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Bridget Moynahan's Belly Takes Aim

8/9/2007 12:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Holy torpedo belly! The fantastically pregnant Bridget Moynahan was spotted on the streets of L.A. yesterday -- so ready to pop! Gorgeous!

This kid's already looking like he's throwing a football like QB daddy Tom Brady.

Ready, aim, hut, hut, fire!


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She looks great and when you're THAT pregnant in this heat then you're entitled to wear whatever you please!

Regarding your comment, Kate, about being old-fashioned and having an issue with an out-of-wedlock baby, I find it laughable that your remedy is abortion! Great old-fashioned morals you have; better to kill the baby than to let it grow up raised without married parents, right?!

2639 days ago


Is it for sure that she's having a boy?
I looked like that when I was was a girl! LOL But no, it wasn't really that uncomfortable. Only when baby does not stop moving. ;)
She looks cute PG!

2639 days ago


Ahhh, so that's where babies come from. Now I get it!
She looks just fine, BTW. Nice smile, relaxed, anxious for the little guy to come out of the oven, no doubt.

2639 days ago


Tom Brady's baby???? I thought her original due date was July 20th? 3 weeks overdue... i am really starting to doubt the paternity...maybe that is why Tom has not had much to say...he can do the math

2639 days ago


Yeah, takes aim at Tom Brady's bank account. LOL.

2639 days ago


I am due any day now and whoever made that comment about pregnant women in wife beaters are unattractive ....kiss my ass....she looks great alot better than any non preggo woman wearing the same shirt. and they are comfortable and stretchy not tight!

she has the perfect pregnant body, she looks beautiful!

2639 days ago


Awwwww, look at the cute unwed mommy. When is this trend gonna stop? Gross!

2639 days ago


Gorgeous is right! That woman is alive in the moment, and you can all but see the child curled up inside her, ready to join the world. So beautiful it brings tears to my eyes.

2639 days ago

Mom of 3 girls    

I think she looks great!! There is nothing wrong with being unmarried and having a family, I am unmarried and my boyfriend and I are wonderful parents and we have no plans to marry anytime soon, keep in mind that not all kids who grow up with MARRIED parents turn out perfect. I'm sure lots of people will disagree with me, but to me marriage is a piece of paper

2639 days ago


all i know tom brady will suck at being a father(he has a lot of growing up to do.)

2639 days ago


Totally hawt. Preggers = definitely do-able, with no connie, either!

2639 days ago


She seems happy and gorgeus when she give birth she is going to lose the baby weight in no time I wonder what Gisele is going to do if Tom is in the delivery room when the baby is born she is so insecure and a total diva plus her nose is crooked she is cute but not Gorgeus

2639 days ago


Interestingly enough, when Tom Brady knocked up this beautiful specimen of woman, his mutated super-sperm caused an NFL legal sized Wilson football to grow from the hand of his apparently giant offspring. Upon the child's birth, he will immediately be inserted as the third string QB of the Arizona Cardinals, but only so that they give him a year to fit into the system, as he will already have more talent than the rest of his teammates combined. When the child is seven, he will lead the Cards to the Super Bowl against his father's Patriots, where his followers will rally chant of "Why did you leave us, daddy?", but still fall short. After the game, Brady will be presented with the MVP trophy and point at his bastard son and laugh as the beautiful Gisele runs up to him in a sweet embrace along with his legitimate child.

2639 days ago


Those that say the shirt is too tight have never been pregnant! In the old days, women would wear a pregnancy girdle under the big oversized shirts to support the weight of the baby. A tight T actually works better for support than to have to wear the girdle wrap.

She looks GREAT! With such a big baby, I hope her labor doesn't last long.

2639 days ago


She looks good -- a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, she decided to have this baby without the father. I don't give a crap what people say, children do better with fathers. I think she is one of those pathetic women who feel they need to have a child to feel "complete."

2639 days ago
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