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Brit's Topless Bombshell

8/8/2007 8:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Can bizarro Britney Spears fall any further from grace, y'all? The trainwreckerific Brit-Brit allegedly spent a wild night with a hot young boy toy, reports Us.

College student Matt Encinas was an extra on Brit's latest video and tells how the wild mama invited him and some of the other video extras to a late night private pool party at the Standard Hotel. Brit-Brit then encouraged everyone to play a trashy game of topless truth or dare and Encinas ended up locking lips with the drunk pop tart.

"Britney was the first one to undress, and then everyone else followed. I turned around and saw that she was topless and she had fake tattoos of flowers on her nipples from the shoot," he said. "I was told all she wanted to do that night was kiss a boy, and that's what she did. Mission accomplished."

Wynonna Speaks out on Hubby's Arrest

Country crooner Wynonna Judd spoke out for the first time about her husband D.R. Roach's arrest last year. Roach was arrested last March and eventually indicted on three counts of aggravated sexual assault and battery against a minor under the age of 13 while at Shades of Hope rehab center in Texas.

People reports that the September issue of Ladies Home Journal has an exclusive interview with Judd about her ordeal. "My first response when it happened was, I am a mother first and foremost. ... I knew that both Roach and I had issues with addiction when I married him. I know my life. I know the people I chose, I know why I chose them and I really thought that I could change people through loving them enough. It doesn't work that way."

Judd filed for divorce after Roach's arrest, but says she won't rule out a future reconciliation with him.

Kim Kardashian's Reality Show Go

Move over Paris and Nicole and make way for Kim!

The booty-full Kim Kardashian is set to star in a new reality TV show for E! that will replace "The Simple Life," reports Gatecrasher. The network was originally going to develop a show similar to "Life" starring rock celebuspawn Kim Stewart and Kelly Osborne, but canned it in favor of a family-oriented show about the Kardashian clan. The show would feature Kimmy's entire crew, including mom Kris, step-daddy Bruce Jenner and mimbo step-bro Brody Jenner.

Party Favors...Clooney Reps for Darfur. ...

Sexiest Man Alive George Clooney will serve as the narrator for a new HBO documentary "Sand and Sorrow," about the social and political crisis in Darfur.


No Avatar

Zenophobe Alien    

We need Kim K like a hole in the head. God she is another douche bag. She is every bit as bad as Brit and Paris. Both are porn stars. When did that become o.k.

2611 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Wynonna is such a Tranny. No woman can be that huge.

2611 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Look how small Wynonna's sister and mother are. She/He is a man

2611 days ago


Britney: That girl is so lost and pathetic. She is not even trying to better herself. She seems to like life in the gutter. Kim: Proof you don't need talent to make it in Hollywood. Being a ho in a sex tape is the equivalent of Academy Award!

2611 days ago

I see she wants to be the next one on the choping block. The media builds them up, then tears them down. Next she will begging for her "privacy." She hasn't learned.

2611 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Someone needs to rein brit in. She is acting like Anna Nicole and we all know what happened to her. She left a motherless child behind. Guess Brit will leave 2. Maybe they'd be better off without her skanky ass

2611 days ago

chopping up comment was referring to kim k

2611 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

What is Kim K. famous for except her sex/porn tape with that idiot Ray J

2611 days ago

Big bear    

So many douche bags so little time.

2611 days ago


Why is Jim Carey in the jacuzzi with Brit.

2611 days ago

Lenn K.    

Britney the hits just keep on coming. This is going to end badly for Brit. Kim K. your dad has already done enough by helping a double murder get away with. You have no talent and a huge ass. Wynonna, you wouldn't rule out a reconcilition, are you nuts? He raped a child. I know you are fat and getting a guy with all that weight on is hard but please!!

2611 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

I hope Kevin's lawyer is taking notes. How much worse can it get? Does anyone in Hollywodd have any morals anymore? Any wonder the towel heads hate us?

2611 days ago


What did Wynona's husband do? Did he grope or rape or fondle or try to kiss or what? Was it a 13 year old boy or girl? What is a 13 year old doing in rehab with a grown man? (did i read that right?).
I don't know why Kim K. wants to be a celebrity. Her father got OJ off for murder and KNEW he did it, not that Kim knows but seems like she would want to just enjoy her money without the price of fame.
Britney, well who cares? TMZ is obsessed with Britney Spears, and a few other celebs. There have to be more people out there.

2611 days ago


Kim K is so lame - she's all fat and lazy in her boring sex tape (the only thing anyone knows her for). She makes Paris seem interesting

2611 days ago

give the dog a bone    

...a reality show for Kim K? She has no concept of reality. Maybe a "real-tity" show but I don't believe any part of those to be real!!!!

2611 days ago
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