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Amy Winehouse Treated for Exhaustion

8/8/2007 5:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Amy Winehouse was rushed to the hospital this morning after some sort of incident.
Amy Winehouse
Winehouse's rep confirms to TMZ that the tatted up singer was taken to a London hospital and treated for "exhaustion." The rep says Winehouse has since been discharged and is currently at home. She has been ordered to take "complete rest."

Frightening Fangs -- click to launchWhen asked what prompted this, the rep would only say "it came about quickly." No other details were available.

Winehouse's rep says that the singer's grueling world tour schedule is most likely to blame.

For now, no no no more shows for Amy. They've all been canceled.


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i would pass out too if i had to carry that big head of hair around all the time

2631 days ago

Injun Mike    

I'll have all you snarky people know that Amy (I'm her BBF, I call her Wine-Baby) has been hospitalized because she had a giant pimple tattooed on her ass and it got there!...

2631 days ago


i'd pass out too if i had to carry that big head of hair around all day

2631 days ago


And she is?

2631 days ago

Pete's wife    

I always thought 'exhaustion' was from being overtired. Silly me....I feel exhausted after cleaning the house, but never had to hopitalized for it. Try laying down! Get some rest. Who goes to the hospital because they're tired?!?!?!? Now I get it! Wink, Wink.....exhaustion IS code for......DRUG PROBLEM. She also is in desperate need for a good dentist!

2631 days ago


Hey ladies! there's an idea for a Holloween Costume!!

Damn... Looking at her is like looking into the sun.

2631 days ago

are you new?    

her mom had to tie a steak around her neck to get the dogs to play with her.

2631 days ago

Jursta Rhyemincini    

They must think we all are really really stupid. This girl has a serious substance abuse problem.

2631 days ago

Vinyl Cat    

Y'all are totally correct. "Exhaustion" is synonymous with "drug overdose." Being anorexic doesn't help matters, either. This woman is treading the same fast track as Lindsay Lohan, and someone really should intervene AGAIN for this disgusting duo and COERCE them into rehab...for a number of months, not weeks. Just put them there and throw away the key until the harsh reality of their respective situations finally hits them hard and forces them to reassess their lives. I mean, would you rather be alive and miserable or alive and thriving...or, quite simply, dead and gone?

2631 days ago

Melinda the Body Bender    

Uber ewwww!!! It should be a crime to be so wealthy and famous and look so BUSTED!

2631 days ago


can anyone say crystal meth??? Skinny, and missing teeth...hmmm

2631 days ago


and THIS is news why??????

2631 days ago


#8--that was hilarious.
She has got to be the grossest thing ever. Pure nasty. Ugh. And I agree-why is it every train wreck of a celebrity is diagnosed with "exhaustion". Hell everyone gets exhausted from time to time but they dont go to the hospital.

2631 days ago


NoNo,she stincks anyway...I can't stand to look at her,the only good thing about the song is the background music without that she has no no voice.............drugs and Alcohol I'm sure are her problem

2631 days ago


Can anyone say, "Methamphetamine?" Look, this isn't something new. Everyone with half a brain can see what's going on with Amy Winehouse. With a world media who isn't afraid of accusing someone of sleeping with Elvis' ghost or something totally heinous, why is it that the real story here, and with many other celebs, is totally skirted? This story's headline should be, "Amy Winehouse is obviously a drug can we help her?" But no, it's not. Perhaps the world media is not approaching it that way because that would hamper the near future headline of, "Amy Winehouse found dead in a pool of her own vomit." I want all you editors out there to sleep well tonight. Your fortunes are secure...that's what's most important, right?

2631 days ago
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