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Fired by Clarkson, Hired by Britney!

8/6/2007 4:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned that Britney Spears has finally succumbed -- to the notion of having legit management! Britz has hired uber-manager Jeff Kwatinez to help resurrect her dying career. Nurse! Code Blue!

We're told Kwatinetz, CEO of The Firm, one of Hollywood's most powerful agencies, is eager to get his hands on a charity case -- and Britney's a case, for sure. If he can pull off an image revamp for the trashtastic poptart, he'll be considered a hero in Hollywood ... and considered for sainthood by the Vatican! Good luck to him. Bring your own Taser!

As TMZ first reported, Kelly Clarkson axed Kwatinetz to hire Reba McEntire's manager/husband Narvel Blackstock. The Firm reps such stars as Leo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Mandy Moore, Korn, Enrique Iglesias and Ice Cube.


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Dark Angel

If Britney can't sing then how was she chosen out of 5000 others to be on the Mickey Mouse show? Also how has every single album she has ever made gone to #1?

2633 days ago

lisa z    

Britney causes her own problems. She flashes the paps and teases them and then gets upset when they do their job and wait for her next exposure.
Her new PR can only do better for her, so many people want to believe she's really not the skidzoid that she is, they'll forgive her. She doesn't like to be told what to do though, and she'll only screw it up and disappoint everyone. What a kook.
I wish she just loses all her money, lose her looks (almost there), so that she could go away for good and leave the fame to the ones who can handle it and do the right thing by it.

2633 days ago


Time to open the doors for us over 40... and older. we can outsing any lil tarts that come along. We have the maturity and the ability to handle success. I gave up alot to raise my children, thought oh I can sing later. To find out that people older than 20 are has bens? I think not. ALOT of great music and singers and musicians are out there. Oh INDIE labels.. get the message. The world is ready for you to take notice of us. It's our turn, and we are oh so ready for it

2633 days ago

Allred Tree    

I hope he advises her to pay FOR ALL THE DAMAGE SHE CAUSED at that house that was for sale and to return ALL THE CLOTHES SHE STOLE from the photoshoot at US Magazine!

2633 days ago


don't these people understand that the whole "pop" thing is over. X-tina, brit, jessica, nsync...all done. this isnt even worth it!

2633 days ago


#14- that's pretty hilarious, how you assume that everyone's been a trainwreck (or close to it) at some point. i'm proud to say i have NEVER been one. and i admit i have been very blessed with a good father and a pretty descent live. but you know what? i MADE my own choices (just like this skank) and i made GOOD ones. i never did drugs, i finished school and i'm getting my master's in less than a year. even if life isn't fair or easy you can still make right choices and she DOESNT. she's a pathetic excuse of a person. she doesn't deserve anything. there are plenty of people that have alot less than her that would be grateful to have the chances she had. your sympathy is exactly what is wrong these days- no one making anyone own up to their mistakes. and i never said she needed good PR, for the record, i want her GONE. britney needs to kill herself with fire

2633 days ago


Since her "career" (cough) and "talent" (cough, cough) were entirely based on the image of the virginal poptart, it CAN'T be resurrected or revived because (if it EVER was true) it sure ain't now. She'd have to lose 5-10 years (impossible) and 15-20 pounds (evidently unimportant to her). And, even if these things COULD be done (ain't gonna happen), how are they gouing to rein in her behavior when she's Bipolar and needs intervention, medication, and counseling, for the rest of her life? This involves MORE than a radical "image" change and generating an actual talent, - it involves ongoing psychiatric care. Sooner or later, she won't be able to "buy" the services of ANYONE, - due to personal integrity or social outrage. Evidently, "personal integrity" still has to catch up.

2633 days ago


Reply to forshizzleondehizzle #14. Speak for yourself. I have partied several nights a week when I was single with no kids. But I have NEVER done any of the disgusting crap that Britney has pulled over and over an over again. Flashed by privates? Never. Shaved my head in public (or private?) Never. Threatened to kill someone? Never. Mistreated an infant (and by that I mean pretty much everything Britney has subjected her poor children to)? NEVER NEVER. Trotted around wearing see-through clothes that show my fat ass? Never. Attacked a car or a person with unbrella or other object? Never.

Don't blame the fame. There are hunderds of uber-famous celebrities that know how to behave. Paris, Britney and Lindsey are the exceptions, not the rule.

2633 days ago

JKwats former asst    

I used to be Jeff Kwatinetz's assistant about 1 year ago. In fact, I was the one who originally scheduled the initial meeting between JK and Britney, going through her attorney who is also Jeff's friend. At that time, Larry Rudolph was still her manager and the meeting was to be kept quiet so he wouldn't find out. I had been Jeff's assistant for several months and was fired while Jennifer Lopez was on hold waiting for him to pick up the line. He had been avoiding her calls and she fired him shortly thereafter. Im only at liberty to say this because after being fired I was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement in return for a severance check. I declined to do so because of A. Admittedly, alot of sour grapes and B. I had thoughts of writing a book about my experience, similar to "The Devil Wears Prada" except much more brutal and filled with alot more illicit substances, activities, and sexual escapades with names you're probably farmiliar with. Point is, Jeff is a very bad person, who is extremely unstable, and IMO he could use a manager to help him straighten out his life. His personal life is chaotic at best and it often bleeds into his professional life, to the detriment of himself and his clients. Witness the careers of Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, the breakup of Audioslave, and the rock band Rooney. As others have said, he has had a history of dating his clients and dealing with them unethically. His morals are loose at best and he has a long, long list of enemies that will not do business with him, and hope he goes the way of Michael Ovitz, ironically his stated role model.

2633 days ago


I give it one month and she'll fire him too!

2633 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

First thing I hope Britney's new manager does is sue TMZ for slander and character assassination. Yes, YOU.

I see despite TMZ's attempts to "kill off" Britney, a really big honcho in the business wants her. I'll bet he asked for her business.

The manager expected more from Kelly than she was able to produce. Kelly nearly ruined herself by insisting that she write her own songs when she really needed help and advice.

Britney's musical career has not suffered. She will be fine. Everybody in this business needs professional management. And they all need somebody to protect them from sleezes like the "media."

2633 days ago


#33, you never made mistakes in your life?? You can't sit there & say you are perfect & never did anything wrong. Lots of people do not drink, don't do drugs, finish school. But it doesn't mean they're perfect ... it seems to me as I read it, you put yourself on a very high pedistal & you can do no wrong. She made mistakes, so what? She never asked for the pappzi to stalk her her every move or stay in fron of her home day & night? How you would react if they were up your face 24/7? Don't say it would not bother you because that is garbage. It's one thing to once in awhile take pics but to stalk every move she makes just to make her look bad, is pathetic ... they only show part of the pic that looks terrible ... they seem to forget to give the full details. It's only one sided & it's the stupid pappzi & reporters.

Also #33, to wish her dead is just sick ... I wouldn't even wish my worst enemy death. It seems to me for someone getting a Masters, needs to do some growing up esp when you wish death on another human being.

2633 days ago


KOO KOO GIRL.. Too little too late your career is over. thank god.

2633 days ago


What is he going to manage??? Someone who has destroyed her career??? I would suggest that he manage Britney's singing cousin instead!!!

2633 days ago


NOOOOOO!!! What will we do without the exploits of a rich crazy woman to watch?!

2633 days ago
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