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Britney's Topless Bombshell

8/8/2007 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BRIT MAGCan bizarro Britney Spears fall any further from grace, y'all? The trainwreckerific Brit-Brit allegedly spent a wild night with a hot young boy toy, reports Us.

College student Matt Encinas was an extra on Brit's latest video and tells how the wild mama invited him and some of the other video extras to a late night private pool party at the Standard Hotel. Brit-Brit then encouraged everyone to play a trashy game of topless truth or dare and Encinas ended up locking lips with the drunk pop tart.

"Britney was the first one to undress, and then everyone else followed. I turned around and saw that she was topless and she had fake tattoos of flowers on her nipples from the shoot," he said. "I was told all she wanted to do that night was kiss a boy, and that's what she did. Mission accomplished."

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Charlie to Denise -- You're a Nanny Goat!

Declaration -- click to read TMZ has obtained a declaration filed by Charlie Sheen in his ongoing custody fight, in which the actor grumbles that the nanny situation just ain't working.

In the documents, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Sheen explains he's now engaged to Brook Mueller, whom Sheen says "has a strong relationship with my children and she and I provide them with a structured and safe environment." Sheen wants more time with the kids, without the intrusion of nannies approved by the court who must be present when he has the kids.

Charlie says "I am capable of selecting my own child care provider and I request an order permitting me to make that decision."

Sheen alleges recently, Richards "has repeatedly made unnecessary telephone calls to me and to my home. These calls have resulted in disputes between us." Sheen wants the court to 86 all non-emergency calls. He's also asking for extended visitation -- he'd like to pick the two kids Saturday morning and return them on Monday every third and fifth weekend of each month.

"Big Brother" Wings Pilot

Big Brother ExclusiveUPDATE: To be absolutely clear, the banner that appeared on last night's show was NOT pulled by Jerry.

The producers of the CBS reality show "Big Brother" have grounded a pilot they say planned on ruining the show.

Lawyers for Endemol USA Inc. sent a cease and desist letter to Jerry Hider of Blue Yonder Air, to stop him from flying his plane over the "Big Brother" house. According to Endemol, Hider was planning a flyover carrying a message that told the other players in the house that Eric is "America's Player" -- essentially ruining part of the game.

Endemol alleges that by doing this, Hider's proposed actions would violate a "tort of intentional interference of an advantageous business relationship" -- or, in layman's terms, "Dude, don't ruin the game!"

Hider alleges that he's not trying to ruin the game, and that he was simply paid to do a job. The peeved pilot wouldn't release the name of the person who has been hiring him to make "Big Brother"-related runs, but said that up until now he, CBS and Endemol enjoyed "a symbiotic relationship." In 2001, Endemol even produced a story about the banner operation.

In a statement to TMZ, CBS says: "It's always great to have fans that are this engaged and passionate about 'Big Brother.' However, we also need to protect the integrity of the competition, which does not allow any outside influence on the houseguests who are sequestered from the public broadcast and therefore unaware of some of the secret twists in the show."

Is Hider going to try to fight Endemol and CBS? Not likely. He told us "If I had a bunch of attorneys I would fight this, but it's not worth my time."

Travolta: What a Tangled Web He Weaves!

Although his cross-dressing role in "Hairspray" was taped months ago, in his personal life, John Travolta is still wiggin' out!
John Travolta
The 53-year-old man arrived to a "Late Show" taping on July 18, sportin' mysteriously luscious long thetan locks. Nice piece! Eleven days later, Travo turned up at a Baseball Hall of Fame event in Scientoloshort tresses. L.Ron haircut! Then this past weekend, the "Battlefield Earth" Flabulous -- click to launchstar was snapped at a Los Angeles event -- once again in all his mop-topped glory. It's magically ridiculous!

John Boy's secret is out!


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She needs to get her life together she looking very old now and i know she's younger them me. I hope CPS takes her kids from her. GROW UP!!

2630 days ago


Holy CRAP, Brian!

2630 days ago


Those POOR KIDS! Has anyone tried to get help for Brittaney? When she first started to WIG OUT, I thought to myself, "This girl has Post-Partum Depression!" The press calling her Brit-Brit is just STUPID. I know that's beside the point, but it BUGS ME!

2630 days ago


I think it's all nuts the way we ALL keep reading all this garbage about the rich the famous the skanks and ho's...but I'll tell you something, I for one keep reading once in awhile because it makes me feel sooooo much better about my own life and how little it may seem in comparison, I am happy and proud to be who I is definitely what she needs...bout only if she does...and like some of you have said, doesn't look like that's gonna happen!and the one that said about the tru and sad that would be.

2630 days ago


Yo, Tyrone -- She never had time to enjoy things that other girls did? She does more in one week than most girls do in a year.

She's a ho.

2630 days ago


When it comes to children everyone should care and you should too.

2630 days ago


Look - it's been a pretty much known conclusion for a number of years, if Britney hadn't made it big in her 1st video (the 1 where she's a slutty HS cheerleader) that she'd have just ended up being a trailer trash topless dancer in Podunk Louisiana anyway - this behavior is just her predestiny fulfilling itself - minus the 12x46' trailer in a clearing in a swamp!

2630 days ago


she's disgusting...period. i'm tired of this girl...let's get another blonde bombshell...[lenty out!

2630 days ago


How long before Britney ends up in Playboy or Penthouse?

2630 days ago


Personally I think Britney is acting out in the lost of love in her life, And she will continue to act out until she finds it at everyone around hers expense. She doesn't care that down the road her sons will be teased and laughed at on a daily basis and possibly shunned by the public eye because of what there mother is doing. Her nor Kevin is going to pay that price but her boys will and that is a shame. Kids in the same circle will probably not be aloud to hang with them and will be the talk of the town. Only way to cure that problem is to keep them out of the spotlight and change there names completely. I feel sorry for the kids she more than likely has already set the school years of there life for a downfall and there lives will be constant turmoil. For what ever reason the State of California has not removed these children out of her custody I have no idea . But if they don't I pray that the safety of these children are being handled by Bodyguards and Nannies. Everyone is saying that they don't see her hold her kids but maybe that is the only thing she is doing right. As for her fans you are the most self center greedy people in the world. To stand up for her actions and encourage more of this type of behavior is only causing the situation to be worst for her children. But of course I don't think any of you fans that are left even give a rats ass about the kids you just want Britney back. Also to if you think of it you weren't much fans at all when it came to supporting the marriage of the man she loved that you all I'm sure help drive away . So I guess you should hold yourselves responsible for much of her unhappiness that is partially your blame also. Very Selfish of you. I just hope before something drastic happens to any of them including Britney that there is a strong intervention for help for her and her children. Something just isn't clicking right in this childs mind. I realize she is 25 but she is still acting in a child mind mode. Good luck and God Bless

2630 days ago


The teachers do not teach spelling in schools any more, nor do they teach penmanship.

2630 days ago


This bitch has no business having wild nights with male strangers, playing strip poker or whatever it was, she needs to go home, raise her kids and fade into obscurity.

2630 days ago


who is Britney?

2630 days ago


This is to coment #3 if you' re going to call something stupid maybe spelling it right would be a good idea and a for these Britney (yes thats how yo spell it) are so stupid why are you commenting on them and oh yeah she's just like any other mother, I don't know what trailer park you're from but in the big city, you get your kids taken away she's obviousy an aloholic coke head.

2630 days ago

Adair McGillicuddy    

how come so many of you can't spell worth a damn?

2630 days ago
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