aside from showing worship towards one of the most professed killers this Earth has ever seen, what pray tell Mr Manson is the attraction to such butchery of the Human Race.

That you would show a form of worship with your dollar and interest to a Regime that slaughtered innocents shows you truly are beyond just in the business for the money. You have a secret fetish for wanting to be part of that time and place and murderous way.

Glorifying by collecting the most personal of Nazi momentos is despicable and should get you on the Target of Al Sharpton and others.

May you not rot in hell, but rather suffer for eternity n Heaven and its Goodness. Seems an appropirate form of reward for your Glory Giving to Nazism.

I dare you to show up at a show wearing a Nazi armband. Closet tough guy jerking off into Eva Brauns purse.

2635 days ago

jody spaziani    

Maryilyn has had his time in the sun. Now it's time to go back to the darkness he loves, just like he loves the devil! You're washed up! Latest CD released four weeks ago, is already plumitting down the Billboard charts. No one cares anymore freak! Just go away.

2635 days ago


Seeing Marilyn Manson in Chicago monday, Aug 13th. Can't wait.

2635 days ago


He probably thinks he's being rebellious by not buying american

2635 days ago


nASTYBOIl, i agree, ....geeze, Marilon are you still on that Meth crap???...get a life LOSER.

2635 days ago


Maybe he is building a collection of interesting artifacts?? Or maybe he plans to donate the Nazi articles to the Museum of Tolerance. Who knows? I don't find it strange for a person of means to collect historical items. I have some German stamps from the Nazi era- does that mean I am an anti-Semite? (NO!) What it means is...I am interested in history. I think if someone other than Manson bought the same items- no one would even care!

BTW - Stanley I know you??

2635 days ago


He is looking like Tiny Tim goes goth every day as he gets older.

2635 days ago
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