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Kimora Lee: From Baby Phat to Blubber

8/9/2007 11:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mogul-by-marriage Kimora Lee Simmons and her new piece Djimon Honsou chewed the phat with Shamu at SeaWorld in Orlando. That's a big boy!
Djimon Honsou and Kimora Lee Simmons
The ex Mrs. Russell Simmons appeared unimpressed at the gargantuan size of her new pal -- while Djimon laughed off the competition. They've obviously seen bigger!

Shamu ain't got nothin' on Amistad!


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WHERE are her kids at??? ohhhh she could be turning into Britney lmao... but seriously Sea World is a family place so shouldn't her kids be with her?! Or is she just using the money she made off of her babies's daddy to take this Djimon on a date???wtf???

2634 days ago


To Karolina if you have any black blood in you at all you are considered black just Halle Berry her mother is white but she is still considered black.even if you look white or what ever ethnic back ground you are if you a Black person in your family tree you are Black!

2634 days ago


She was a VERY successful model in Japan prior to becoming successful in business - with or without the help of Russell. They inspired each other and have a wonderful relationship as well as partnership - regardless of the marriage status.

Research and know before you speak!!! (or write).


2634 days ago


Kimora looks plus sized these days....she got married, then pumped out the kids, then got divorced, and now she got I guess she doesn't feel the need to be skinny..for who?
Me? You? I wish I could be a woman, trap some man with my juicy love, and get paid like so many of these women do. White, black, Asian, brown or mixed, it's the same thing. Scary Spice? It's like a very expensive adult version of "tag". She was a model when she met Russell Simmons, it's not like she was starting her own line back then.

2634 days ago


#25 I have "black" blood in my tree but do not consider myself black, and neither does anyone else. You sound like you're from the deep south in the 1950's. You can't tell who has black in them from 5 generations ago, because if you go that far back it gets meaningless.

2634 days ago

Always Curious    

It is pretty tiring hearing how some people think that certain women - her for one. Are so enterprising so smart, talented and entrepreneurial...when in fact if any man or women were given carte blanche to start any company they saw fit and put thier heart and soul into it and NOT have to worry about housing or working to make ends meet or covering any other bill at the same time and not have to worry about paying the loan back or getting a co-signer for any business loan in the first place - but just spend time on that new company or fashion line and networking.....we would all be - talented and entrepreneurial people! Show me a women who came from nothing (not marry into) and built an empire and that is someone due admiration in my book!

2634 days ago


AWESOME pixTur3!

I admit I'm slightly envious. I would love to play with an Orca. Beautiful animal.

2634 days ago

you are entitled to my opinion    


u got it part right when you said, "she is the BIG HOSTESS with the MOSTESS'"
actually, she is the BIG HO with the MO

2634 days ago


I'd rather hear news about the killer whale then Kimora Lee.. they're one of the most beautiful creatures of the sea! :-)

2634 days ago


that whale is sooo cool looking.

djimon is SUCH a hottie! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!

2634 days ago


"Shamu ain't got nothing on Amistad!" I heard that! LOL! That was a great line!

2634 days ago


She's fugly and he's a Nubian God. if I did not already have my own Nubian God I'm quite sure I would look his ass up and marry him

Shamu ain't got nothin' on Amistad!

2634 days ago


@ #20 - Roger C.....BItter much? Are you mad that you have to pass by her Dad's fine cars and fancy house on your way to work every morning? Why shouldn't she take care of her Dad? That's what good children who are fortunate do. I feel sorry for your parents.
@ #25 - "I have "black" blood in my tree abut I don't consider myself black and neither does anyone else" - I'm pretty sure you go out of your way to NOT disclose the fact that you have "black" blood (stupid ass phrase) to anyone. Would you rather she be ashamed of her heritage?

2634 days ago

Stephanie M    

She is tacky trash, only famous because she is gold-digging hoe. I've never thought she was pretty, she is too fat! Please don't make give this bitch any more attention.

2634 days ago


Djimon is one gorgeous piece of chocolate. I could eat him up with a spoon!

2634 days ago
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