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Does Wannabe Pussycat Wanna Be a Bunny?

8/6/2007 5:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How the hell did this chick get cut from being a Pussycat Doll?!

Known as Melissa S. on The CW reality show "The Search for the Next Doll," the tight-bodied hottie was caught leaving a lingerie party at the Playboy Mansion in this asstronomically sexy ensemble late Saturday night. Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like her?

Melissa lost the spot as the next PCD to the trannylicious Asia, but is sure to win more than a few fans if she keeps dressing like this!Playboy: Click to launch!


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Another..Flash in the Pan we call Hollywood.
People need to realize this is NOT what life's really about.

You're born..
You should get educated..
Fall in Love..
Raise a Family..
Teach/Guide them correctly..
Leave them a Legacy (things you've instilled in them)..
Grow old..watching them grow..(enjoy the Golden Years)..
Pass on..knowing you did well..
(leaving behind a Next generation of decent human beings).

Don't spend/waste your life..chasing paper dreams..esp of Fame & Fortune.

Life's Too Short!.


2644 days ago


She is just a little bit above average.. but tries way to hard, pushes he shoulders way back and walks crouched to stick her ass out to make it look larger than what it is.. and you said she has tight body.... beg to differ - it's more of a flat ass than round - watch when she gets into car.. it's not even that bubbly when she is bending over.. it only looks like that because she tries to hard to keep her shoulders back and back arched to get the effect... thats' to bad........ she has a flatter ass and looks like brit spears.. short and stumpy - not HOT.

2644 days ago


WoW...I would let her Sit on My FACE...Whoo

2644 days ago


This girl is just another Hollywood wannabe, she will never be famous for anything that matters. Yes she is pretty, yes she has a nice body but no she is not worth covering. This girl and the "Olly" Girls from Sunset Tan need to get a big dose of reality and realize that their 9 minutes are almost up. For every girl that looks like that there are at least a hundred who look better. Looks only get you so here

2644 days ago


i want to vomit everytime i see hefner

2644 days ago


I am pretty sure she has scoliosis, she is bent back like a pretzel - and pretzels AREN'T sexy!

Desperately ho - istic! (For Al Sharpton's benefit.)

2644 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

There is some VERY odd body language going on in that photo of Hep and his three bimbos.

2644 days ago

The King of the World    

Some are you people are plain stupid, or your just color bind to your own people, don't know beauty when it's right in front of your nose.

Thousand Kudos to Heff and his beautiful women, all I see is love there. Heff is pure class and all he touches is class, he has excellent taste, and this world is a better place because of him.


2644 days ago


I thought she was a bully on the show and needed to stop making fun of the girls who were way more talented than she was. It is amazing when she felt threatened that her claws came out. I only hope she felt like an ass when she saw herself on the show and how rude she is. Her 15 minutes were up before they even started.

2644 days ago

Double Team Paris    

I would fugg her really hard

2644 days ago

Church Dude    

Oh my god! What the hell happened to this girl? (Melissa S.) I used to go to bible study with her. She also used to dance (with decent clothes on) at my church. I guess she is not what I tought she was. Boy was I wrong!!! She's a total bimbo! I just lost my respect for her. What a damn shame...

2644 days ago


Look at that old geezer hugh hefner the smut peddler.How old is he? 120?He looks like kharis the mummy.He has both feet and one arm in the grave his peter probably died many years ago.Instead of hanging around with those cheap women he should be making plans to meet his maker.

2644 days ago


How old is that geezer? If he dropped trou I am sure it would make me first gag, and then vomit! He is the epitome of UGLY, not even a face a mother could love. The women are plastic - literally and figuratively (again, literally and figuratively), and only interested in him for some presumed
status. And yet they have attained so much esteem that I would want to steam clean anything that any of them sat on! EWWWWW! He still likes them looking like they are from the 50s, he was was middle aged.

2644 days ago


Now TMZ, if Britney wore this you would call her a trainwreck, and that is what Hot Steaming Mess Melissa ought to be referred to as too. Sexy? NO!
Thongho? You bet! Bring on Al Sharpton!

2644 days ago


Thank you, thank you, thank you god that Melissa S. did not fall off the publicity wagon. Let's try to get a few months worth of pictures and videos out of her before she OD's, okay California?

2644 days ago
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