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Britney -- Suri's Role Model? It Depends...

8/6/2007 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's not yet 16 months old, but Suri is already giving Hollywood's bad girls a run for their panties.

Cameras spotted the Scientolotot on a candy run with her dad in Germany over the weekend, when suddenly, Suri pulled a Paris -- revealing her diaper to waiting snappers! Dad's in Berlin with that creepy haircut, making that Hitler movie.

Outside the store, they met up with up with mama Katie, where Suri grabbed her bottle, pointed at a random bike, and wandered down the street -- to plot her next controversial caper. Just another twenty years until her first book, Tommy Dearest.


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What the crap is wrong with you TMZ?? This is a baby, you SOB'S!!!This is really close to making you look like a bunch of child sex offenders!!! I would personally like to see your website taken away for this. And as for the camera men who actually took the photos, well, you need to be locked up you sick freaks!!

2637 days ago


She's a baby. That was the dumbest, most ridiculous and uncalled for gossip I have ever seen in my life. Get a life!

2637 days ago


I agree it is wrong to compare Suri to Brittney, but it is a joke! What is sad to me is that in the video there are 4 body guards. These parents can't even take their daughter out for candy without 4 body guards. I am happy to not be famous and just be able to go about my day with my daughter.

2637 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

yea cause when u can see a baby's diaper its soooooooooooooo XXXRated RIGHT??!?!

come on. go hate on ur own kids tmz staffers

2637 days ago


That is really sad that you guys put this picture up of a baby. I agree with everyone else. Must have been a boring day for you guys. Plus did you mean to say Brittany instead of Paris.....

2637 days ago


Doesn't stuff get proof-read before going online. I think anyone who was involved with the comment should be fired!

2637 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

What a STUPID comment! She's a Baby, it's a diaper.....Who ever wrote this is a PERVERT!!!! Leave the CHILDREN out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2637 days ago


TMZ writers are stupid.

2637 days ago


A friend told me to check out the TMZ web site. I did and was greeted with a "TMZ Staff"
story using a picture of baby Surie and accompanying text comparing the baby's diaper with the panty shots taken of various "celebrities". If I was her parent, I'd find out who "TMZ Staff" is and hurt them. I've never written an "online comment before", but this "article" is simply unconscionable .

2637 days ago

Colorado Hick    

Why don't you morons at TMZ actually do some home work before you post a story. I have seen you refer to this movie as the Hitler movie when in fact it is about the only serious assasination attempt on Hitler while he was in power by a German Officer who ultimately paid for this attempt with his life.

Do some research Morons !

2637 days ago


Honestly, I have always enjoyed reading the articles on TMZ but this one takes the cake!! It's not only demeaning to the poor child but it's just plan cruel. I agree with most of the postings as there are so many perverts and pedophiles who are going to love saving this article. How would you like it if your child was shown in this manner. She's an innocent young child.

It really makes me wonder if we need to spend less time on TMZ!! Having enough class is the way to go in this business....

2637 days ago


There has never been ANY bad press from or about Cruise's other children. Why would Suri be any different? As wacky as the whole Scientology thing is, it appears that Tom, Nicole and Katie will be remembered as good parents.

2637 days ago


if Katie is supposed to be such a great mom - why is she ruining her child's teeth with still allowing her to drink out of a bottle?? everyone knows that baby bottles should not be used after the child has their 1st birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a clue TomKat!

2637 days ago


OMG! They were joking!!! People need to lighten up. This was a JOKENLY cute story.

2637 days ago


Shes a baby, not comparable with Britney or Paris! Leave Suri ALONE!

2637 days ago
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